Financing Fred Hutch – a study in data transformation February 6, 2017 by Mary Allen In the fast-paced medical research world, scientists need simpl

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Fred Hutch Scientist

Financing Fred Hutch – a study in data transformation

February 6, 2017 by Mary Allen

In the fast-paced medical research world, scientists need simple answers: can they extend their research, buy a new piece of equipment, or hire another scientist? To provide answers to these questions, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre needed a BI solution that could track spending for their highly diverse funding sources, while relieving support workers from time consuming reporting tasks.

Find out how Fred Hutch used Information Builders’ WebFOCUS analytics platform to streamline reporting, and provide new visualization into financial data. And to access “lessons learned” during implementation – building the business case and socializing the HARP portal, Read more


Martin Stephenson, VP process automation Canada hub, Schneider Electric

From Green to Smart to IoT – an IIoT journey
January 9, 2017 by Mary Allen

The digitization of industrial processes can prove challenging, but Schneider Electric is working with a number of customers to help them evolve from “Industry 3.0” to a new “Industry 4.0” standard.

Martin Stevenson, VP of process automation, Canada hub, for Schneider has described some of the growing pains many companies experience: “They’re still trying to optimize their plant floors, and to introduce automation and control. So to talk about taking data, pushing data and hosting it elsewhere, and about analytics and software-as-a-service for managing all their assets is a paradigm that many customers don’t yet understand.” Find out how Schneider is taking Transparent Factory principals developed back in the 90s to tackle these and more issues. Read more


Striking a Spark
February 8, 2017 by Lynne Greiner

Cisco has reenergized collaboration with its Spark Board, a new cloud powered all-in-one platform that adds video, audio and digital whiteboard to remote conferencing. The new solution is redesigned and streamlined for ease of use and deployment: without the copious cables and controls businesses may be accustomed to with other systems, Spark operates like a “giant tablet computer”.

Tech reviewer Lynne Greiner outlines many of the new tricks this “tablet” offers. Spark ensures privacy through an untrasound connection, can support multiple meeting formats, and provides a unified, searchable document repository. To find out how Spark can integrate content and provide continuity to any evolving project, Read more


Betakit – An Open Letter from the Canadian Tech Community: Diversity is our Strength

February 1, 2017 by Mary Allen

“On this topic, we are united.”

Betakit, with the help of, has posted an open letter on the power of social diversity and inclusion, signed by thousands of members of the Canadian tech community, including InsightaaS.

“Canadian tech companies understand the power of inclusion and diversity of thought, and that talent and skill know no borders. In choosing to hire, train, and mentor the best people in the world, we can build global companies that grow our economy. By embracing diversity, we can drive innovation to benefit the world,” the letter reads. To learn more and add your name to the list of concerned IT professionals looking to provide Canadian support for those affected by the politics of division, Read more


Sarah Richard, VP marketing and product, Carrot co-architect

CARROT points are good for your health
January 24, 2017 by Denise Deveau

Eat your carrots! Get in shape! People want to be healthy, but how are they inspired? What about a mobile app that rewards healthy daily decisions? Sounds grate! From walking, to buying healthy food, to taking a survey, the Carrot Insights platform motivates users to change their health behaviours. Its feedback is addictive, serving as a motivational stopgap between actions and their rewards.

Carrot has benefited from support from partners as diverse as federal and provincial governments, the Federal Public Health Agency, non-profits and loyalty program points providers like Aeroplan and Petro-Points. What’s next on Carrot’s drawing board?
Read more

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