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MAY 2018

Dear Friend,

New for May, a short Youtube video on my book Decoding Your Destiny, including my personal story. And I'm offering you a special discount on my book for May as well. Enjoy!

Also new is an interview that I did for longtime IIT member Verena Mezger on, "Heaven and Earth Meet in Us." This new article discusses drawing from ancestral patterns in order to heal ourselves with the body elemental. Fascinating topics.

We've extended the Early Bird Registration Deadline for my annual July 15 to 21 meditation retreat at Diamond Heart to May 31st! It is focused on self-healing with the body elemental.


In this new video, I share my personal story about how Decoding Your Destiny came to be, and how you can apply it's teachings to your own life.

The direct link to the Youtube video can be found here: https://youtu.be/4Guo2XGizPk


Click on the image above to view the Youtube video, or copy and paste the direct link here: https://youtu.be/4Guo2XGizPk


10% off for the Month of May

Keys to humanity's spiritual transformation

Fulfill your spiritual destiny and become a conscious creator! Decoding Your Destiny is a road map for humanity. This book contains what you need to prepare for the transformation of the world as we know it and to embrace the new reality.

▪ Where have we come from?
▪ Where are we now?
▪ Where are we going?
Where have we come from?
Where are we now?
Where are we going?

These eternal questions are answered in this groundbreaking book.

An encyclopaedia of the unseen world and how it affects you in the 21st century. This guidebook for spiritual transformation has exercises you can apply in your life right now.

This guidebook for spiritual transformation has exercises you can apply in your life right now. It’s all here. The wisdom of the inner mystery schools, the beings that are influencing humanity in its evolution and our ultimate purpose are presented in an easily understood and accessible manner.

Read an excerpt from the book by choosing "Look Inside" on Amazon.com HERE.


Praise for Decoding Your Destiny:

“Tanis is a spiritual evocateur and deep seer who opens us up to other voices…other realms…”

--Jean Houston, Author, The Possible Human


Early Bird registration extended to May 31st!

JULY 15-21, 2018 | CANADA


Happy memories from the 2017 retreat.

with Tanis Helliwell

Come to this meditation retreat to release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. Your heart will be grateful and your soul satisfied.

Enjoy delicious local and organic food during your stay. You will also have time to enjoy beach walks, guided hikes, swimming and kayaking, and an opportunity to see resident eagles, seals and sea lions.

Develop a deeper relationship with your body elemental—your body consciousness—to discover causes of physical, emotional and mental imbalance and co-create with it for optimal wellness.

Gifts you receive from this 7-day retreat:

▪ Learn about the mental/emotional causes of illness
▪ Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body
▪ Discover and dissolve family life scripts that limit you
▪ Learn heart meditation to create harmonious resonance in your body
▪ Clear core wounds to find self-love
▪ Share with like-minded others
Learn about the mental/emotional causes of illness
Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body
Discover and dissolve family life scripts that limit you
Learn heart meditation to create harmonious resonance in your body
Clear core wounds to find self-love
Share with like-minded others

Daily silent meditation, spiritual energization exercises, labyrinth, etheric clearing techniques.

lara hugging tree

To register contact: Sonya Roy info(at)iitransform.com,

Phone: 1-778-808-6101

Cost: $695+ GST EARLY BIRD EXTENDED TO MAY 31!, $795+ GST after May 31. Accommodation and meals extra.

Location: Diamond Heart Retreat center is beside the ocean offering swimming, kayaking, beach roaming, forest walks and gardens.

For the most up-to-date information on the retreat, click HERE.

Register early as space is limited.


Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., founder of the International Institute for Transformation, teaches spiritual laws to help you live and work with meaning and love. She is the author of Summer with the Leprechauns, Pilgrimage with Leprechauns, Embraced by Love, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose, Decoding Your Destiny, Hybrids and soon to be published Encounters with Mystical Ancestors.

Tanis teaches her ground-breaking healing techniques internationally to doctors, psychiatrists and other healing practitioners.


LAST CALL! Workshops begin May 4

Join me this spring and summer at one (or several!) of my workshops offered across Europe. A strong focus this year is on Self-Healing with the Body Elemental, and I am leading a 7-day Self-Healing with the Body Elemental meditation retreat at Diamond Heart in BC, Canada from July 15-21, 2018. It would be lovely to see you!


By Verena Mezger

Interview with Tanis Helliwell, Founder of the International Institute for Transformation. Tanis is a Spiritual Coach and Teacher on Ancestors and the Body Elemental.

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VERENA: Tanis, in the year 2000 you founded the International Institute for Transformation. What is the IIT about and what is the work being done there?

TANIS: The International Institute for Transformation is a co-created effort. I personally never wanted an organization. It emerged out of several people asking if they could study in depth with me and this turned into the IIT.

Our mission is to assist people with their spiritual transformation, which emerged from my work as a transpersonal psychotherapist. Transpersonal psychology helps people to understand both the emotional issues of their ego and what their soul wants them to do in life.

My work had been devoted to helping people to become soul-infused personalities. Until we become enlightened, we have a personality however let it be guided by the soul, by spirit. Helping individuals and forming co-creative communities is what our goal at the International Institute for Transformation is.

VERENA: This year May and June you are on an extended tour of Europe to give workshops and retreats on Healing with the Body Elemental and the Ancestors. Could you please give us some background on both topics?

TANIS: The body elemental is an etheric being that has come with us from lifetime to lifetime. It builds the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body from all the karmic patterns that we have accumulated over lifetimes. Many of these patterns are unconscious and they control us and we need to become conscious of them to heal them.

In the Vedic tradition they are called Sanskaras. These thought forms might be scripts that we have inherited from our families and our ancestors. To become conscious creators on this planet we have to eliminate these inherited thought forms. They are often very negative thoughts around scarcity, fear and guilt. As we transform these thought forms, we release the stuck energy they contain and the energy is freed to move back into divine harmony again.


This represents a return to Eden. That is actually what happens to an awakened being. The body elemental helps us to do this. Jesus was able to manifest a body after death and many enlightened masters are able to manifest a body after death as well. They do this by being able to consciously work with the body elemental.

I am in the process of writing a book on healing with the body elemental however I wrote a book about ancestors first. Encounters with Mystical Ancestors is not published yet and I have found that my book on healing with the body elemental is intricately connected to the ancestors book. Encounters with Mystical Ancestors is not only about looking at our own ancestors saying: ‘They came from Ireland or they came from Germany and what was their life like and how does that influence us today?’ My book on ancestors is about the great ancestral beings in Hawaii and that ancestors are in all of our lives today—whether we are aware of this or not. Most indigenous cultures have a belief in ancestors: that the ancestors live beyond the death of their physical body and , like them, we need to pray and talk to the ancestors if we are to transform ourselves.

My books arise out of my personal journeys. The book on ancestors arose out of three trips to Hawaii, two of which were to have vacations. However, my leprechaun friend, Lloyd, wanted me to learn about Hawaiian ancestors so it was a funny turn of events. Some of the Hawaiian ancestors are menehune, which are more like elementals. Others are like water dragons. The Hawaiians believe and have sightings of these ancestors even today and, it was heart opening when many Hawaiians supported my experiences.

Through meeting these Hawaiian ancestors I started exploring my own ancestors. I began to see the stuck patterns that are in my own family line. And the Hawaiian ancestors taught me about the importance of spiritual ancestors, as well as genetic ancestors. In Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism individuals pray to various Gods and Goddesses and these are their spiritual ancestors. In my particular case I follow Self Realization Fellowship which was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. This spiritual lineage goes back through several enlightened masters to Christ and Krishna.

VERENA: How do the Body Elemental and the Ancestors tie in together?

TANIS: I would not have been interested in studying or writing a book about ancestors, if it was only looking at my genetic ancestors, although this is the start for most people. The fact that we have both spiritual and family ancestors seems to me to be a more complete package of what ancestors really are and the knowledge of how the unseen world influences us in our day to day life.

I am also interested in the natural world and healing the Earth and, since my 30’s, I have also taught people to work with elementals to do this. Healing the body elemental works with our very being that is both a spiritual and physical being on the Earth. To heal the physical body we must become aware of the ancestral patterns we carry, not only from our own family, but also from the collective of humanity. To heal at a cellular level, we must embrace both our physical and spiritual beings.


A candlelit vigil with the little people. Thank you to Heleen de Groot for sending this photo to us. Lovely!

Do you have an image of a leprechaun or a gnome? Send it in to info(at)iitransform.com, or post it on Instagram using the hashtag #tanisleprechaun (remember to make it public) and we'll share it in our next IIT newsletter!

For more photos, see my friend Lloyd's "The Leprechaun site" here.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.



Love as always,

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