Worldwide Photowalk coming to Clinton! On Saturday, October 5, I will be leading a Photowalk in the historic district of Clinton. This is one of 768

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Worldwide Photowalk coming to Clinton!


On Saturday, October 5, I will be leading a Photowalk in the historic district of Clinton. This is one of 768 (and counting) Photowalks that will be taking place that same day all over the world. And you, my newsletter readers, are the first that I've told.

As you know, my focus tends to be on details and the things we often overlook while making our hurried way through a world that is so familiar to us. Part of the intention of this walk is to be an exercise in slowing down and really seeing what’s around you.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk is the world’s largest global social photography event in the history of photography itself. It takes place on the same day around the world where photographers of all walks of life and skill levels gather together, usually in downtown areas to socialize, learn new tips from each other, and explore their corner of the world through photography.

There is no fee to participate. Go directly to the Clinton walk and sign up. If you or someone you know is not in the Clinton area, they can find other walks here.

Anyone can participate. All you need is a camera and a passion for photography. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you use. People have used simple point-and-shoot and even disposable cameras in the past, had a blast, and left with a new appreciation for photography and some great local connections.

We will begin somewhere in the center of the village at 9:30, walk and shoot for about 2 hours, then gather for sharing images and ideas as well as a light lunch. I can't yet say where we will be meeting, as I am finalizing those details but it will be right in the village. Lunch will be a simple catered meal for a small fee.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some of you for a fun time.

Enjoy the change in weather and activities that comes this month.


PS: I'd be so happy if you would share this with people that you think would be interested in the Photowalk or my work. You can forward it by using the forward button at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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