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A big thanks to everyone who bought chile from us and helped make this year's Hatch Green Chile Roasting a big success!

We were able to freeze some chile, so if you missed out on purchasing a fresh sack or did not need that much chile, we will have some available for the next several weeks until it sells out

autumn harvest green chiles

Roasted Frozen Hatch Green Chile

mostly whole and mostly peeled chiles suitable for rellenos or any other purpose

1 Lb. - $6.50

2 Lbs. - $11.50


Green Chile:

Whole Roasted Frozen 1 Lb. (Med, Hot, Xhot) 6.50
Whole Roasted Frozen 2 Lb. (Med, Hot, Xhot) 11.50
Diced Frozen 13 oz. (Hot) 5.50
Bulk Diced Frozen 5 Lbs. (Hot) 15.00

Dry and Frozen Red Chile:

Pods 5 oz. (Hot) 4.50
Powder 12 oz. (Med, Hot, Xhot) 11.00
Frozen Puree 14 oz. (Hot) 5.00

Spices and Homemade Mixes

Hatch Green Chile Flakes 2 oz. (Hot) 4.95
Hatch Red Chile Flakes 2 oz. (Hot) 4.95
Hatch Christmas Flakes 2 oz. (Hot) 4.95
Hatch Red Chile Lime Seasoning 5 oz. (Hot) 4.95
Santa Maria BBQ Seasoning 5 oz. 4.95
Green Chile Dip Mix 5.5 oz. (Hot) 5.95
Blue Corn Pancake Mix 25 oz. 8.95
Red Corn Pancake Mix 25 oz. 9.95


Biscochitos Homemade 1 Doz. 8.00
Bueno Tortillas Grandma's 1 doz. 12 in. 4.55
Blue Corn Tortillas 1 doz. 6 in. 2.65
Yellow Corn Tortillas 5 doz. 6 in. 3.75
Posole (Raw Hominy) Frozen 2 Lbs. 4.00
Chile Rellenos Homemeade Frozen Take and Bake ½ Doz. 18.00
Tamales Homemeade Raw FrozeN Steam at Home ½ Doz (Green Chile Chicken Green Chile Pork, Red Chile Pork) 14.00

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