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Dear Reader,

In this edition I've provided a link to six studies on Tai Chi and the immune system, an update on my Bupa Chair Chi sessions, Tai Chi tips and a Lao Tzu quote.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Tai Chi and the Immune System


Image courtesy of Hal-Gatewood via Unsplash

Here's the research list on Tai Chi and it's effect on the immune system as promised in a previous issue of Good Chi News.

In the list I've included the title, conclusion and a link for each study.

One of the studies 'A Call to Use the Multicomponent Exercise Tai Chi to Improve Recovery From COVID-19 and Long COVID' is cenrtainly relevant in today's climate of the Covid pandemic.

I hope you enjoy the read.


Tai Chi Tip

Practicing Tai Chi principles and skills in daily life is just as important as training sessions.


Back In Action

drahomir-posteby-mach- Hw50q04FI-unsplash2

Image courtesy of Drahomir-Posteby-Mach via Unsplash

Good news. I just received confirmation from Bupa Caulfield that my fortnightly Chair Chi sessions for residents will continue for the rest of the year.

The sessions were put on hold for several months due to the covid pandemic and last week I had my first session of the year.

Bupa Caulfield is a long term client (over 8 years) and I always enjoy my sessions there.


When You Are Ready


Image courtesy of Braden Collum via Unsplash

Two of the most difficult things to overcome when practicing Tai Chi is to let go of your will power and the use of force.

When you achieve this you are ready to receive the many health benefits that Tai Chi has to offer.

How can you do this? Practice!

2022-05 Lao Tzu Quote
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