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11 October 2016

Crazy for Ewe this week

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Every year about this time I get anxious for the colors Yes, of course, the trees, but mainly, it's the Noro I'm waiting for. There's nothing like it. Nothing. I always worry - maybe it won't be so fabulous this year. Maybe the new colors won't really speak to me. Maybe the old colors are boring. And then it arrives and the colors wash over the shop - bags and bags of glorious shades. Unexpected color combinations that make me swoon and dream of all the dazzling things I want to knit with them.

Not everyone gets Noro, and that's okay. It isn't for everyone. But for those of us who understand and embrace its aesthetic, this time of year is the most glorious. One customer, Aimee, who's as addicted as I am said, "Noro sweaters knit up so fast. I don't know why, but the do." I know why. It's the colors. They're compelling. Just one more row so you can get to the intense shade that was the reason you chose that colorway. Knitting with Noro is thrilling

There's an energy to Noro yarns. Certainly the interplay of colors are part of it, but there's an continue reading

379 coffeehouse lg medium2

Last week was the first Sunday we were open. for small projects perfect for gifting. This week we're going to be using new Berroco Noble, a beautifully soft and luxurious super chunky merino. The project we'll be doing is Coffeehouse, a smart, on-trend accessory officially approved by Katie, my 21-year old fashionista daughter. She saw the picture and said, "I would totally wear this, Mom" Good think since she's probably getting one for Christmas. Two skeins and a few hours (like we'll have together Sunday) and it's a fabulous finished object. Bring or buy a set of US size 15 circular needles and join us for the afternoon. Then you can check off a gift for that hard-to-buy-for/impossible-to-knit-for young lady on your holiday list!

Sundays are meant to be relaxing and fun - take advantage of the extra day of knitting time just for you.

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... to join the Fall 2016 Mystery Shawl Knitalong. We just started last week, and it's only three skeins of Shibui Staccato -While Staccato is a luxurious fiber, this project runs under $50, so it's a great way to indulge without breaking the bank. This is a project an adventurous beginner can manage, so don't hesitate to join the fun.

If you can knit and purl, you can totally handle this project - and hey, it's a knitalong, so not only are we here to help, several dozen of your Crazy for Ewe knitting friends have your back too!

How many times have you wished we were open Mondays? And at least one evening. Because you work and can't get here by 5. I know, right? I hear you. I truly do. So, Mondays is your day. And your evening. We're now open Mondays from 1 to 7 pm.

Join the fun at our Monday hours - 1-7 p.m.

toe up fingering weight

Jenny's finishing up the beginner two-at-a-time toe-up worsted weight sock class, and we've amost filled the follow-on two-at-a-time toe-up in sock weight class. If you're interested in toe up or two-at-a-time, or both, this is the class for you. Join Jenny as she takes you through the toe-up process and introduces yet another heel style you'll love. More info and to register, click here

What you learn in a sock class is, of course, great for making socks, but it also teaches you skills you'll in lots of different projects.

tandem ss16 medium2
Tribeca PHOEBE seated-200x300
Tribeca PHOEBE back-200x300


Our October First Friday project, is another fabulous find from the chic and stylish world of Stacy Charles Fine Yarns. Called the Tribeca Capelet, it's kind of a cropped poncho, and just the thing to add a little panache to your outfit. Worked in silky Phoebe yarn, it's beautiful to knit and absolutely delicious to wear. You'll love the feel of the yarn in your hands and the fabric on your skin. Wear it any which way, and it's looks great. There's a little shimmer to the yarn, but not too much, so you can wear it any time you want a splash of color or that third layer to pull an outfit together. Dress is up with basic black, or dress it down with jeans and a tee. Takes just 4 skeins.

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