Issue: November 2015 We hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying pleasant fall weather. We have some exciting things to share with you al


Issue: November 2015

We hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying pleasant fall weather. We have some exciting things to share with you all in our first edition of the Publisher Newsletter.

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale:

The largest shopping day of the year is right around the corner. Customers will wait all year to purchase on this day. Buying gifts for Christmas but even things for themselves. This includes teachers & educators.

Last year we were excited about the many publishers who participated in our sale, some discounting their products up to 75% off, making this one of our most successful sales of the year!

We would love to spotlight your products on this BIG shopping weekend! If you would like to participate in this sale by discounting your products, please contact us for more details.

November & December

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Top Selling Titles

October 2015
Lot's of new titles this past month. Congratulations to publishers who had products make our top ten selling list for the first time this year! Way to go!_


The Case for Keeping Handwriting Practice in Our Schools


provided by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
written by: Theresa Wooler

Is handwriting here to stay? With our increased use of technology and day-to-day texting, typing, and tweeting, it’s no surprise that handwriting is suffering and may seem like a “lost art.” I see it in my own deteriorating handwriting and my children’s hybrid mix of print and cursive writing.

However, the scientific and psychological research supporting handwriting provides evidence that handwriting should be an integral part of the curriculum from preschool through high school.
Read more about the two best reasons to keep handwriting instruction in the classroom on our customer blog

*this article is also posted on our TKQ blog, available for all our publishers and resellers to enjoy as well!


The above article was provided by one of our top selling publishers and was posted on our blogs but also was featured in our two customer and Resellers newsletters last month.

We would love to promote you too, as much as we can, to our customers, our resellers and then to their customers. We need your help to do so.

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