Did you miss PAO's Galactic Activation Webinar with Andrew Downey? If you were unable to register for PAO’s LIve Galactic Activation Webinar, hosted

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Did you miss PAO's Galactic Activation Webinar with Andrew Downey?

If you were unable to register for PAO’s LIve Galactic Activation Webinar, hosted by Colleen and Miles, on Sunday, June 24, it is now available for downloading.

Are you being controlled by events you can't see?

Have you ever wondered why unexplained dark energies seemingly take over your life's path?

Would you like to discover a way to overpower these dark energies with the light?


Our special guest, Andrew Downey, invites you to:

• Explore the interface between your body and parallel dimensions.
• Discover three critical aspects that allow you to interact between dimensions.
• Become aware internally of this interface.
• Discover what you can do with your new awareness.

About Andrew:

Where were you born and where did you spend your youth? I was born in Fort Sill Oklahoma and grew up in Carmichael California.

What inspired you to become a chiropractor? When I was 9 years old, I knew I was going to be a doctor but I had no idea what path lay before me, nor how rewarding helping people would be. On a drive to the Toulumne River to go kayaking, my girl friend (and now wife), Naomi, was excited & passionate about this thing called chiropractic. Her enthusiasm about the self-healing capacities of the body, the miraculous nervous system and how chiropractors enhance life's expression, fascinated me. During a philosophy lecture by Dr. Anthony Trumain, I was on the edge of my seat as he spoke of the body's innate intelligence and its ability to self-organize and heal. He spoke about how chiropractors, through gently adjusting the spine, could, maximize that healing capacity. At the end of the class, I went directly to the admissions office. That was 23 years ago.

What is your education? BA Environmental Studies California State University Sacramento - Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward CA

Where do you now live and where is your healing clinic located? Newcastle CA. We practice on an estate filled with nature and beauty.

How are you different from most healers in your field? I gently awaken people at the core of their being and invite them to participate with themselves and their lives in greater depth.

What are your special gifts as a healer? My special ability is to meet people precisely where they are on their inner journey of discovery and provide them a safe step by step movement forward.

Webinar Theme Questions:

What are parallel dimensions? Any domain that occupies the same space and is not perceptible.

What does an interface between body and parallel dimension mean? (Can you define what you mean by the word interface?) Interface means where two or more dimensions meet.

What should we do to become internally aware of this interface? Develop New skills

What will happen to me when I learn how to work with my body and the interface between parallel dimensions? Your quality of life will go up, significantly, in all domains and you will learn how to tap into your inner power.

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The Divine Feminine’s Wave of Union by Lady Quan Yin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

July 6, 2018


The most beautiful and delightful pink, white and yellow light is anchoring into the Earth now from the inner planes and the Cosmic Levels. This light wave is appearing to many as a frequency of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union. The light of pink, white and yellow is a surge of energy and consciousness born from the Divine Feminine aspects of the Creator and the Goddess realms of the inner planes. There is a significant and vital purpose to this expression, which I, Lady Quan Yin, wish to share with you.

The frequencies and patterns of light born from the Divine Feminine hold the vibration and intention of union, harmony and togetherness. While all souls can benefit from these high vibrational energies to aid their connection and bond with their inner truth and the Creator, the purpose of the Divine Feminine is to gift energy to the Divine Masculine in manifestation throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and the Earth. The Divine Masculine within each soul and especially on the Earth has become somewhat separated. While separation is an illusion, and unity is a constant presence, the power of the Divine Masculine has somewhat been weakened with illusions cast creating confusion and disempowerment.

You are composed of the energy of the Creator which at some level can be represented by the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine co-creating in unison. When you deny or disempower any aspect of your being whether Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine or other, you create an imbalance, perceiving yourself and reality from a space of illusion and separation with the Creator. Story upon story, perception upon perception and illusion upon illusion creates a reality that appears true and real to you. It is true that the Divine Masculine disempowered the Divine Feminine at an Earthly level. Also, that the Divine Feminine is rising to claim her power within many souls and the collective consciousness of the Earth. However, there is a need to understand that everything happens for a reason and a divine purpose. Each circumstance and experience are chosen by and created by the soul. Whichever way you feel you have experienced the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine, whether within your being, abilities, thought processes, reality or through collective experiences of generations upon the Earth, you have been a source of creation and acceptance of this experience. And for good reason, to strengthen the alignment and bond of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at the highest purest point, to aid evolution and ascension, allowing blessings of unity and truth to cascade upon all. An imbalance in the alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine occurred, this was no one’s fault, it simply was a wound that required healing or an expression of the Creator that required empowerment. There are many explanations for the moment that triggered a vast realignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, each is acceptable. However, it is the journey of returning to truth and unison which is the key.


The Empowerment of the Divine Masculine

With the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine and then the rise of the Divine Feminine, many have forgotten that the Divine Masculine requires healing, forgiveness, empowerment and acceptance. This can be explained by the release of illusions connected to the Divine Masculine and the acceptance of the Divine Masculine as a sacred, holy and worthy aspect of the Creator. In many ways, the Divine Feminine surged ahead to claim her worthiness and sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Now there is a need for the Divine Masculine to surge ahead claiming his worthiness and sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Within many, there is tremendous fear concerning the Divine Masculine regaining and accepting his power. Such an experience feels dangerous and unsafe for many.

In surging into empowerment, the Divine Feminine is opening to heal wounds, now the Divine Masculine requires support, tenderness and love to open up and heal wounds of mistrusting self and power, as well as feeling that danger and chaos were the creation and fault of the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine as she reclaims her power will learn the fine line of trusting and using power to serve love and peace. This is something that every aspect, manifestation and incarnation of the Creator must balance and accept.

The Process of Returning to Union

The Divine Masculine is ready to claim his power and express the truth, constant nature and love of the Creator. To do so the Divine Feminine within all needs to accept the Divine Masculine, seeing, sensing and acknowledging the Divine Masculine in and as its truth and purest vibration. Therefore, being willing to see, sense and acknowledge the Divine Masculine without and beyond illusion. If this does not occur, then the Divine Masculine will continue to experience disempowerment and remain in a state of separation with the Creator within your being. The transition that requires to take place will occur within your being, creating transitions in the reality, the world around you and collective consciousness of humanity. A transition that creates a unity and harmony not only between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within your being but between each and every soul and aspect of the Creator upon the Earth, dissolving the illusion of separation.


The frequencies of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union emanating from the Cosmic Level is to instigate the Divine Feminine embracing and accepting the Divine Masculine. The energies activate something so deep within your Divine Feminine that reaches out to the Divine Masculine, accepting, releasing illusions and creating a harmony that has always been present. A shift is waiting to happen within you, the greater surge and rising of the Divine Masculine within your sacred soul energies will allow you to further accept your power and ground your presence as a sacred expression of the Creator. Remember that within your being whether you are in a male or female body exists the unison of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. To witness the conversation and communication taking place between these two aspects of your being and aspects of the Creator is a joy and a blessing of realising the truth and essence of your being.

Acknowledging the Divine Feminine’s Activation

The frequencies of light stands from the Divine Feminine promoting union, harmony and togetherness are anchoring into each person upon the Earth to create the necessary shifts, awakening and acceptance. It is valuable to be conscious of this process in order to understand more fully your own spiritual journey and that of your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

‘I call upon Lady Quan Yin and the Goddess Community to be of service to me now. I wish to receive the energy wave delivered by the Goddess community from the Cosmic Level. As I receive frequencies of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union from the Divine Feminine, may these sacred energies, consciousness and intentions anchor deep within my being, soul and essence. Assist me in experiencing the most appropriate activation of my inner Divine Feminine now to enable my Divine Masculine to be supported, facilitated, empowered, to dissolve illusions and be accepted fully. In the embrace of my Divine Masculine from my Divine Feminine may separation and disempowerment dissolve, as a union so deep of my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is revealed to me, instigating and inspiring me into the next stage of my ascension and spiritual growth. Lady Quan Yin, my activation and pathway of empowering the unison of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine may be unknown to me, please guide and assist me to fulfil my needs and ascension upon the Earth. Thank you.’

Take time to rest in peace, observe any transitions taking place within your being and recognising the rising presence and union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

With eternal love and peace,

Lady Quan Yin

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Reviving the Divine Feminine

By Sheldan Nidle (Webinar #75 ~ Integrating Your Divine Feminine & Masculine

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Webinar Archive for downloading from Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Federation

As part of our next steps toward full consciousness, we will need to intergrate our divine feminine and masculine energies.


In this Webinar the Galactics help Sheldan explain how we can tap into and balance this vital energy.

Topics include...

• Reviving the Divine Feminine
• Re-evaluating Divine Masculine
• Understanding the Anunnaki's myths surrounding the Feminine & Masculine
• Balancing divine feminine and masculine energies ~ Preparing us for full consciousness
• How the Galactics are balanced with these energies
• Discover how we can tap into this energy to become more balanced
• How our galactic Mentors will help us to become integrated galactic Humans

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