Kat Matt Sabrina Eagle 2019

The Morgan-Straskaba family spent 4 memorable years with the Lakewood Tigers.

Ryburn Family HUNDO

Jullie, Clancy and Roger Ryburn are the foundation of 6 Highlands Ranch area teams.

Director's Note

Are you pumped for a stellar season of single track FUN, family and friends? The culture of caring that you create is astounding!

There are countless examples of teams rallying to support its members on and off the bike. Teams truly demonstrate the adage "Together we are better". Impressed by your willingness to coordinate trail building days, mentor new teams, and share best practices. I encourage you to join the Colorado League Coach Facebook group to stay connected.

Please note several upcoming deadlines before Race #1. All registration deadlines, race dates, and Colorado League events are shown on the website calendar.

▪ August 12 - Category Petition Requests
▪ August 16 - Freshman Call Up Identification
▪ August 19 - Race #1 Registration and Team Division Determination
August 12 - Category Petition Requests
August 16 - Freshman Call Up Identification
August 19 - Race #1 Registration and Team Division Determination

Thanks for reading this newsletter to stay informed of season details. Previous Newsletters are HERE. Race flyers are chock full of weekend information. Please read them thoroughly.

May we continue to build deep bonds and find comfort in our connections.

Excited to play in the dirt with all of you!

Kate Rau
Executive Director


August 2019 - Contents

1. Category Placement Petition - Deadline August 12th
2. Freshman Call Up Race #1 - Deadline August 16th
3. Check Your Team Dashboard: Race #1 Registration - Deadline August 19th
4. Team Division Determination - August 19th
5. Race Weekend Team Volunteer Assignments
6. Weekend Spirit Contests
7. Team Pit Zone Rules
8. Scholarship Opportunities
9. Create Team and Community Culture Expectations
10. 10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award: North and South
11. Sponsor Discounts
12. Calendar
1. Category Placement Petition - Deadline August 12th
2. Freshman Call Up Race #1 - Deadline August 16th
3. Check Your Team Dashboard: Race #1 Registration - Deadline August 19th
4. Team Division Determination - August 19th
5. Race Weekend Team Volunteer Assignments
6. Weekend Spirit Contests
7. Team Pit Zone Rules
8. Scholarship Opportunities
9. Create Team and Community Culture Expectations
10. 10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award: North and South
11. Sponsor Discounts
12. Calendar

Category Placement Petition - Deadline August 12th

Which category do riders race? How are categories determined?

New Riders
Freshman (9th) and Sophomore (10th) riders race the category associated with their grade. Juniors (11th) and Seniors (12th) race the Junior Varsity category.

Returning riders
Placed according to their results from the previous race series. The Racer Category Placement Criteria is HERE.

Please check the category placements of your returning team members for accuracy.

If you believe that a rider needs to change their assigned category, please review the following:

Category Petition Guidelines.

Category Placement Petition Form

Petitions must be submitted by August 12th for Race #1.

All these references can be found on the Colorado League Resources>Coach + Team.

Freshman girl marked calf

Freshman rider ready to roll.

Freshman Call Up Race #1 - Deadline August 16th

Race #1 is a very exciting for coaches, parents, and riders. Freshman do not have any points from a previous season. We ask Head Coaches to designate one Freshman Boy and one Freshman Girl who they want to be called up first.

This process is important for Colorado League officials to ensure that the more competitive Freshman athletes are staged at the front of their wave.

Please complete Google Form below by August 16th.

If you have any questions, please contact John Hutchinson.

Race Ready with 1 Yeti

Check Your Team Dashboard: Race #1 Registration - Deadline August 19th

Check your team roster to be sure every thing looks ready for race #1.

* "Practice ready"
* Check the category, gender, and grade for accuracy
* Registered for Race #1 if they are planning on racing
* Legacy rider list check HERE

Riders have completed these steps if their name is blue and they are indicated as "practice ready" in the Team dashboard. Please be keep track of riders who may be participating in race #1.

Registration is online only. Race #1 Registration Deadline is August 19th by 11:59 PM.

* Invited to your team, they may need to be reinvited
* Completed background checks, concussion training, webinars, liability waivers, etc
* Hover over the red exclamation point to determine what needs to be completed.

Please deactivate riders and coaches who are no longer part of your team. If any team members need to be reactivated please contact Cheri Merrihew.

Coach license requirements are summarized below.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.35.46 PM

Many resources are available HERE. Feel free to email Kate Rau with any questions.


Team Division Determination - August 19th

Will your team compete as D1, D2 or D3? Division size and scoring units need to be defined to allow for accurate scoring. The deadline for this determination is Monday, August 19th.

Please inform Kate Rau of team division size changes or updates in scoring units within a composite team for the season.

Once the season begins, teams do not change divisions. It may not be clear which division a team should compete. This requires coaches to know their team members. If your team is on the cusp, please make best honest prediction. Feel free to welcome student-athletes once the season commences if they are adequately skilled and fit to race.

In the context of this rule, a "member" is a student-athlete who does at least one race during the season. It does NOT mean the number of racers at any given race. It also does NOT mean your total number of student-athletes if there are student-athletes who will not be racing. Here are a few examples of how this might play out:

▪ A team has 10 total student-athletes and does not know of any other potential student-athletes are ready to join the team. This team is clearly a D3 team.

▪ A team has 20 total student-athletes and 16 are stoked to do every race. This team is clearly a D2 team.

▪ A team has 10 total student-athletes and they are all ready to race. Coaches have heard of, and maybe talked to, 4-5 additional students who think they might join the team and race. This team should probably register as a D2 team as they are on the border and will likely end up with more than 13 racing student-athletes.

▪ A team has 8 total student-athletes. Coaches have heard of, and maybe talked to, 3-4 additional students who think they may join the team and race. This team should probably register as a D3 team as they will likely not have all the potential students join. Even if they all did, the most would be 12.

Please contact Kate Rau if you have any questions or need guidance on determining your team status.

Volunteer Option 1

Fairview Coach Steve Sundstrom enjoys being a sweep. You can too!

Race Weekend Team Volunteer Assignments

Race weekends are inspiring, fun, and rewarding! Experience firsthand the energetic buzz of the Colorado League community of coaches, riders, and families while supporting the student-athletes.

Teams are assigned to “host” a race weekend. We ask teams to provide at least 1 volunteer per 4 athletes for each race weekend and 2 volunteers per 4 race athletes for your “host” race.

We welcome course marshals, finish line volunteers, course setters, and more. Thank you for sharing the numerous volunteer opportunities with your team.

Sign up today!

temporary tattoo

Original temporary tattoo by Rachel Molnar.

Weekend Spirit Contests

It is more than a sport and racing! Rule #1 is FUN! Whip up some creative ideas for the race weekend contests listed here:

Race #1 - Socks, Socks, Socks
Race #2 - Temporary Tattoos
Race #3 - Disco
Race #4 - Handcrafted Noise Makers
Race #5 – Aloha

This is a fantastic opportunity to engage your creative team members, captains and/or families. We look forward to recognizing innovative teams with some sweet prizes from our sponsors!


Team Pit Zone Rules

Teams continue to experience tremendous growth and our race crew works diligently to ensure that the Team Pit Zone is a great experience for everyone. Please familiarize yourself with the Team Pit Zone rules and approximate pit sizes.

NOTE: The sizes are general guidelines and we will make every effort to provide the space as venue sizes allow.

2018 FRISCO NORTH venuevibe-8323-M

D1-A Team: 50 + riders
• Pit Zone Size: 10 x 40
• Number of Vehicles/Trailers: 2

Division 1-B Team: 30-49 riders
• Pit Zone Size: 10 x 30
• Number of Vehicles/Trailers: 2

Division 2 Team: 20-13 riders
• Pit Zone Size: 10 x 20
• Number of Vehicles/Trailers: 2

Division 3 Team: 12 > riders
• Pit Zone Size: 10 x 10
• Number of Vehicles/Trailers: 1

RVs and generators are NOT allowed in the Pit Zone.

PLEASE play nice with others and DO NOT move team signs or adjust amount of space allotted.

ALL tents must be weighted with 40 pounds per leg.

If grills are onsite, a fire extinguisher with current tags must be present.

Please be familiar with the 2019 Colorado League Rulebook.

MIa showing leadership

Competitors exhibit positive sporting behavior.

Create Team and Activity Letter Expectations

There are many ways to set your season up for success. Establishing expectations of all team members - coaches, riders, and parents is integral to fostering a respectful culture of FUN! Create a team credo or simple mantra that emulates a common understanding of respectful, humble, and caring behavior.

Communicating rider, parent, and coach responsibilities in writing and reinforcing them throughout the season is the best way to develop a safe atmosphere for all. Clearly define rider academic, conduct, and participation eligibility requirements.

Do you award Activity Letters (aka Varsity Letters)? Many teams acknowledge the efforts of the inspiring student-athletes who ride throughout the year whether the associated administration does or not.

A few examples to assist you are here:

Be GREAT Commitment

Team Pact: Parents + Athletes + Coaches = Team

Activity Letter Examples


10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award

Many teams not only ride in the dirt they dig in the dirt. In celebration of the Decade of Dirt, each team is encouraged to get outside and participate in a trail building project in your community. Let's rally to accomplish the goal of at least 10 teams to participate in trail work activities on at least 10 trails.

The winning team from each conference will receive a $500 donation from our friends at Roadhouse Hospitality.

Lakewood Trail Work 2

Lakewood team members digging where they ride.

Please be sure to submit your team’s total trail building hours from April 1st – October 1st in order to be considered for the Golden Pick Award. For more information about the Golden Pick Award and to submit your hours, please CLICK HERE.

The Colorado League will calculate the following formula:

Average Volunteer Hours = (Total Team Hours)/(Total Registered Racers)

Total Team Hours = The grand total of all volunteer hours performed on public recreational trails by all registered riders on your team as of October 1st.

Total Registered Racers = The total number of racers registered with your team as of October 1st

Individual registered rider volunteer hours are accepted. Do not include volunteer hours performed by non-registered riders (i.e. coaches, family members, etc.).


Sponsor Discounts

Companies that support the Colorado League offer discounts CLICK HERE.

Available discounts include:

Feedback Sports
Honey Stinger
Optic Nerve
Primal Wear Inc.
Saris Sports Racks
Today’s Plan
Yeti Cycles

Check out additional coach benefits provided by NICA sponsors HERE.


We are planning events for 2019. Keep an eye on the website calendar.

2019 Colorado League & Partnering Events

2019 Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado - BRAC Events Calendar

November 2 Primal SHIFT Art Party | Denver, CO

2019 Race Schedule:
Race #1 August 25:
North - Frisco Bay Invitational, Frisco
South - Chalk Creek Stampede, Nathrop
Race #2 September 8:
North - Showdown in The Boat, Steamboat Springs
South - Cloud City Challenge at Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
Race #3 September 22:
North - Granby Ranch Round-Up, Granby
South - Snowmassive Chase, Snowmass Village
Race #4 October 5 – 6 Haymaker Classic, Eagle - Conference Championship
North - Saturday, October 5
South - Sunday, October 6

Race #5 October 19 – 20 Durango Mesa Pursuit - State Championships
Junior Varsity & Freshman - Saturday, October 19
Varsity & Sophomore - Sunday, October 20



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