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Worldwide Walkout Day, Nov 3rd, Organized by Children's Health Defense. Stand Up and Walkout!


Stand Up and Walkout!


Now is the time to take action! If you can not attend one of the organized events grab a few freedom-loving friends and stand in your town center.

So far Concord, Leominster, Westford, Newton, and Worcester are confirmed. The 5 infographics are at the very bottom of this email if you need them. Please share!

Heath Rights MA says having a HONK FOR MEDICAL FREEDOM sign is a must! It's easy enough to make your own and you’ll be surprised and energized by the amount of honks! This sends a message to the non-honkers that maybe they need to be asking more questions.

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Last Night's Public Zoom Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our Zoom meeting last night! We will send you the chat shortly.

Following is the information we promised you from America's Frontline Doctors. Thank you Jessica!

Many people are needing to look for alternate employment now. Here is a list of some sites that may be helpful in finding a job that honors individual rights to bodily autonomy.

▪ Gab's No Vax Mandate Job Board
▪ No Vax Jobs USA
▪ No Vax Mandate Job Board
▪ Red Balloon
▪ The Freedom Job Network
▪ SchindlerZ
▪ Freedom Cell Network's Freedom Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers Group
Gab's No Vax Mandate Job Board
No Vax Jobs USA
No Vax Mandate Job Board
Red Balloon
The Freedom Job Network
Freedom Cell Network's Freedom Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers Group
Dr. Cole

Please Help Support Dr. Cole!

On October 7, 2021, the Idaho State Board of Medicine filed a complaint against Ryan Cole, MD, alleging that he has made dangerous statements against the medical narrative.

"Our primary concern is that he [Dr. Cole] says he has treated patients “from Florida to California” by refusing to use accepted and documented medical practices and vaccination and instead prescribing ivermectin." Here is the full complaint.

If you believe Ivermectin is supported and appropriate medical treatment, or if you object to the complaint against Dr. Cole for any other reason, please support Dr. Cole by calling or writing the Idaho Medical Association to voice your displeasure about the complaint.

Idaho Medical Association
Phone: (208) 344-7888
Fax: (208) 344-7903
Email: mail@idmed.org

Following is a template and some points to help craft a customized letter.

▪ Dr. Cole Letter Template
▪ Points to Customize Your Response
Dr. Cole Letter Template
Points to Customize Your Response



Stand Up Massachusetts Zoom Meetings

Our next Zoom meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 6th, and Naomi Wolf will be our speaker. She will discuss her new book and the vaccine passports, and answer your questions. Be sure to save the date!

If you would like to sign up on our Zoom invitation list, please click on the button below. If you have already filled out the form in the past, you do not need to do so again. You will be sent an invitation shortly before the event. Thank you, we look forward to visiting with you!

Jessica Abu-Hijleh, MSc, EMT-B, the National Citizens Corps Administrator of America’s Frontline Doctors, will be facilitating/moderating our next meeting. We will share more information about the details of our November meeting in an upcoming newsletter.


Add an Event to Our Calendar

One of the most powerful ways you can help the freedom movement is to spread the word about important events. We have made it easy for you to do this through the online calendar at Stand Up Massachusetts. Submit any freedom-related events or petitions you come across for consideration through this online form. If you would like to embed our calendar on your own website please contact us at standupma@protonmail.com.

When you check out these events, consider supporting/attending as many as you can to help the freedom movement. Your presence will help and means a lot!


About Stand Up Massachusetts!


We are a concerned group of Western Massachusetts residents that care deeply about safeguarding our basic human, health, and parental rights. We invite you to stand up with us to ensure that our constitution is upheld and our God-given ​rights are forever protected. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST. Our mission is to provide you with useful educational resources and tools, share important news and events, inform you of the many luminaries and citizens that are making a difference, and show you how you can take action to take back and preserve our freedoms. There is power in numbers. Together we can awaken the sleeping lions.

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Please Consider Making a Donation

Donations make this newsletter, website, and our event calendar possible and are greatly appreciated.

Please consider making a contribution here, and pass this newsletter on through your social media and to anyone you think may be interested.

Kind regards,
Stand Up Massachusetts!

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"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." ― Thomas Jefferson

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