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Coaches News October Part 2 2014

JVBoys WT Start

2013 Whitetail Ridge


Whitetail Ridge Race Weekend
Video Recording Area
Volunteer Power Needed
Live Auction at Race
Outside Assistance
Middle School Points
Season Awards Ceremony
Season Awards - Nominations needed

start Stillwater

2013 Whitetail Ridge


We are invited back to use this amazing, please be respectful of the property and be sure to remove all trash. Kinnickinnic Off-Road Cyclists (KORC) group has been incredible as they have helped us to modify and prepare for this race.

Online Registration
Online registration in the Pitzone is now closed.

Race Weekend Registration
We will be open for registration at 1:00pm and will close at 4pm on Sat. Oct. 25 at the trail infield. Late fees will apply for registrations completed on the race weekend. Look for the tents!

Lost or Forgotten Number Plates
Replacement numbers cost $35 since a new chiming chip has to be installed on the back of the plate. Also, have the racers bring their back plates as well.

Pre-Ride on Sat
This will start at 1:00pm and end at 4:00pm. Last rider on the course at 3:15pm. There will also be pre-ride Sun. morning before the race.

Call-ups for each category will be posted by the registration tent on Sun. Oct. 26.

Check the weather before race weekend and advise your student athletes re clothing suggestions.

Team Tents
First come, first serve.

Coaches - PitZone opens at 7:00am on Sunday Race Day. Team Tent Area will be mapped out and assigned first come, first serve.

* No Tent Stakes
* No Vehicles in Team Tent Area


Now is your chance to be a star on film!

At 2:00pm - we will open up a Photo/Video Area near the Big Trailer to capture some fun videos of racers and record a few conversations. We will have this area open until the Medal Portion of the Race Day begins.

We are asking racers to answer a few questions.
In exchange for their answer on camera, we will give each racer a gift.

Video must be at least 1 min long, racer must be wearing their team jersey.
Please note, their responses will be used in promotional materials and on social media.

GIFT: We will be offering Maxxis tires and or tubes for each recorded answer, while supplies last.

Student Questions:

1. Why do you race mountain bikes?
2. How did you find out about the MN League and/or your team?
3. From your participation in the races and/or from being on a team,
what else have you learned besides the technical aspects of mountain bike racing?

PLEASE NOTE - Coaches, please feel free to use this area for photos in between recordings.

Thank you - any questions, please let Libby know.

IMG 1883


Spots are still open!

Join the Race Crew and volunteer your time at a race this year. Helping with scoring, handing out water, course marshal and the popular "sweep" position - all are important and we need 60-80 people to make these races work.

Suggestion: If your son or daughter is racing, volunteer to help when your child is not racing. Be a part of the excitement and still be able to watch your son or daughter race!

How to Sign Up:
1. Go to the Volunteer Page on the site.
2. Review the positions available.
3. Click on the VolunteerSpot Image.
4. You will be taken to a different website where you can sign up to volunteer!

Thank you - we appreciate your support!


2015 Specialized Fatboy Expert | Live Auction at Whitetail Ridge


At the Whitetail Ridge race, we will be holding a live auction for a 2015 Specialized Fatboy Expert Bike, donated by Specialized Bicycles. All proceeds will go directly to support the MN League.

Live auction will be held just before the Medal Portion of Race Day. One must be present to bid and win the bike!


Rule 4.7 states that riders accepting repair help beyond what they personally carry onto the race course and what they are able to repair on their own will result in a 5 minute time penalty. The penalty is designed to offset any advantage gained by the assistance.

Two assistance related situations that have consistently generated questions include:
Leaving the course - If a rider leaves the course during the race for parts, tools or technical help, it constitutes outside assistance since the rider “did not personally bring it on the course” and results in a 5 minute time penalty. As a reminder, the racer must reenter the course in the same spot they left it. Any other reentry point would be considered cutting the course and would result in disqualification.
Accepting help from a fellow rider - A rider accepting tools, parts or help from another rider during the race is also covered under the outside assistance rule and subject to a 5 minute time penalty since the rider accepting help “did not personally bring it on the course”. The rule is not meant to discourage sportsmanship. We do not prohibit rider assistance. The rule reflects a long established ethic of on course self-sufficiency and is also designed to limit the ability of larger teams having a rider on the course that is really a roving mechanic whose main purpose in the race is to provide mechanical assistance to select riders, thus giving them an advantage over smaller teams or individual riders.

As a point of strategy for riders not skilled in repair, taking the 5 minute penalty and accepting neutral, coach or fellow rider assistance may be the fastest and safest way to proceed. It’s the rider’s choice.
Athletes accepting assistance must report the acceptance of assistance to a race official upon completion of the race. We appreciate the cooperation!


MS boy rosemont

Middle School Racer | Mankato


At Race #4 in Mankato, we began calculating the overall points for Middle School Racers.

Prior to this, we were only tabulating Finish Results and therefore call-ups were based on past results versus earned points.

Tim Walsh | MN League Referee

volunteer sweep


Come celebrate the conclusion of the 2014 Race Series at the MN League 2014 Awards Ceremony.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014
When: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Hopkins Center for the Arts
1111 Main Street, Hopkins, MN 55343
Cost: FREE. Donations will be accepted at the door.


Who’s Invited: Racers, parents, coaches, family members, volunteers


Season Awards Ceremony 2014
Submit your nomination for our annual award ceremony to by Thursday, October 30th. Nominations should include the individual’s full name (first & last).

Please identify which award you are nominating this person for and an explanation of why they are deserving of the award. Please limit all submissions to less than 300 words. A awards panel will review all nominations for award at our season end award ceremony on Saturday, November 1st.

Please note - This is not a popularity contest; we are looking at the quality of the submission versus the number of submissions.

Coach of the Year/Assistant Coach of the Year (2 Awards)

The Minnesota High School Cycling League 'Coach of the Year' and ‘Assistant Coach of the Year’ Award recognizes two outstanding coaches annually.

This award seeks to recognize and honor coaches who have had an impact on the lives of student-athletes, and students in general, by encouraging them to succeed, helping to develop self-confidence, ambition, a sound work ethic, and other skills necessary for success in the students' later lives. Finally, the coaches shall have a reputation amongst their respective peers and the athletic community for fair play, good sportsmanship, and the development of these attributes in their respective student-athletes.

Athletes with Heart (2 Awards)

The ‘Athletes with Heart’ Award is an given to one male and one female student-athlete of each who best exemplifies one or more of the ideals of sportsmanship, including fairness, civility, honesty, unselfishness, respect and responsibility. These athletes are not defined by placement, but the selfless behavior they exhibit at practices, races and in their daily life.

Volunteer Power (2 Awards)

The Volunteer Power’ Award is an given to two volunteers who have gone above the call of duty to help with a team, at the races or to help spread the word about the MN High School League and their teams. We recognize that each and every volunteer is important and we are incredibly lucky to have so many people willing to help make this MN League a reality.

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