Dear Friend of kids.R.ok This will be a long newsletter which is a good thing as it means a lot of activities has been taking place on the front and

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Dear Friend of kids.R.ok

This will be a long newsletter which is a good thing as it means a lot of activities has been taking place on the front and behind the scenes. Some excellent news about the children's home construction work being over to a new obstacle which sprung up like a stumbling block in Orissa and finally the not so thrilling deluge in Chennai which left a city of 9 million people entrapped by flood waters.

Without much deliberation, I will let you navigate through this newsletter to find the joy in helping the needy and the 'despair to hope' in overcoming challenges to help the underprivileged children.

- Allan Ashok

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Troubles may arise but nothing can keep away their smile.

When 60 became 12

Much has transpired over the past few months but I will try my best to concise it for the sake of you readers. We suffered a setback at the children's home, when the local authorities under the political guise threatened to shut down the children's home stating the "lack of infrastructure" clause. The irony being we had just finished constructing a new hall, toilets and bathrooms, along with clean drinking water facility. The final status as of date is we were allowed to keep 12 children which meant unfortunately we had to send the rest to their relatives homes.

kids.R.ok believes that we are in this tough terrain to undertake this project not for the numbers but to make a substantial difference to the future of the children growing up in Orissa having access to quality education. In this endeavour we ask for your support and patience to overcome the challenges in this region.

Chennai Deluge Relief Efforts

It was heartening to see the response of our team to help the affected children living in Saidapet slums. The kids.R.ok team in Chennai (India) did an incredible job of collecting aid from compassionate donors and delivering the materials to children directly. 250 children who lost their belongings in the floods received new clothes, shoes, school bags, notebooks and stationary items from kids.R.ok. To see our relief efforts click here


Children happy to receive new pair of shoes


kids.R.ok team and local volunteers



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Saidapet, Chennai

The Chennai slum education project kick started on 8th February in Saidapet with a selected group of 20 children and our dedicated employed teacher Sumathy D. kids.R.ok Indian Director - Sunjeet Sudhir along with his wife Swetha who is also a volunteer for kids.R.ok in Chennai, joined the children to sing some songs and start the first day of our slum education project. Read more


Liu Campus, Linköping

kids.R.ok Sweden Bake Sale:

Do you know why Fika is an important Swedish word? Our Event Manager Susanna who conducted the fundraising event in Linköping University explains.

Read here

Keren Benjamin

Keren Benjamin

Marketing Intern:

Keren Benjamin volunteered as an Marketing Intern for kids.R.ok India during this winter. Keren who is based in Mumbai is a postgraduate student in advertising and aspires to be a teacher. Her passions include painting, writing, music and reading.

"I am an inquisitive person and find great joy in constantly learning new things. I believe that ‘knowledge is the key to a worthy life’. I also take keen interest in understanding politics and social science. I have always felt a calling with regards to working with children and that’s what led me toward kids.R.ok. My experience has been enriching and one that has taught me a lot about myself and the society we live in. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity." - Keren


Celebrating international women's day, kid.R.ok like to give a special thanks to the incredible women in our team who are making a difference


Water ✓ Toilets & Bathroom ✓ Multi-purpose Hall ✓

Change children s home 14-2015

Orissa Childrens Home , Urladani Village

"Hope & perseverance gives us the possibility to scale unscalable mountains" -Allan

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