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Dear friend,

Summer is in full swing!

So is NewPath’s August newsletter.

With our Summer Promotion landing with a spectacular splash in your mailbox!

Buy 10 months of NewPath Support and get two free months, what a deal! Details are here.

We can help organize your QuickBooks with WildApricot. We have an automated solution that will save you time and money. More details.

We have a new feature spotlighting organizations, to inspire and inform. Check what they are up to at South Niagara Canoeing Club.

Also, NewPath Consulting worked with South Niagara Canoeing Club to provide English and French translations, by using our easy to use custom designed WildApricot translation service.

Our exciting new products will do the work for you!

Summer Splash Promotion

NewPath Consulting Care Plans are designed to solve your challenges and are tailored to the size and growth-rate of your organization.

We care about key factors that keep your site running in tip-top shape every day.

In addition, we have knowledgeable technical resources at the ready, so you’ll always receive rapid help or advice when you encounter issues, questions — or are just unsure of next steps.

QuickBooks for Wild Apricot

Want to eliminate manual spreadsheets, and automate WildApricot for your organization? NewPath has just the right product for you!

QuickBooks with WildApricot will fully automate the process. Our experts will take you through the automation, step by step!

Meet a Wild Apricot Hero

Our Wild Apricot Heros are here to help you

Wild Apricot Hero Support

Book a call with a Wild Apricot hero

You can now solve your Wild Apricot issues without delay! Our expert team will help you, at your request, on your time. No more waiting in the support chat queue or for an email response for days! You got questions, we got answers!

Book a video call, with one of our experienced Wild Apricot heroes, and receive a recording of your call for later review by you and your colleagues.


Connect with Us

As always, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting

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