Big News on the Documentary, "Hollywood Town - the Harriet Schock Story"

hollywood town cover for Indiegogo

As most of you know, Tom Solari is in the process of making a film about my life, music and career.

There have been two successful Indiegogo fundraising campaigns so far, raising enough capital to complete all of the major Pre-production and Production work.

Now it's time to start Post-production/Editing and Tom has just launched the PHASE 3 campaign. Here is the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hollywood-town-the-harriet-schock-story-phase-3/x/17553041#/

If you have an interest in the success of this project, what Tom is asking you to do is to go there as soon as possible and help kick this off. A healthy number of backers and a good dollar amount showing, in the early days of the campaign, inspires confidence. Every bit helps.

You can go here and select the perk that is right for you.

Besides our thanks and the valuable perk, this will put you on the PHASE 3 "Early Backer Hero" list, which will be posted on social media, and it will appear in the credits of the movie.


While you're there you will find a link to a "NEW PREVIEW VIDEO." It starts with a bit of pop music history, showing short clips from three music industry associates of mine from the early 70s at Screen Gems and 20th Century Records.

Then I perform, what Tom calls "AN EXTRAORDINARY NEW SONG" that came about as a direct result of our Indiegogo fundraising campaigns. It's called "BECAUSE YOU LIVED."

Be sure to watch it to the end. I think you will be moved by the story and pictures Tom has added to the video of the song. It's an example of the effects that are already being created by these campaigns.

When you've seen the "NEW PREVIEW VIDEO," we'd love to hear what you think of it. Here is the link, again, to the new campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hollywood-town-the-harriet-schock-story-phase-3/x/17553041#/

Let me know if you have any questions.

And please know I am grateful for everything you've already done and anything at all you are comfortable with doing, to help us finish this!


P.S.: Indiegogo has added a "Tip" feature on perks, which we can't remove. It goes to unspecified "causes" selected by Indiegogo. When you click "GET A PERK" and notice the tip, if you use the down caret, it gives you an "Other Amount" option. You can type in $0, if you prefer.

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