Do You Dread Epic Wash Days? If you’ve been natural for longer than 2 hours, we're sure your bathroom sink resembles the natural hair aisle in Target


Do You Dread Epic Wash Days?


If you’ve been natural for longer than 2 hours, we're sure your bathroom sink resembles the natural hair aisle in Target. A few products are there because your natural haired friend told you they were awesome, some are there because a celeb status YouTuber said it was her holy grail product, and some are there because you were standing on the Target aisle with your head spinning and grabbed the product with the prettiest packaging.

STOP! Curls don’t come in a bottle.

That curling custard is not going to give you curls when you have kinks. That thick shea butter shampoo will suck if you have thin, fine hair. That conditioner with the 100% natural juices and berries will not be your savior if you have dry/damaged hair. A product is only as good as the hair it’s being applied to. To be effective a product must be formulated to address what your real natural hair concerns are.

It’s time to get real about what’s really growing out of our scalps.

Not the 3C, 4A, 4B madness of hair typing. We're talking about your length, thickness, porosity, elasticity, hydration level, prior chemical processes, current medicines being taken, hormonal/pregnancy state, and so many other factors.

Care for, treat well, and love your real hair.

Whether you’re transitioning, newly chopped, or been a curly + natural girl forever, one thing’s for sure, the secret to great hair is understanding what you're working with.


Introducing The #30DayHairDetox


One day we were sitting around the salon in Chicago discussing the “trends” in natural hair. As Aeleise was educating a client on how all the “right” things she was doing for her hair were actually causing her issues, Aisha got the brilliant idea to turn the so-called method into a challenge. Everybody else has challenges for length retention and protective styling, why not one for removing all the gunk we pile on our hair daily?

Enter the #30DayHairDetox. It’s 30 days of:

No Shea Butter
No Coconut Oil
No Castor Oil
No Eco Styler


1. Hair Should Be Simple
We’re doing too d* much when it comes to our hair. Butters on top of oils on top of conditioners on top of more oil. Cleansing the buildup with lotion-y cleansers. Slicking down our edges with sludge and gels that feel like glue. The underlying theme of this challenge is really just wash your hair. With shampoo. And use simple conditioning and styling products with water based and water soluble ingredients.

2. Moisture = Water
When you get thirsty you don’t reach for the bottle of olive oil, right? Moisture = water. Oil= sealant. If you don’t clarify the oil layer off of the hair and allow water to get into the cuticle you’re moisturizing dry hair. Water evaporates in 4-7 days from hair so adding coconut or Shea to dry hair then co-washing or using weaker sulfate free shampoos contributes to the experience of dry hair.

3. There Are Better Products Than The Shea Based Ones . . .
Don’t shoot us. We know Shea based products are holy grail staples for many naturals. In Aeleise's practice as a natural hairstylist for the last 5 years more than 75% of clients complaining of dry, brittle hair were using these products daily. Once we removed the layers and layers of buildup the hair was able to absorb moisture again.


What Current Participants Are Saying

Roni Pic

"The 30dayhairdetox is all about loving your hair and learning an effective regimen, the benefits of using great products with quality ingredients and getting away from the over and/or unnecessary usage of heavy oils (like shea, coconut, and castor), gels with polymers, silicones and parabens (things that coat the hair, weigh it down and block moisture).

This is key to ending the common, never ending cycle of searching for that "Holy Grail" product or next great product discovery which, consequentially, leads to overly dry, damaged, breaking hair.
Bottom line, clean hydrated hair is happy, healthy, simple hair. Aka: FREEDOM."

-Roni Jones

Detox participant & Licensed /Practicing Cosmetologist

What The #30DayHairDetox is Not


The #30dayhairdetox is not a step by step challenge meant to create hard line hair rules, because every person and every head of hair is different.

The goal of this challenge is not to mandate a specific daily, weekly, or monthly regimen with set products, but to educate and enhance your knowledge of hair biology + chemistry, basic styling techniques, and product ingredients beyond a name brand while promoting simple & healthy hair care.


How To Join The #30DayHairDetox


Click above to head to our course enrollment page. Over the next few days you'll receive a couple more emails to peek behind the scenes of the detox and get a feel of what & how we do. In the meantime you're welcome to internet stalk us on social media at:

Aeleise @hairloveart
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Detox @30dayhairdetox & #30dayhairdetox

Aeleise @hairloveart
Aishia @chocolatecurlbeauty

or join us for Product Week (3/21-3/25) and Twist-Out Bootcamp March (3/27-3/31) over at the #30DHD Facebook page


Next Steps

Over the next few days you'll receive 3 more emails with snippets of what this #30DayHairDetox life is all about. We'll address Color + Curls, provide a mini recommended product list, and share what current participants are loving about their kinks, coils, and curls. Stay Tuned!

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