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As the semester quickly comes to an end, students highlight some notable trends and rising stars in the social enterprise space, share insights from inspiring social entrepreneurs, and reflect on their first-hand social enterprise experiences through student ventures and international co-ops.

In this edition, Professor Shaughnessy provides a Recommended Reading List for students to take with them as a resource for continued learning this summer, whether they will be graduating, preparing for future classes, or just need a thought-provoking read while traveling. Take a look here!


From the Founder & Executive Director

This Year's Accomplishments & Closing Remarks
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy
Another academic year comes to an end for SEI, our twelfth. SEI has always been a student-driven and student-led organization and I’m very grateful for the many students who have contributed so much to our work serving the social enterprise community here on our campus and around the world. Three notes on some new areas of focus for us this past academic year... Read more here.


News & Spotlight

Slow Fashion Meets Social Entrepreneurship: A Behind the Seams Look at Sudara
By Katie Powers
Shannon Keith, founder and CEO of Sudara, gave students a "behind the seams" look at her company — a social business with a mission to free women in India from the sex trade by giving them access to dignified, fair-wage employment. Read more here.

Rebuilding Appalachia: Economic Progress in the Wake of Coal Industry Decline
By Natascha Elbech
While the United States has made considerable strides towards renewable energy, local economies dependent on fossil fuel production have left many communities struggling to adapt to the new clean energy industry. In light of widespread economic downturn, West Virginia has begun to address its need to imagine a future beyond coal. Read more here.

A Caffeine Boost With A Social Impact
By Archana Apte
Need to stay up late for finals? Instead of coffee, some students turn to yerba mate, a South American drink known for its caffeine content and unique taste. Quench your thirst and help make an impact by trying Guayaki, a popular yerba mate brand and social enterprise focused on environmental and social stewardship in South America. Read more here.

The Giving Keys — Giving Hope to LA’s Homeless Population
By Rosie Meyer
As of 2018, LA’s homeless population has increased 75% in the last six years to approximately 58,000. The Giving Keys, a social enterprise located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, is committed to combating the increasing rate of homelessness in the city through transitional employment and professional empowerment. Read more here.

The Buzz About Bombas
By Anastacia Villis
A new player has recently arrived on the BOGO stage, called Bombas Socks, a company that manufactures high quality and high fashion socks. For every pair bought, Bombas gives one pair to a homeless shelter to distribute. Their name and mission were founded on the idea of a beehive, where each individual works together to make their world better place. Read more here.

Literacy Movement 4 More: Changing Lives One Library at a Time
By Seema Korumilli
Growing up in suburban New Jersey, inopportunity was a foreign concept to us; however, when my brother and I went to visit our ancestral village in India, we felt like criminals who were lucky for being born in the right family, in the right place. It was this awakening that led us to start a global nonprofit organization. Read more here.

B Corps Give Traditional Businesses a Run for Their Money
By Tess Alonge
The realm of business is changing across the world. Historically, the main focus of corporations has been maximizing shareholder value. Nowadays, many employees, investors, and consumers expect more from companies than just profit maximization. There is a movement of heightening expectations for businesses to increase their focus on social and environmental progress. Read more here.

Zuckerberg’s Shared-Equity Payment Plan to Help Educators Buy Homes

By Kayla Vestergaard
Let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg — no, not regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
How about highlighting something that hasn’t received as much media attention lately. Something good. Something that Facebook’s founder has been working on for almost a decade.
Education reform. Read more here.

Changemaking in Singapore, A Day in the Life of an Ashoka Intern
By Shivank Taksali
During my co-op, I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with some of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs or Fellows from Southeast Asia, and I have been tremendously inspired to witness the relentless drive and commitment of these changemakers towards solving social problems. Read more here.

Lessons From Aravind for the U.S. Healthcare System
By Austen Moye
The U.S. healthcare system is in disarray. From Obamacare to Medicaid, no one can seem to agree on one singular plan. While the United States has been struggling to find a healthcare solution, there has been a genius named “Dr.V” in India who seems to have it all figured out. Read more here.


Events & Opportunities

▪ Mosaic Celebration of Northeastern Entrepreneurship - Thursday, April 19th, 7-9pm, Northeastern University Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex. Get your tickets here!
▪ The Nantucket Project - A scholars program that supports socially conscious leaders with purpose-driven projects to reach their full potential. Apply here.
Mosaic Celebration of Northeastern Entrepreneurship - Thursday, April 19th, 7-9pm, Northeastern University Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex. Get your tickets here!
The Nantucket Project - A scholars program that supports socially conscious leaders with purpose-driven projects to reach their full potential. Apply here.

Jobs & Internships

▪ Root Capital, Philanthropy Associate (Boston, MA)
▪, Portfolio Operations Associate (Portland, OR)
▪ Center for Public Impact, Summer Internship (Arlington, VA)
▪ Net Impact, Summer Fellowship Program (Oakland, CA)
▪ Harvard Business School, Research Associate (Cambridge, MA)
▪ NeuroLex Laboratories, Part-Time Fellowship (Boston, MA)
Root Capital, Philanthropy Associate (Boston, MA), Portfolio Operations Associate (Portland, OR)
Center for Public Impact, Summer Internship (Arlington, VA)
Net Impact, Summer Fellowship Program (Oakland, CA)
Harvard Business School, Research Associate (Cambridge, MA)
NeuroLex Laboratories, Part-Time Fellowship (Boston, MA)

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