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Reg and Jen very excited with our 2019 Tasmanian Tourism Awards

We are thrilled to have again been recognised as the best Adventure Tourism operator in Tasmania at the 2019 Tasmanian Tourism Awards. As this is our third consecutive win, Roaring 40s Kayaking has now been inducted into the Tasmanian Tourism Hall of Fame. We are humbled by these awards and extremely proud of our amazing team who work hard to ensure everyone’s Tasmanian kayaking experience is a memorable one.

Reg and Tom are very excited to be heading back into the Southwest Wilderness for our first Southwest Tasmanian expedition of the season this Sunday. If you are dreaming of joining us this season on an adventure in this stunning and wild wilderness, get in quick as we only have a few places available on departures from now until the end of March. Dates for 2020/21 will be available early next year.

Due to a cancellation, we have two places available on our Tasman Peninsula 4-day expedition from 13-16 Feb 2020. Think massive sea cliffs, secluded bays and secret caves all within a short drive from our beachfront accommodation at the beautiful Pavilion on Pirates.

Below, you’ll find Reg’s tips on how to physically prepare for a multiday kayaking expedition, details on our kayaking skills weekend, a special Christmas voucher offer and Tory talks to us about her and Reg's winter adventure sailing from Tahiti to Hobart.

As we head into the summer festive (and kayaking) season, we wish everyone a fun and safe paddling Christmas.

See you on the water
Reg and Jen


Reg's tips on preparing for kayaking expeditions

So you’ve booked a sea kayaking expedition into Southwest Tasmania or to Flinders Island (or some other exotic location) and now are wondering what is the best preparation for getting maximum enjoyment out of your dream sea kayaking adventure.

New gear – tick, read about kayaking – tick, now it’s time to get the body ready. Reg has put together his top tips to get yourself in the best shape for your upcoming adventure.


Christmas voucher offer

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Give a special gift of fun and adventure this Christmas (and save a little for extra celebrations too!).

As a newsletter subscriber, this exclusive offer is just for you - a 20% discount on gift vouchers for our Hobart City, Hobart’s Cliffs, Caves and Beaches or Tasman Peninsula paddles.

Offer available for online bookings only using the voucher code XMASFUN19.


Kayaking Skills Weekend - 1st Feb 2020

Fine tune your paddling skills whilst enjoying an overnight weekend kayaking adventure on Tasmania’s beautiful waterways. With a mixture of on-water and beachside instruction sessions, you’ll put into practice the tips, tricks and skills used by our own Tasmanian kayak professionals. Find out more here.

PS. Our popular Rescue Pool and Intro to Sea Kayaking sessions continue to run monthly through summer with the next sessions on 13/14 December. Find our more here.


5 questions with Tory on her recent sailing adventure from Tahiti to Hobart

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Tory and her partner Luuk convinced Reg to join them sailing Luuk's boat from Tahiti to Hobart over winter. First long distance sailing trip for them all! They have all been raving about the trip, so we asked Tory a few questions below about their adventure.

1. How was this expedition compared to a kayaking expedition?
Besides the obvious change of ‘craft’, it was generally less physical work, and we had more down time to relax and enjoy where we were. It was a real luxury being able to sit and watch the colours of the sky and ocean change for hours and hours on end!

Many aspects were similar to a kayaking expedition - the planning of the route, weather forecasting and communication equipment and stocking up of food.

One big difference was being well prepared for clearing several different country’s ports along the journey. There was a large amount of preparation needed to exit French Polynesia and that took us about a week of long days to ensure the vessel was shipshape. Along the way we had sail changes, and the constant adjustment of the sail configuration and trimming to get the best performance we could from the conditions.

I have to add, cooking while under way was at times a challenge although made much easier with our gimballed stove. I got a little seasick from time to time when concentrating on something when it was rough. Not something I experience in a sea kayak!

2. What was planning like with all the different countries?
As any traveller can appreciate, each country has its own unique customs and quarantine requirements. Due to the time frame we were working with for this trip, we only had to deal with French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Australia. I also put together information packs for each country we would pass by while crossing the Pacific, just in case we needed to stop anywhere else, eg, Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia.

The bureaucracy in French Polynesia was immediately obvious, while arriving in Vanuatu was the polar opposite, a relaxed ‘hello and welcome’ style which didn’t feel official at all. It was very welcome after 21 days at sea!

3. Hardest part of the trip?
Besides prepping the boat for 21 days of straight sailing, when it had not been sailed much several years prior….

While some of us struggled with the excess of time suddenly on hand and what to do with it (Reg particularly), I personally found some days my energy was zapped and I had little to no hunger due to a low level of sea sickness, difficult when you know you have to eat. And not wanting to eat is a big deal for me!

4. Favourite part of the trip?
The satisfaction of setting the sails well to suit the conditions and feeling the yacht hum and glide through the water. It took a lot of practice! Oh, and jumping off the boat near Fiji into 8,000 meters of the bluest water I have ever seen (see pic of Reg swimming centre above).

5. Would you do it again?
In a heartbeat, but I would stop at more places along the way and it won’t be so time pressured next time.

I’d like to add BIG shout out to Reg not just for his great company on the trip but also his expertise in servicing and maintaining the vessel’s diesel engine. It needed a fair amount of work and he never complained. We owe you!

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