January 2021

President's Message- January 2021

We closed out the old year with a couple of events to brighten the holiday mood. On Saturday, December 12th, Santa Claus made a noisy tour of Birkdale. Thanks to all those who made his visit possible and provided the procession through the community. The following evening, judges drove the streets and selected the winners of our decorations contest. Congratulations to Justin & Rachel Clouse and family at 14515 Leamington Drive, our Grand Prize winners. See a complete story on the many homes considered elsewhere in this newsletter.

And now we are kicking off another New Year, 2021. What will this New Year hold for us? Other than those proverbial standbys, death and taxes, it is hard to predict. We can likely anticipate among our families or friends that there will be some marriages, some births, some illnesses, some celebrations, and some heartaches. But, whatever comes, we can anticipate some surprises and some expected events.

We would have to have been hermits not to notice the work taking place along Winterpock Road and Spring Run Road. These activities are the result of the growth in residential communities surrounding Birkdale. And we are not immune to some of those necessary improvements. Recently I met with representatives of Dominion Energy to review impending expansion of three power substations in this part of Chesterfield County. Work on “our” substation behind the green on Hole 14—to the west of Turning Lane—should begin sometime this summer. Access to the site will be from Winterpock Road, which should not affect Birkdale, but there will be some tree removal and construction activity for about six months.

Lastly, the BCA board continues to work through some issues left over from the previous meetings. The most serious of these matters is nomination of a fifth board member to complete our membership. We have discussed several individuals and discussed an appointment with others, but we continue to seek qualified and interested persons for this position. We welcome recommendations from residents.

As we start this year, let’s strive to be what one insurance company has set as its goal, let’s all try to be “good neighbors.”

Ron Buchanan
President, Birkdale Community Association


Next Board of Directors Meeting

The next Birkdale Board of Directors Meeting will take place

Feburary 4th, 2021

6 pm at the Birkdale Club House.

All residents are encouraged to attend.


Treasurer's Report- January


First quarter assessments were due January 1, 2021.

Assessments are due on the first day of each calendar quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Please note, the BCA Board has approved NO CHANGE to the 2021 assessment, which will remain $404/year or $101 per quarterly assessment.

Just a reminder, there are several options for paying your assessment. Owners can mail a check to ACS West, Inc. Owners may also pay online through their banks or use an electronic assessment payment outlined in your coupon book. Remember, some methods of payment add service fees, which are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please allow adequate time to ensure that your payment is received by the due date.


Birkdale Collection Policy adopted in 2018 remains in effect for 2021. If quarterly assessments are not paid, ACS West, Inc. sends out reminder notices. If ACS West efforts fail, delinquent accounts are sent to our contracted outside collection agency, Equity Experts, Inc. Once an account is sent for outside collections, neither BCA Board Members nor ACS West can assist a homeowner in resolving outstanding assessments, and delinquent homeowners will be responsible for all collection fees which will include agency bills for contact, service, procedures and possibly court and legal fees. The Collections Policy is available at www.birkdaleonline.com, under Governing Documents.

If you have any questions related to assessments please contact:

Lee Ann King, Birkdale Community Manager
ACS West, Inc.
1904 Byrd Ave, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230
(804)282-7451 or admin@acswest.org

Susan Lipp,
Treasurer, Birkdale Community Association

financial 1
financial 2

ACS West is our Managing Agent

You may use your coupon book to send in your payment or set up quarterly payments through ACS West or your bank.
link to: ACS WEST

REMINDER: Assessments were due January 1st.

Thank you!


News from the Architectural Review Committee


“Welcome to 2021.” We all are hoping this year will be an improvement over the pandemic year of 2020. Please be safe and follow the health requirements that are in place throughout the community.
Just think spring ... is just around the corner. This is when the community can continue to work on their home projects to beautify the neighborhood.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the ARC committee!

Applications submitted to ARC for approval:

8307 Houghton Place - Playscape
9049 Spyglass Hill Turn - Repair walkway
9325 Mission Hill Lane - Playscape

Link to the ARC Guidelines
Link to the ARC application

Happy Holidays from the ARC.

Lee Kemmet
ARC Committee

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility, and the specific requirements are in the ARC Guidelines.

When painting your mailbox, Lowe’s on Hull Street has the equivalent paint color as Benjamin Moore which is Lowe's - Valspar, Quart, 372, Birkdale Vanilla Cookie, Exterior Satin, Duramax, 105-1, 107-1, 214-2.5.

For your metal mailbox, Cottage Red Benjamin Moore is available at Virginia Paint and can also be mixed at Lowes.

The Birkdale logo and numbers may be purchased from Sign Crafters Inc., Attn: Barbara Isenberg, 804-379-2004 or email bisenberg@sign-crafters.com


You may contact resident Rich McGinness - The Mailbox Guy- who will assist you with mailbox maintenance.

Rich McGuinness at Themailboxguy@yahoo.com or call 919-621-9983


Thank You to all the Kind Neighbors and Those who Volunteered Their Time in 2020. We Appreciate All of You!

Thank you Birkdale Residents for making our Neighborhood a great place to call HOME. Below is a collection of Thank You's and Shout Outs that were submitted to the Birkdale Bulletin. I'm sure there are countless others! Here is to a Great 2021 - Happy New Year Birkdale!

If you live on Old Bond Street, you know Mr. Reagle. There are a number of individual moments that I can think of off-hand that would warrant gratitude beyond words alone. But Mr. Reagle's kindness isn't specific to our family, or even our street. Bob, as we all know him, carries a warmth and authenticity that he gifts to each of us. I smile each time I see his car draw near, and this outreach from our friend pulls me out of my natural tendency to keep to our own. Over the years, Bob has become a dear friend to our two children, my wife and myself. Bob, thank you for reminding us all what a neighbor should be.
Sterling, Shelly, Madison and Bryson

I would like to thank Betsy Martello. When I first moved to Birkdale in August, she came over to greet me and welcomed me to the neighborhood. She also had printed out a list of useful information that I would need as a new resident to the community, including names of utilities, voting information, neighbors, and the Association information etc. She brought me a box of cookies as well. I really appreciate her help and can't wait for this pandemic to be over so I can get together with my neighbors and join in other activities.
-Liz Carbonaro
Emerald Valley Circle

I’d like to thank all neighbors and residents in Birkdale for making our community so pleasant. We moved into our home in the Avalon section in the summer of 2019, and love the friendliness and peacefulness of this neighborhood. It has a much better vibe than our previous neighborhood. We really like our nearby neighbors and have made some new friends. Hopefully after COVID we can get a few more community social activities going so we can meet more people in this community!
Jeff & Julia Cooper

Would like to Salute our Daughter on her graduation from LONGWOOD University 2020
Congratulations to HARPER WARD we are so proud of you!
Wes and Sandy Ward
Leamington Drive

We would like to say thank you to the best neighbors, Bob and Violet Martin. They treat us like family and are always going out of their way to do nice things for us. We are so fortunate to call them neighbors!!

Another thank you to all of the great neighbors on Sawgrass place who showed us love and support this summer by making signs, cards, cookies etc. Your thoughtfulness and compassion meant so much to us!
The Roser’s

As a new family to Birkdale, I wanted to thank all of the awesome neighbors that I've met during my walks and those who have stopped to introduce themselves. Thank you for making me feel welcomed.
Erica & Izzy (Old Bond Street)

This past Christmas we had our 25th Christmas in our home on Leamington Drive. Any time we think of moving or relocating, we drive into Birkdale and feel “home”. We’ve raised our children here. Met wonderful friends here. And had some pretty fun parties here, too. 2020 proved to us we have something pretty special here. We found our “village” here in Birkdale. Thank you for making Birkdale the best neighborhood in America! Happy, Healthy 2021!
The Finks

Happy New Year to our "Good Friends who Live Down the Street". We have lived in Birkdale for over 25 years and have so many neighborhood friends we consider family. Thank you for getting us through this crazy year and looking forward to a lot more get togethers in 2021. Thank you for the years of memories and your friendship.
The Steiners

First, thinking about you both Katya and Scott Whitaker my good neighbors on the loss of your sweet, sweet Maddy. She definitely was a one of a kind fur baby and will be missed by so many. Fly high sweet girl. On a positive note, we are looking forward to a happy event in your lives the middle of next month when you welcome a precious baby girl to your family. So happy we can call you friends and neighbors.
Sharon and Roger

I want to thank the many, many Birkdale residents that return a friendly wave from their cars, or when walking! We can’t see each other’s smiles, but the “Birkdale Wave” conveys greetings and salutations!
Marcia Sugumele
14249 Spyglass Hill Circle

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from the McCulloughs.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the neighbors who volunteer countless hours to serve on our board of directors and committees that run our neighborhood. There is always room for more volunteers. If you’d like to give some of your time, please contact any of the board members or email newsletter@birkdale.com and your message will be forwarded to them.

Thank you to Wayne Bass for keeping our grounds looking so good and all the work you do to coordinate with the landscape company, electrical companies, tree companies etc. Wayne keeps costs down and is always negotiating for the benefit of our neighborhood. He was also instrumental in getting a second gazebo for the Avalon section of the neighborhood which is enjoyed by many.

Thank you to Earl Bishop for his years of service as President of the Community Association and for currently serving as Covenants Committee Chair. We appreciate all the hours you spend driving through the neighborhood to check on complaints and try to keep everyone’s home looking good and property values up. Earl also volunteered his time to help with the graduation parade in June and most recently warmed the heart of many while driving through the neighborhood as Santa. Thank you to you and your elves for bringing a little holiday spirit to everyone!

Thank you to Betsy Martello for serving as secretary and treasurer of the board. Betsy did a great job of working with past due accounts and getting the budget on track. She has helped many residents by notifying them if they had overages and/or owed money on their quarterly payments during the transition to the new management company. Her hours of work and careful management has saved the neighborhood a lot of money.

Thank you to Lee Kemmet for serving as ARC Coordinator. Each month you volunteer your time to review applications from homeowners who wish to make improvements to their property and ensure that they meet the guidelines set by our community covenants. We appreciate your time and expertise.

Thank you to Dani Fink and Anne Haring for planning and coordinating a beautiful community graduation parade for our 2020 graduates. From banners to police escorts to an end of parade photo, you did a fabulous job making all the graduates and family members feel appreciated.

Thank you to our new board members Susan Lipp for taking over as Treasurer/Secretary and Ron Buchanan for taking the lead role as President of the Association. We welcome you. The Christmas Parade and Holiday Light Contest that you initiated was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to Christine Nevel and all the volunteers who helped hang the holiday wreaths to make our neighborhood look festive for the holidays. We appreciate your time.

Thank you to Violet Martin for leading the way to get the little libraries installed in our gazebos. Many children and adults alike enjoy getting new books to read.

If you would like to give a shout out to a neighbor in the February newsletter, email newsletter@birkdaleonline.com and it will be included.



*The calendar will be finalized at the first 2021 Board Meeting

February 4th- Board Meeting

May 6th - Board Meeting

May 8th- Semi-Annual Spring Yard Sale

August 5th- Board Meeting

September 9th-Board Budget Meeting

October 2nd- Semi-Annual Fall Yard Sale

October 7th- Annual Board Meeting

October 16th- Fall Festival

November 6th- Board Meeting

Lights pics 1

Landscape & Neighborhood Etiquette

NO DUMPING- Please do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.

PARKING- Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale. Please park in your driveway rather than on the street fronting your home. Street parking limits access to emergency vehicles, causes congestion, and is a hazard for children and walkers.

NO FIRES whatsoever. Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.

TRASH- Birkdale has a backyard trash policy. Please do not take you trash cans to the curb. There are many companies who offer backyard pickup services in our neighborhood.

DOG WASTE- Please be courteous and pick up after your pooch. While walking please make an effort to keep your dog from using the bathroom on other resident's property. Direct them to the mulched common areas whenever possible-and pick up!

If you have any problems or complaints regarding common areas, please call Wayne Bass at 804-639-0795.


Gas street lights were replaced with solar powered LED lights last year and are now the standard from the Winterpock Road entrance to the Spring Run Road entrance. Solar power is dependent on adequate sunlight to recharge the batteries. Thus in winter, lights may not function all night. If you have questions or notice a situation which may need attention, call ACS West for investigation.


Covenants Committee


The Covenants Committee thanks all the residents for your cooperation in addressing Architectural Standards violations or variances. Adherence to these standards improves the overall property quality in Birkdale and benefits us all by maintaining or improving property values and neighborhood quality. The year ends with a few outstanding cases which will be addressed in the new year. There also were several cases from the annual review which will need to be addressed in 2021.
The Committee would also like to remind residents of a few recurring items which, if attended to, will reduce the number of violation notices.

Trash cans – Birkdale Declarations and ARC Standards established Birkdale as a community in which trash cans are to be stored behind the house of in a screened area. Curbside trash collection is not allowed. New residents frequently are not aware of this.

Landscaping maintenance – Shrubbery shall consist of a minimum standard of plants which should be maintained, trimmed, or pruned as needed. Lawns should be mowed to an appropriate level but must be below 5 inches height. Trees in Birkdale are showing more deterioration due to age. Dead trees should be removed and replacing of trees should be considered.

Power washing - Houses should be kept clean from mildew or other material which soils it. This is especially common on the north side of houses.

Mailboxes – Mailbox posts and the mailboxes are the most frequent source of violations. Proper maintenance will allow these to last a long time. Posts and mailboxes should be painted the correct colors (Vanilla Cookie and Cottage Red) as specified in the ARC Standards. Mailbox posts are especially vulnerable to water damage at the top which is an open grain of the wood. These can be preserved by use of sealing products, such as KILZ or wood filler, prior to painting.
The media box and accent pieces may be constructed with PVC rather than pine to extend the life.

Holiday Decorations – ARC Guidelines 6.21 D addresses the installation and removed of holiday lighting. ARC approval is not required for installation of holiday or festive lighting. Lighting must coincide with the holiday and must be removed within 14 days of the holiday, i.e. January 7th. **

A volunteer is needed to head this important committee. If you would like more information or are interested in helping out, please contact Earl Bishop at 639-5915, earlbishop8313@gmail.com


Birkdale's Pet of the Month

Meet Zeke-an adorable Aussie Doodle pup recently adopted by Hanna Fitzgerald. Congratulations on your new fur baby!

Would you like to see your pet featured in the Bulletin?

Send us a photo of your pet and a brief description to appear as next month's Pet of the Month

email to:
Subject line- Pet of the Month

christmas wreaths


This year we would like to thank the following "2020 Wreath Volunteers" for coming out and donating their time to make Birkdale look festive for the holidays.

Baugh, Bishop, Calhoun, Haring, Lasorsa, Lackey
Lowe, Maxwell, Moore, Nevel, Oliver, Sugumele

A Special Thank You to Betsy and Nick Martello for their many year of volunteering with organizing the hanging of the wreaths.

Christine Nevel

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2020 Outdoor House Decorating Contest

During the truly difficult 2020 year, our neighbors really jumped in with spirit, a sense of fun and wonder, and a bit of competition to bring cheer to us all during the holiday season! The bright sparkling lights, the gigantic inflatables, the smiling and waving Santa Clauses, and remembrances of the true meaning of Christmas were shining bright. We want to thank all of our neighbors for brightening our spirits! Our volunteer judges viewed every house in Birkdale on December 13th to bring back a list of their favorites. The Grand Prize winner was Justin & Rachel Clouse and family at 14515 Leamington Drive, where their house featured a full screen “Elf Movie”, music, inflatables, lights galore and a festive tree in every window! They received a $50 Lowe’s gift card and a yard sign announcing them as the 2020 winners. The two runner up winners each received a $25 Lowe’s gift card. So, the winners’ list was:

Winners Grand Prize

14515 Leamington Drive

Runner Up 8613 Royal Birkdale Drive

Runner Up 8924 Sawgrass Place

Honorable Mentions

Inflatables & Kids delight Classic Christmas

8907 Royal Birkdale Drive 8848 Torrey Pines Drive

8578 Sunningdale Terrace 8102 Turning Lane

8555 Easton Ridge Place 14514 Leamington Drive

14413 Mission Hills Loop 8807 Merseyside Lane

8022 Ainsdale Lane

8904 Highgate Hill

Lights Galore Homespun Christmas

8543 Sunningdale Terrace 14601 Spyglass Hill Circle

9325 Mission Hills Lane

9015 Spyglass Hill Mews

9142 Stonecreek Club Place

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Santa Drive By

Santa’s sleigh visited Birkdale on Saturday, December 12th, with a “ho ho ho” and “Merry Christmas”! Elves led the way in an elf car decorated up top with an elf jack-in-the-box and tossing treats for all! For many families this was the only opportunity to get that quintessential 2020 Santa picture with the kids! But actually, kids of all ages laughed, waved, clapped, grabbed candy and shared the joyful, exuberant event. We want to thank the volunteers that made it possible including Earl Bishop, Nick Wennberg, John Murphy, Anne Haring, Jason Lipp and Marissa Lipp.

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Chesterfield Students Resume an all Virtual Schedule Through the end of January.

With Covid cases exceeding 25 in 100,000 cases, Chesterfield County Schools resuming virtual classes. For information on schedules and updates please visit the county website at https://mychesterfieldschools.com/

Please continue to slow down when driving through the neighborhood as children will be out riding bikes and playing. Please avoid parking in the streets as it blocks the view and affects the safety of everyone.

Winter Break is December 21st-January 1st. Here is the full 2020-2021 School Calendar.

cal 2

Neighborhood Watch


Any suspicious activity should always be reported to the local police to investigate.

Bear and fox sightings should be reported to the Animal Control number.

Emergency 911 | Non-emergency 804-748-1251

Animal Control 748-1683

Traffic Hotline 804-318-8084 or speeding@chesterfield.gov


Please Serve on our Committees


Want to participate on a committee? This is a great way to meet and work with neighbors for a common goal: helping our community. We are currently looking for Neighborhood Watch, Covenants and Social Committee chairs.

Please send a message to this newsletter with your interests or contact any Board member, and the BCA will gladly and willingly find a place to use your talents! Many thanks!



Community Contact List

The Birkdale Board Members
Ron Buchannan, President 804-740-4212, r_buchanan02@comcast.net
* Wayne Bass, Vice- President 639-0795
* Susan Lipp, Secretary /Treasurer 513-978-4708, susanwlipp@yahoo.com
* Lee Kemmett, Member-at -Large, 804-739-6405, clkem5@comcast.net
ACS West, Community Manager, Lee Ann King 804-282-7451, fax 804-282-9590, E-mail: admin@acswest.org

Association Contact Names and Numbers
* ARC—Lee Kemmet, 739-6405, clkem5@comcast.net
* Covenants Committee--- a volunteer is needed to head this committee- Earl Bishop is currently serving as contact 639-5915, earlbishop8313@gmail.com
* Landscaping/Lighting—Wayne Bass, 639-0795; Nick Martello, 739-7487
* Newsletter—Cynthia Steiner, 804-852-3365, newsletter@birkdaleonline.com
* Social Committee—VACANT
* Neighborhood Watch--VACANT (Won't you please put your name here?)

Other Community Contact Names and Numbers
* Women’s Club—currently inactive
* Swim Team—Joy Blocher, email: collingtonswimteam@gmail.com
* Birkdale Golf Course Clubhouse, 739-8800, www.acumengolf.com
* Birkdale Golf/Swim Membership, hospitality@acumengolf.com


Support your Neighborhood and Local Businesses who Advertise in the Birkdale Classifieds

Do you need help with your yard and home projects? Time to contact the advertisers in this month's Classifieds to help tackle those chores. The Classifieds are filled with local businesses that offer services to make our lives easier. To view the current issue of the Birkdale Classifieds click the link below. This publication is printed and delivered to paper boxes of all Birkdale residents the first week of each month. If you would like to run an ad in the Birkdale Classifieds, contact Cynthia Steiner at classifieds@birkdaleonline.com. Resident rates start as low as $15/month.

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