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Congrats to our Winners!
Organizational Winners
Member Education Alpha Sigma Pi
Programming Kappa Pi Zeta
Most Improved Kappa Pi Zeta
Risk Management Beta Lambda
Excellence in Philanthropy Alpha Xi Omicron
Community Service Delta Kappa Psi
Fraternal Values Alpha Theta Phi


Individual Winners
Outstanding New Member Brianna Nixon
Community Service Negar Safari
Excellence In Fraternal Values Megan Brownlee
Advisor Chad Latka AND Erin Sanborn
President Julissa Serna
Patron/Patroness Lori Horter
Outstanding Greek Involvement Rachel Kennon AND Arianna Morell-Haltom
Athlete Ellie Jaques
Outstanding University Involvement Rebecca Matthews


Apply for the Student Organizational Board by April 11th

greek life logo competiton

Callng all Greeks to create a new Greek Life Logo...click on the image to upload your design. $50 Gift Card for the winner.


Here's to our New Fall 2016 IFC Council
President:Kay Hamilton
Vice President:Joe Rupp
Secretary: Quade Bithell
Com Serv:Nicolas Pegnato
Public Relations:Justin Bollinger
GAMMA:Ian Johnston
Alumni:Matt Rigel
Academic: Brenden Sizemore
Recruitment:Jonathan Furman


Shoutout to the New Fall 2016 Panhellenic Council
President: Anna Kearfott (Sigma)
President Elect: Doris Hoxha (Delta)
Secretary: Katelyn Royce (Xi)
Recruitment: Wanita Jones (Delta)
Community Service: Rebecca Beyer (Beta)
Academic: Rose Dozier (Zeta)
Alumni: Gisele Rodriguez (Sigma)
Public Relations: Kellen Levi (Xi)
Gamma: Kayla Feher (Delta)
& Special shoutout to new Greek Council Historian Mikko Malari (Chi Sig)

Food Truck Festivalon Friday: FREE FOOD!
Star Wars: The Force Awakens R Nights on Friday and Saturday

Order of Omega Pin

Fernando Arellano
McKenna Carlson
Margaret Claypool
Benjamin Harrison
Mikaela Jolly
Bria Kelley
Rachel Kennon
Christina Lancey
Emily Martin
Arianna Morell-Haltom
Jonathan Paez
Paige Parr
Cynjun Salinas
Kristine Schmidbauer
Natalie Stubb
Cassidy Suggett
Annie Tipple
Gianna Zazzarino

Gamma Sigma Alpha Logo

Nadia Rizvi
Louis Gremp
Emily Taylor
Gabrielle Kanter
Sarah Grimley
Justin Cillay
Aubrey Lucas
Lena Kalemkiarian
Sydney Finkbohner
Stephanie Dustin
Cassandra Lematta
Emily Byers
Alexandria Heins
Mikaela Jolly
Cady Morris

Gamma Sigma Alpha Cords

Adrian Laufer
Lily Keasler
Cassidy Suggett
Kristine Schmidbauer
Tyler Griffin
Emily Martin
Jessica Beal
Maurisa Major
Lina Casillas
Mary Jane Carr
Shannon Bengston
Joe Rupp
Paige Parr
Kayla Huenergardt
Madison Andres

Any damages or messes left in the organizational houses may be divided amongst the members and charged to each individual member. Please make sure to do an end of the year clean-up at your houses. Please also request any repairs online ASAP.

KEYS DUE: Friday, April 22nd or you will be held responsible for hundreds of dollars of fees due to replacing every cut key and re-coreing all doors to your house!

If you are staying for May term, keys need to be turned in by noon on Thursday, May 26th!

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