Scoping services with CenturyLink, SAP and SEAL March 29, 2017 by Mary Allen As part of an aggressive 'buy, build and ally' strategy, CenturyLink ha

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Gary Gauba  president  CenturyLink Cognilytics

Gary Gauba, chief enterprise relationship officer and president, Advanced Solutions Group, CenturyLink

Scoping services with CenturyLink, SAP and SEAL

March 29, 2017 by Mary Allen

As part of an aggressive 'buy, build and ally' strategy, CenturyLink has added one more asset to its arsenal of managed services capabilities. It's most recent buy, New Jersey-based SEAL Consulting, Inc., was completed in early January to bolster CenturyLink delivery of services around the SAP portfolio.

CentruryLink's Gary Gauba explained, “the SEAL acquisition gives us a lot more bench strength – deep expertise around SAP HANA. Vertically, they are really strong on the retail side – in the SAP retail solution – as well as on the manufacturing side. This gives us a big boost..." To learn more about the SAP HEC offering, and what it's designed to boost Read more

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New tools for new breach reporting

April 3, 2017 by Denise Deveau

Amendments to Canada's Digital Privacy Act passed in 2015 are set to come into force this coming fall, including mandatory reporting of security breaches and notification of the Privacy Commission and all affected individuals. But most organizations remain unaware of the ramifications of this change, and unprepared to protect their businesses.

To help, Symantec's Jamie Manuel outlines a three point cybersecurity protection program, and Darktrace Canada country manager David Masson discusses new machine learning software that creates highly accurate 3D mathematical models of everything on the network from subnets and mobile devices to PCs and departmental servers for automated threat monitoring. For details Read more

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Down Detector Level 3 Outage Map, DDoS attack October, 2016

Getting them young
April 7, 2017 by Lynn Greiner

Vendors look to train young people on their tools to set up lifelong loyalty to a particular platform. But their involvement in IT education is much more extensive than that, and creates a "win-win-win" for vendors, students and the businesses that hire them.

Through relationships with different universities and co-op placements, as well as programs aimed at elementary school students, technology providers are working to develop student interest in STEM and STEAM fields, as well as the next generation workforce.
But will the current fashion for training in coding be enough to meet skill demands of the future? For a view into how we might achieve better balance Read more

Hospital metrics pyramid 2 - resize

BI at MSH: a study in metric mobilization

April 10, 2017 by Mary Allen

In the best IT implementations, people process and technology are transformed simultaneously. But how does this actually work in real life scenarios? At Markham Stouffville Hospital, a business intelligence initiative is providing key learnings on the mechanics of this change.

Based on deployment of Information Builders WebFOCUS platform for clinical care data, the hospital has gained valuable insight into patient care and operational practices. But more importantly, its BI team is using data to create benchmarks and targets at all levels that serve to mobilize administrators, managers, departments, and clinical staff in fullfilment of the hospital's strategic goals. For more on the interplay between technology and cultural change Read here

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Atomwise delivers AI to speed drug discovery
March 27, 2017 by Denise Deveau

Artificial intelligence has emerged as the new panacea for virtually all data and programming challenges. And despite AI potential to displace human labour - or perhaps because of this potential - it is now gathering momentum as the holy grain in terms of its ability to manage the massive information over load that we have created with the increasing digitization of business processes.

But beyond the hype, what is the real value of AI? The drug discovery field offers unique insight into this question. To learn how Atomwise is applying machine learning to speed discovery for common maladies, as well as ‘diseases of neglect’ such as malaria and Ebola, or newly emerging ones such as Zika or drug-resistant TB Read more


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