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Now that I have your attention - your intellectual self knows that is impossible (yes, I am sorry I said impossible!), so why don't you do it the right way and give Toni a call - She can help you lose those unwanted pounds FOREVER!!!

With Toni's proven methods, You can be
15-30 LBS thinner before the end of Summer and be so happy when you try on all of your fall clothes!!

REMEMBER, the only way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER is to learn the right combination of foods that work for YOUR individual body type.
Following fad diets over and over again just doesn't work long term - let Toni help you do it the right way once and for all!!

Toni's program is called "The Creative Alternative to Dieting" for a reason. She will help you find your "Core Plan."

What is a Core Plan? Well, everyone's body has a combination of proteins, carbs and fats and Toni will help you figure out what that is. With the RIGHT combination of foods, your body will burn off fat more efficiently and therefore you will lose more weight in a short period of time!

Remember - You can be 15-30 LBS thinner before the end of Summer!! Stop thinking about doing it - JUST DO IT!!!

Toni offers In Office sessions as well as Telemedicine via www.doxy.me/tonignutrition, FaceTime, WhatsApp Chat and Telephone.

Give Toni a call at 201-224-5973 or send an email to tonignutrition@gmail.com

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