Thanksgiving Countdown!! With just a couple of days until Thanksgiving, I wanted to share our best Thanksgiving menu ideas. I put alot of thought int

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Thanksgiving Countdown!!

With just a couple of days until Thanksgiving, I wanted to share our best Thanksgiving menu ideas. I put alot of thought into making this list for you. I hope it's helpful in planning for your big day :)

First the Turkey

This bird is the iconic centerpiece of Thanksgiving, but it doesn't have to be complicated! Follow these simple steps for a perfect turkey that will impress your pilgrims. (Click For Recipe)


MAKE THIS!! Turkey Gravy

Once the turkey is done, use the pan drippings (aka liquid gold) to make this gravy. It's easy and seriously the best gravy. Pour it over your turkey and potatoes. It will WOW. (Click For Recipe)


Click on the photos below for recipes

More Main Course Options


You really can't go wrong with adding this salmon to the menu (one of THE most popular salmon recipes online)


If you're going to have shrimp at your feast, it should be this one ;)


Kotleti (croquettes) usually show up during the holidays - Thanksgiving is no exception. These are so juicy!

Holiday Worthy Side Dishes


Go-to Creamy Mashed Potatoes (p.s. keep them warm in a slow cooker!)


Delicious and Easy Yukon and Sweet Potato Mash


Baked Asparagus - simple, healthy and delicious

Favorite Salads


Broccoli Apple Salad with Walnuts. Scrumptious.


My favorite (weird and wonderful) layered salad. A holiday must-have for our family.


The dressing on this one is crazy good. You can make the cabbage bell pepper salad ahead and mix in dressing before serving.

Fancy Extras


Marinated Mushrooms - easy and highly addictive. A favorite for sure!


Tasty make-ahead side dish: marinated mini bell peppers


No Knead Super Soft (EASY) Bread

Truly Special Desserts


The "Russian" version of Tiramisu. Classic!


Pumpkin Cheesecake


My Mother-in-laws Carrot Cake. YUM!!

Easy Desserts (for the baking impaired)

IMG 3517

Someone (wish I knew who) brought this adorable turkey fruit platter to our church potluck. The body was an apple and you probably want to soak or brush it with lemon juice. Blueberries for the eyes and pineapple bits for the feet and beak. So stinking cute!!


EASIEST (soft and moist) Pumpkin Cake

Thank you for trying my recipes and sharing them with the ones you love. If you cook anything from my blog, hashtag it on social media with #natashaskitchen - I'd love to see your delicious creations. Have a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving!


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