Snapshot December 2019

Hi Friends:

Nico Inverse Nonosi 9022temp

Casa Nonosi by Inverse Project

Thank you. The 10th anniversary of this photographic journey is coming up and I would thus briefly like to acknowledge the people who have been making this photographic journey possible: our clients, who put their trust in us to portrait their creations for the world to see; our excellent crew of collaborators, who support, supplement, and organize this endeavor (and also watch my back); the international photography agency who represents us and sings our praises; and, most importantly, my very understanding, supportive and loving family. It's too easy to take these things for granted while getting caught up in the seemingly constant running around, and thus forget to smell the ... support one gets on a continuous basis. None of this would be possible without you. Thus, thank you.

Nico Autry 2342

Autry Museum Resource Center by Chu+Gooding Architects

Models in Architectural Photography:

I love having humans and non-humans in architectural photographs and I already made that clear in my previous snapshot. It just so happens that we have had a lot more populated shoots since, and as a follow up I would like to now make a case for using professional models in architectural shoots whenever possible and appropriate. The advantages are as follows:

_The talent day rate is much lower than you might suspect.

_Modeling well is actually not as easy as most people think.

_An architecture office does not have to pull highly skilled professionals off their income-generating tasks or have associates give up their well-deserved weekends to sit through a photo shoot.

I am happy to give you more details when we talk next, and we will of course and as usual continue to do our best and capture passersby, bystanders and accidental human and animal talent wherever possible (and then run after the folks to get a model release).

Nico Child-Inst 4784vB

Children's Institute by DSH Architecture

Nico Petersen 7963WEB

Petersen Automotive Museum by KPF

Nico PW HMRI 5230

HMRI Institute by Perkins+Will

Gensler SMC-Core Nico 3803

Santa Monica College Core Performance Center by Gensler

Nico 3060-Oly 3675

3060 Olympic by KTGY

Nico KFA Pico11 3699

Pico 11 by KFA Architects

Nico ChaCol-H1 7320

3 Step House by Chacol Architects

News about publications and collaborative book projects, new aerial photography as well as talent coordination services, travel projects and other etc.'s to come in the New Year.

In the meantime, if you are looking to replace (or combine?) holiday shopping sprees with architectural excursions, Dezeen has you covered with this international Design Events Schedule.

Not in the mood to travel, but still under pressure to find that perfect gift? Give yourself a break, your Schadenfreude free reign, and find out what definitely not to buy by visiting the Museum of Failure in Hollywood this season.

Finally you could just ignore the whole consumption extravaganza, bet on the experience economy, and catch the last month of Yayoi Kusama's fantastic Infinity Mirror Rooms at the Broad, which ends its tenure on January 1st.

Our wishes for plenty of enjoyment, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and looking forward to chatting in 2020.

Thanks again, and ciao. Nico

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