February 3rd, 2023

Dear Friends & Partners,

Parliament had a very active start this week, with the Official Opposition firing hard at the government on a variety of fronts, including:

Strengthening our bail system to stop criminals from re-offending (MP Rob Moore).

Whistleblowing the multi-millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on empty COVID hotels (MP Michelle Rempel Garner).

Whistleblowing the secret signing of the Agile Nations Charter (MP/Dr. Leslyn Lewis).

The tabling of the Violence Against Pregnant Women Act (MP Cathay Wagantall).

....just to name a few important items.

But all of this was overshadowed by the shocking news that yesterday, in Montreal, a 38-week-old unborn child was legally aborted by hospital staff.

The situation was first shared by Quebec Life Coalition, which alerted their email list to pray. Someone who had firsthand knowledge of the situation wrote:

"Hello, I've gotten access to information that I don't know how to react to. Thursday morning, the Sacred Heart hospital will commit a 38-week abortion. The lady said she wasn't certain about keeping the child. I find this horrible, what can I do? Is there something to be done?"

We then heard a report that the abortion happened at 8 am yesterday.

We can hardly comprehend this. There are a few important things to note about this situation:

▪ it was legal; Canada has no restrictions on abortion
▪ the baby was viable outside of the womb
▪ the baby was wanted because there is a waiting list for the adoption of newborn babies
▪ it is arguable that the termination of the pregnancy at this stage was a more dangerous procedure than a c-section would have been
it was legal; Canada has no restrictions on abortion
the baby was viable outside of the womb
the baby was wanted because there is a waiting list for the adoption of newborn babies
it is arguable that the termination of the pregnancy at this stage was a more dangerous procedure than a c-section would have been

There was no good reason not to spare this child's life.

We are going to be blunt...

Our federal and provincial representatives need to hear from us on this issue.



There are many things that we could write our MPs about. This one needs our strong attention. Please take a moment to email your MP and/or all MPs today.

Even a one or two-sentence email will make a huge difference.


Federal politicians can impact the criminality of this procedure by passing a law.

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Provincial politicians can impact health funding and policies. Please get in touch with your MPP, MLA or MNA. If you need help locating their information, contact us at admin@4mycanada.ca

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We have begun a petition to help share our voices collectively.

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Please share all this with your friends and likeminded loved ones.


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Warning: Graphic video testimony regarding abortion.



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The Life Room is a 24-7 online prayer room for the issue of life in Canada.

The Life Room currently needs:

▪ 4 more prayer leaders
▪ 38 more prayer partners
4 more prayer leaders
38 more prayer partners

Visit www.liferoom.ca to find out more or apply.



Note: It is always better and more effective to write something in your own words. Please feel free to re-write this to express your heart.

Dear [Your MPs Name],

Thank you for your service to our nation and your constituents.

I am writing today with deep concern regarding the killing of a 38-week unborn child at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal Thursday, Feb. 2nd.

I understand that abortion is a hot potato politically and that this may cause you to tune out, or disregard, my concern. I humbly ask that you read and consider what I have to share.

This child was fully formed and could have easily survived outside its mother's body. There is no doubt it was human and alive. There is also no doubt that it was wanted by any of the thousands of families across Canada waiting to adopt a newborn child.

I believe, with confidence, most Canadians would feel profoundly uncomfortable with a full-term child being terminated on their tax dollar.

I am calling upon you and your colleagues to have courage and finally bring forward a law on this issue.

As I am sure you know, Canada is the only Western nation with no laws on abortion. This means we are the only western nation which allows full-trimester abortion nationwide. Other western nations have already acknowledged what we all know deep in our hearts: third trimester abortion is wrong.

Please be a part of stopping the killing of fully-formed children in Canada.

Thank you for reading and considering -- it takes a genuine conscience to do so.

(Your name.)



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