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▪ 2021 Event Updates
▪ Galileo Commission Student Essay Prize Deadline Sept 15!
▪ News, Interviews and More
▪ New Books of Interest
▪ Free Access Spiritual Resources
2021 Event Updates
Galileo Commission Student Essay Prize Deadline Sept 15!
News, Interviews and More
New Books of Interest
Free Access Spiritual Resources


Lectures, workshops and conferences that may be of interest to you. All online unless location is indicated.


Sat, Sept 11 - Align with Your True Purpose - FREE

Tim Kelley's 1-hour event training to discover your true purpose. Register to receive recording if you cannot attend live.
Info/Register: True Purpose

Sept 17-19 - The Shift Music Festival & Visionaries Summit - FREE

Hear a powerful lineup of artists, changemakers, thought leaders, and creatives from around the globe and help plant One Million trees!
Register: Music for Trees


Wed, Sept 15 - Tai Chi to Cultivate Balance, Strength and Calm - FREE

30-year teacher and Gold medalist Helen Liang leads this 1-hour event on the benefits of Tai Chi.
Info/Register: Tai Chi for Health

ANYTIME - Discover the Science Behind Your Heart’s Intelligence - FREE

Rollin McCraty, HeartMath Institute, Video Event 1-hour.
Info/Register: Heart Intelligence

ANYTIME - Ancient Healing Rhythms of Sacred Drumming for Inspiration & Belonging - FREE

Krista Holland explouores the power of drumming to relieve anxiety and promote peace and healing in this 1-hr event.
Info/Register: Drumming

RobSchwartz 400x400 New Photo2021

Sept 18-19 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Online

Rob Schwartz workshop
Register: Awaken-Sept

Oct 11-15 - Beyond the Veil Summit: Near Death Experiences, Mediumship & the Science of the Afterlife

SAVE THE DATES! More information coming soon.

Nov 4 - Do You Know Your Life Purpose - Online FREE

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/German)
Register: FrankfurterRing1

Nov 14 - Brave Souls Workshop (Almas Valientes) - Online

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/Spanish)
Register: Almas-Malaga

Nov 27-28 - No Longer A Victim (Ausstieg aus dem Opferdasein) - Online

Rob Schwartz all-day workshop (English/German)
Register: Ausstieg-Frankfurt

EbenAlexander-KarenNewell-3 medres-cropped

Dec 4 - Coming to Know Yourself in a Spiritual Universe - Online

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell half-day workshop
Register: Know Yourself

ANYTIME - Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks - FREE

Jonathan Goldman Video Event, 1-hour
Register: Sound-Humming

ANYTIME - Human by Design: The New Human Story - FREE

Gregg Braden Video Event, 1-hour
Register: Human

ANYTIME - Communicate Soul to Soul with the Spirit World - FREE

Suzanne Giesemann Video Event, 1-hour
Register: Soul Communication

ANYTIME - Awakened Living - FREE

Suzanne Giesemann 2-hour workshop
Register: Awakened Living

ANYTIME - The Transformative Power of NDEs - FREE

Anita Moorjani Video Event, 1-hour
Register: NDE-Power


More dates will be posted as information is available at Eternea Calendar.

We recommend you contact the presenter of an individual event to find out whether tickets are still available, before driving to an in-person event.

Backward Spiral Galaxy

Galileo Commission Student Essay Prize

The Galileo Commission is pleased to announce the Galileo Commission Essay Prize for 2021. Essays should address evidence and arguments relating to consciousness beyond the brain and should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words, submitted as a word document.

Submissions encouraged from undergraduates under the age of 23 on the closing date, midnight BST on September 15, 2021.

Entrants are expected to study the Galileo Commission Main and Summary Reports as points of departure. They will find a comprehensive bibliography in the main report and many other valuable resources on the Galileo Site as well as at Open Science. The three volumes edited by Professor Ed Kelly of the University of Virginia – Irreducible Mind, Beyond Physicalism and Consciousness Unbound – are highly recommended.

First prize: £500
Second prize: £300
Third prizes: £100 each

The winning essay will be published in the Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Paradigm Explorer and the prize winners will be offered free passes to the 2021 online Beyond the Brain conference from November 5-7.

Details/Submit Entries


News, Interviews and More


Life After Life Blog Selections (New topics: PMH Atwater's NDEs in Childhood and Raymond Moody's Is There a Hell in the Afterlife?)

Dr. Bruce Greyson writes on How to Ease Fear of Death

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza: Understanding Grief, a blog for Psychology Today (New topics: The Grief of a Child's Suicide)

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll: Helping Souls Heal blog (New topics: Feel the Flow and More than Coincidence)

Dr. Eben Alexander explores topics on his blog

Dr. Eben Alexander discusses How the Brain does not Create Consciousness with Allatra TV

Rob Schwartz on Your Soul's Plan Learning to Listen

Rob Schwartz and Liesel Fricke discuss topics on their blog (Recent topics: Rebirth While Incarnate, Energy Informs Form and Dojo and the Dance Floor)

JNMD-Case Study: Recovery from E.coli Meningitis, by Drs. Khanna, Moore & Greyson


I Believe in Angels (New composer Elaine Lloyd offers a heartfelt song to accompany her new book)

Infinite Love by Evgeny Maximov inspired by NDEs


Eben Alexander & Karen Newell speak with Dan Gilman on Discover Your Potential

Eben Alexander joins Dawn Reese on Miracles Stories/Hollywood Connections podcast Interview begins at 2 minutes into recording.

Eben Alexander speaks with Spiritual Doctors for Holistic Health in India

Lesley Joan Lupo speaks with Shannon Torrence on Magic is Real

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell speak with Scott Mason on Purpose Highway podcast

Jon Turk speaks with Arjun Sachdev & Jay Beaulieu on Rising Laterally

Jon Turk speaks with Valeria Teles on Fit for Joy: Presence In The Now — Presence In The World

Eben Alexander speaks with Ben Spangl on The Pursuit podcast

Eben Alexander joins Anthony Padilla on I Spent a Day with Coma Survivors!

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, a film preview from Caroline Cory

Suzanne Giesemann Weekly on Messages of Hope Radio FM

I Am Convinced Consciousness Survives - A talk with Dr. Raymond Moody

John Audette featured talk at Chicago IANDS

NIH Discussion on Suicide Prevention


By Subscription: Inner Sanctum with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell


FREE/Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness

Join the 11AM LOVE Meditation


New Books We Recommend

Here are some new books you might find of interest. Enjoy discovering the ones that have meaning for you!

The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field

By Ervin Laszlo

The enlightened twenty-first-century mind does not choose between science and spirituality; it marries the two. And there is no better guide for how to do that than Ervin Laszlo.
- Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

To read this work, the potent explorations of Ervin Laszlo and the visionary essays of the contributing authors, is a journey of radical and radiant discovery. What is revealed is an evolutionary event, a revelation that announces the “punctuated” equilibrium that attends evolutionary jumps. We are in Jump Time. Our job is to know this, and to participate in, make use of, its powers.
- Jean Houston, author of Mind Games, Jump Time and The Possible Human

I found the material uplifting and confirming of the potential positive trajectory of human evolution. The collaboration of contributors was brilliant, providing many perspectives which helped me to fully comprehend the material presented.
- Emily - an Amazon reader

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu

By Jon Turk

A provocative look at the vital connection between human beings, the natural world and meaningful knowledge.

Jon Turk is one of our most articulate and courageous writer-adventurers. On this journey to the Samburu people and the lion-savannahs of Africa, he guides us on an intellectual probing of our deep human past in an attempt to understand our planet’s future. Bravely curious, he explores the proto-consciousness that grows from living in the moment, on the edge of survival, like our ancestral hunting-and-gathering forebears. Reading Tracking Lions, you’ll think about human interaction with the natural world in ways you haven’t before.
- Peter Stark, author of Astoria

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu is a call to expand our natural wisdom to transform the way we experience life, as individuals and as communities. What I love about Jon’s message is its simplicity. The fact that stories have both united and separated us for ages is very clear, but what we don’t see is that stories are the realm of our ‘think-too-much-know-it-all brains’ as Jon likes to say. However, he suggests there is another obvious way of experiencing life that recognizes that there is no separation between you, me, and the natural world. This is a must-read book for anyone who is ready to explore the magic of true living!
—Valeria Teles, podcaster and author of Fit for Joy

With his trenchant powers of observation, Jon Turk has steered kayaks, skis and climbing rack up and down those far-flung destinations most of us will never visit, from Tierra del Fuego to Kamchatka to the Canadian Arctic, and now, in his latest work, eastern Africa. His books have always transcended the standard adventure narrative – in inimitable, no-bullshit prose – by taking his readers into the heart of both wilderness and culture. More than just a compelling insight into place and a little-known and olden-day culture, Tracking Lions makes the linkage to what we have lost in our own, troubled, modern society. Jon Turk is as precious as a Samburu warrior.
- Jonathan Waterman, author of Atlas of the National Parks, In the Shadow of Denali, and Arctic Crossing

Soul Afterlife: Beyond the NDE

By Bud Megargee

Soul Afterlife is a courageous exploration of what lies ahead beyond this life, through the oracular revelations of a spiritual guide to author Bud Megargee. This book is an antidote to the dread and fear of total extinction following physical death. It will bring hope and clarity to anyone who is oppressed by the dismal, deadening philosophy of physical materialism that permeates modern life. Enormous thanks to Bud Megargee for this remarkable contribution.
~ Larry Dossey MD, author of One Mind and Prayer is Good Medicine

Megargee's eloquent understanding of how death and the complex afterlife soul as viewed through Eastern philosophy is fresh, engrossing, and will appeal to spiritual explorers of any stripes including beginners. The informed spiritual reader will feel right at home.
~Prairie Book Review

The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How That Awareness Will Change Your Life

By Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony’s The Afterlife Frequency is his most comforting and uplifting book yet. Anthony summarizes the compelling evidence of what happens to us after the death of our bodies, spicing his narrative with heartwarming and sometimes hair-raising stories drawn from his personal sensitivity to our spiritual side.
- Bruce Greyson, MD, cofounder of IANDS and author of After

Fast paced, emotionally gripping, and well written, this book will appeal to anyone seeking a rational way to understand the mysteries of life, death, and beyond death.
- Dean Radin, PhD, author of The Conscious Universe

Can we communicate with our deceased loved ones? This is one of humankind’s most enduring questions. The Afterlife Frequency brings a new and exciting perspective to this ancient question. With each turn of the page, you will find a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. This outstanding book is expertly written, remarkably easy to read, and enthusiastically recommended.
- Jeffrey Long, MD, founder of NDERF and author of Evidence of the Afterlife

Majestic Tall Aspen

Free Spiritual Resources

Several authors, teachers and retreat centers continue to offer resources to support us at this time. A few are listed below.
The Rowe Centerpost Journal
Theosophical Society
David Kessler on Healing the 5 Areas of Grief and Daily Grief Group on FB Live
Omega - Conversations with Favorite Speakers
Hollyhock Retreat Center - Community Series
United Souls of Earth Meditation


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