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Issue 67, August-September 2019

Wha gwaan?

It's almost time to do it again

Hopefully you are already preparing for the new season. It's time to drag out the gear and give it the once over. Check all the rivets for corrosion. Tweak any nuts and bolts. And if it wobbles but shouldn't, it could be a sign that repairs are needed (or that you're getting old).

Many thanks to all those who turned up for the working bee, bringing their smiles and bags of enthusiasm. All got stuck in to the work so effectively that by mid-day all the tasks were completed. Special efforts by the 'Upstairs Crew' have the clubhouse sparkling with the office and kitchen never having been seen so neat and well organised.

I'm excited. The new season is just around the corner. How excited am I... BOOM SNAP CLAP Excited!

Boyd Newton, Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

▪ NSW Active Kids Vouchers
▪ Windsurfer - Junior & Youth opportunities
▪ Remember if it's blue then click on it.
NSW Active Kids Vouchers
Windsurfer - Junior & Youth opportunities
Remember if it's blue then click on it.

Dubious Info

While on a cruise, Grandma fell out of a nine-sided porthole. Nonagon

Search efforts were hampered by the complexity of the area.


NSW Active Kids Vouchers

Balmoral Sailing Club is a registered Active Kids provider. Our junior sailors can use the Active Kids Voucher towards BSC membership or Junior Coaching fees.

Apply Online at Service NSW

Parents of school children can obtain a $100 active kids voucher by logging onto Service NSW. For more details on the scheme or to apply for your voucher - click here


HMAS Penguin

On Wednesday June 19th, Heather Forton and I joined Will Jones at HMAS Penguin where Commander Bernadette Alexander presented Will the Penguin award in front of 50 navel personnel who were gathered at the base's beautiful function area overlooking the Sydney Harbour.

IMG 6251
IMG 6259
IMG 6255

As you can see from the photos, the weather was perfect. From this vantage point, we all realised how easily the Navy can see any of us who sail into the restricted navel waters so DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Laurie Hoffman, Club Captain, BSC


Windsurfer News

An Opportunity for Junior and Youth Sailors

With the explosion of the Windsurfer Class following the successful development of the new Windsurfer LT Board and acceptance by ISAF as a World Sailing Class, Balmoral Sailing Club is pleased to offer Junior and Youth Sailor members a fantastic opportunity.

Balmoral Sailing Club is providing the opportunity for junior and youth sailors (25 and under) to access the Club’s five fully rigged Windsurfer LT boards to learn and race on.

LT Program details

▪ Sailors must be fully paid members of Balmoral Sailing Club
▪ Opportunity for qualified tuition on Saturday mornings
▪ Racing is held from 1pm each Saturday
▪ Best BSC junior or youth sailor based on involvement, participation & results for 2019/2020 season will be provided a free return airfare to World titles in Perth WA in 2020/2021
Sailors must be fully paid members of Balmoral Sailing Club
Opportunity for qualified tuition on Saturday mornings
Racing is held from 1pm each Saturday
Best BSC junior or youth sailor based on involvement, participation & results for 2019/2020 season will be provided a free return airfare to World titles in Perth WA in 2020/2021

To get involved and to secure your access to the limited amount of Club Windsurfer LT Boards please join Balmoral Sailing Club - click here to join.

If you need assistance with the joining process or have any queries please contact the BSC Windsurfer Class Captain.

Melanie Webb, Windsurfer Class Captain, BSC
e: windsurfing@balmoralsc.com.au
m: 0499 998 543


For Sale or Wanted

National E for Sale, "Honalee" - $5000
2x jibs, 2x mains, 2x spinnakers (small & large), GRP love-day loop and a registered trailer with lift off dolly for easy launch. Centre board & rudder both carbon fibre. Has been well maintained and rigging is well configured for racing or simply having fun. More info - click here.
Contact: Phil 0400 399 226 or Claire 0425 250 322

Tasar AUS2588 for Sale, "French Berry" - $7500
Currently racing at and stored in BSC shed. She is bang on weight (lead ballast) with near new top mast, foils (spare set also), sheets, halyards and mainsheet block. 3 sets of mylar sails with the newest in good condition. Comes with great beach trolley & registered road trailer. Everything you need.
Contact: Nick at chateauS@gmail.com or 0414 207 161

Mirror Dinghy for Sale, “TRIM” - $900 ONO
Wood and Varnish finish. Gaff-rigged. Trolley, spare sails and spars. Racked at Balmoral Sailing Club. More info - click here.
Contact: Matthew White on 0414 185 798

Wanted, articles for Whale's Tales - adoration of your peers ONO
Contact: Ed Itor

Have gear for sale or looking for something specific?

Send details to e: whalestales@balmoralsc.com.au



Stephen Johnco put together some memories of how BSC has been such an important part of his family's life. He kindly shares it with us...

BSC Memories

I was looking at a recent Whale's Tales [good start Stephen, Ed] regarding how many people BSC has touched, and it reminded me of how it has touched my family.

A couple of years ago it was bought to my attention through some documents found, that my father was a founding member of BSC as the first treasurer of the club. The other committee members included Bob Oatley and Bill Buckle. Dad is now 90 and his memory is fading a little. He sailed a 12 foot skiff with the club and it cemented his love of sailing. He then moved on to be a founding member of Middle Harbour Yacht Club where he met some lifelong friends, including Gordon Reynolds who later became Captain of Australia’s Admiral’s cup team.

Fast forward and my love of sailing started at Balmoral where a friend of mine had a Moth. We set out one Sunday afternoon for a sail and ended up having the ride of our lives with a southerly buster and had to be rescued. I loved it and it started my love of sailing. I joined Manly Yacht club and sailed in a Manly Junior. My father didn’t introduce me to sailing however he did support me. After growing out of the Junior I suggested to my father that we sail together, so we bought our first MG14 (No. 35) then a few years later MG27. We then moved to Stingray catamaran. I then moved onto other boats & yachts and eventually due to kids and my own business retired from sailing for a while.

I joined BSC after my son started to sail on the MGs. I have sailed a Tasar, 505 and now an Aero with the club. When my son Brodie was old enough I introduced him to sailing by taking him down to Balmoral. He crewed on a couple of different boats until he got a full time crew with Kerry Beatie on an MG14. After a season I bought him his own MG 'Awesome' which he sailed very successfully. He met a young girl who crewed on an MG, Cat Sturrock. Brodie sort of kept their relationship low key and to himself. It was only when my wife and I went away and came back and found that she had moved in to our house. They stayed for 5 years.

Together they moved from the MG class and bought a 49er. A very difficult boat to sail. She was the only female skipper of a 49er at the time. They sold the 49er and about two years ago bought a 44 foot yacht. Last year they sailed from Australia, to Lord Howe Island, across to Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia and back to Australia for 9 months. I was lucky enough to join them in Fiji for 10 days and was amazed at how competent they were at navigating and finding their way through many uncharted waters.

BSC bought them together and I am sure they will enjoy a long and happy life together.

I am hoping to introduce my grandson to sailing through Balmoral Sailing Club when he gets old enough. He is 7 at the moment so another year or two. That would then be 4 generations through the wonderful BSC.

Stephen Johnco


Important Dates


12 October: BSC Start of Season
16 November: 505 NSW States
24 November: Mirror NSW States
7 December: Contender QLD States
9-18 December: Moth Worlds
14-15 December: Windsurfer LT States
28 Dec - 4 Jan: Aero Worlds
6-10 Jan: National E Nationals
23-26 Jan: Windsurfer LT Nationals

Post race BBQ's are back this season

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