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This is our third and final edition of the SEI Newsletter for the Fall 2017 academic semester. We'll be back next semester with three editions as well. Many thanks to Project Manager Leah Bury for editing, managing and writing for our newsletter this term, as well as to all of the student writers and project managers: Katie Powers, Eesha Ramanujam, and Ally Agoglia. This edition includes thoughts on the uses of 3D printing to benefit poor, low income, marginalized and under-resourced people and communities, and we're looking forward to the initiation of projects led by students in this area in 2018. We also plan a relaunch of our SEI Student Association in January, and hope to engage with students from across campus in some exciting new initiatives.

With best wishes for the holidays and for 2018, Professor Shaughnessy and the SEI Student Leadership Team.

From the Founder & Executive Director

Investing in Innovation that Addresses Urgent Social Needs
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy
Kapor Capital based in Oakland, CA represents a new kind of venture capital firm, and one that we think is very much needed to address the problems of economic inequality in the US. Its mission is to invest in technology driven seed stage companies that solve social problems across several sectors and improve the lives of millions of people that are too often excluded from the benefits of transformative ideas and innovations. Read more here.

Finally, an Alternative to Payday Loans!
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy
Introducing DailyPay, Inc. and its “DailyPay” service, a New York-based “fintech” business that allows workers to access their earned pay each day, with a small transfer fee that begins at $1.25. It’s all done with an easy-to- use cell phone system. Read more here.


News & Spotlight

DoneGood: Helping Consumers Find Goods that Do Good
by Leah Bury
With the holidays fast approaching, this time of year is perhaps the time most centered around consumer purchases. Many of us are making lists of people we need to buy gifts for, and putting careful thought into just what each person would like. But what if we put that much thought into everything that happens before we make the purchase (and where the money goes after)? I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Scott Jacobsen, co-founder of DoneGood, a tech-startup based in Boston that aims to help consumers “find brands that make the world a better place”. Read more here.

From Brownies to Embroidery, Employment Offers Second Chances
by Katie Powers
On Monday, December 4th, students had the privilege of hearing from Greyston Bakery’s VP of Human Capital, Alan Gaynor, as part of the SEI Speaker Series. Greyston Bakery is a hybrid social enterprise based in Yonkers, NY with a mission to empower individuals that face barriers to employment. At the talk, several students alluded to an organization called Homeboy Industries — also a hybrid social enterprise — that works exclusively with former gang members and ex-prisoners to provide job skills training and support, with the goal of reducing recidivism. Read more here.

Asiyah Sport: Empowering Female Muslim Athletes
By Ally Agoglia
Asiyah sports recognizes the barriers women already face in sports, and works to prevent improper clothing from continuing to be a limiting factor for Muslim women. The organization seeks to target the Muslim girls that on average play sports 50% less than their peers. Read more here.

Balloons in the Stratosphere, Internet Access for All
By Archana Apte
Alphabet, formerly Google, has been working on a project for some time that holds great promise for people in rural or remote areas in the Global South. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has described this project as one that offers great hope for breaking the cycle of poverty for millions. It’s called “Project Loon”. It’s one of the “moonshot” projects developed by the R&D group within Alphabet (formerly Google) known as X. Read more here.


Jobs & Internships

▪ Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, Communications and Events Intern (New York)
▪ StrongMinds, Director of Development (Maplewood, NJ)
▪ BetterLesson INC., Marketing Content & Social Media Specialist (Cambridge, MA)
▪ Living on One, Digital Communications Associate (Los Angeles)
▪ East End House, Marketing and Development Director (Cambridge, MA)
▪ CECP- The CEO Force For Good, Corporate Leadership Fellow (New York)
▪ Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Youth Venture Internship (Bangalore, India)
Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, Communications and Events Intern (New York)
StrongMinds, Director of Development (Maplewood, NJ)
BetterLesson INC., Marketing Content & Social Media Specialist (Cambridge, MA)
Living on One, Digital Communications Associate (Los Angeles)
East End House, Marketing and Development Director (Cambridge, MA)
CECP- The CEO Force For Good, Corporate Leadership Fellow (New York)
Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Youth Venture Internship (Bangalore, India)

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