We all need Support........sometime. (Hi Friend,) Illness sometimes appears to just “show-up.” The truth is: we humans tend to ignore the symptoms.

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We all need Support........sometime.

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(Hi Friend,)

Illness sometimes appears to just “show-up.” The truth is: we humans tend to ignore the symptoms. “Gas” has been an excuse for so many bodily ills. Cancer does not just happen and neither does Diabetes. Sometimes it is fear of the unknown that prevents us from taking charge of our health. Although I am not a big supporter of the practices of our conventional medical system, I do support getting an annual blood test and check -ups to monitor the body. As we age, most of us will have a serious illness at some point and when that happens it is important that we have someone in our corner to navigate, listen, advocate and support us through the rough times. Support is one of the critical factors that create better outcomes. Support provide the space so the ill individual can focus on getting well, support can provided a cushion from direct news, support provides love and care. Support let you know you are not alone.

Support today does not only come from immediate family and old friends. With our changing times and social abilities folk are turning to non -traditional places to get the support they need. Meet-up and Hang-out are some of the social sites that offer opportunities to meet others that share similar interest or struggle. You do not have to go it alone. If you do not have family or friends find a group with similar interest or challenges and go Meet-Up.

Sharon A. Fraser
Your Health & Transformation Coach
Diabetic Solution Coach.

Type 2 Diabetes Tip Corner.

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Please join The Diabetic Meet-up. The link is below.

This will be a lively education support group with folks who are trying to avoid getting Diabetes, are Pre- Diabetic, or dealing with Type 2 Diabetes and want to take steps to naturally get to vibrant health again.
Diabetic Support

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