_I missed you! I've been teaching, quilting, and cooking! Zoey is walking, and I've got the holidays on my mind. It's all in the Nov. 12th newsletter.


_I missed you! I've been teaching, quilting, and cooking! Zoey is walking, and I've got the holidays on my mind. It's all in the Nov. 12th newsletter. _

Purple Moose Retreat NH 2015

It's been a while since the last newsletter and I'm so sorry for not writing. I had a wonderful Fall, teaching for four different guilds in about a month's time. Pictured here are my Dancing Spools students at Terri Sontra's annual retreat. We had a 6-hour class together and then I joined the retreat as a civilian the next day. While I got to sew on my own stuff, everyone else finished their spools. It was so cool to see so many quilt finished tops---a few were even quilted!

My full teaching schedule was followed by a thorough house-cleaning (yick) and Zoey's first birthday party (yay)! Planning and packing before my travels were followed by some recovery time and serious "nesting" afterwards which explains the lack of newsletters. But, I do have news!

Zoey s first quilt shop QuiltingSeasonA2

Zoey visited her first quilt shop, Quilting Season in Saline, MI. We ducked in for a minute and only stopped the stroller for a photo op. (Zoey likes to keep moving.)

She's walking now and is so proud of herself.

birthday quilt

In between trips I made Zoey a little birthday quiltlet, Bea is her middle name, which is why there is a "Bee" in the middle.


I also cleaned up my sewing room in preparation for some holiday sewing, made a baby quilt for a friend, two "taggies," and actually ironed some fabric. I know. It's hard to see the dent in the "fabric yet to be ironed" pile. And you'll have to trust me on the cleaning thing too. I did clean. Really.

Potato Cup Fritatta

I also bought an oven that works. It came with the new stove. The old one kept confusing the temperature I set on the dial with the self-cleaning mode. Ever make cookies that are black and hard as a rock on the outside and raw on the inside? The spots those leave on the baking sheets never come out. The flames were kind of fun to watch though.

I broke in the oven with Potato Cup Fritattas. Made 24 of the little stinkers for Zoey's party. They came out great but I gained 5 pounds because I had to test the recipe three times before I did them for real.

I used the pre-shreaded hash browns you find in the refrigerated section; substituted skim mild for cream; omitted the flour cilantro, chiles, cumin, and jalapeno; added tiny ham cubes, and put a little shredded cheddar in the hash browns and in the egg mixture. I also used muffin tins instead of cupcake tins. And, the big improvement was partially scrambling the egg/stuff until half of it wasn't runny. THEN I spooned it into the baked potato cups. If I just poured it in, the egg ran out the cups made the outside soggy. I hate soggy.

all in a row

I'm all set to jump into my holiday sewing. In case you're looking for fun quick gifts for teachers, friends, or fellow quilters, get my Double Diamond bookmark pattern for free when you buy the rulers from me. Click here. Kits available.


If you're looking for holiday savings I've lowered the price of my Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern and made it into a kit with free Quilter's Grid and a chenille needle. I just reprinted my Rag Fur Jacket pattern and it's on sale too. Plus, I'm fully stocked with NeckLITES, sewing machine lights, and covered tape measures. Don't forget, your coupon code is HappyBirthday. (No spaces.) Yes, it's my birthday.


The dog is back. I haven't gone anywhere, but I was just trying to add some pizzazz to my paragraph. I stay home and mope when Mom is traveling. It's OK, Dad throws extra stuff for me to run after. He's a good guy. I've been a good dog. I know this because I got another Bark Box. You can watch me open it in the video. If your dog has been good, click here.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

AmiSimms Sig

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