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May 31st, 2021


On Wednesday, June 2nd, our Members of Parliament, are expected to vote on whether or not to pass C-233 to committee -- or to defeat it before it gets to the next phase.

If passed to law this bill will make gendercide illegal in Canada.

Gendercide is the ending of the life of an unborn child because of its gender. This most often happens in the case of little girls.

This bill will not criminalize pregnant women.

If passed, the bill would amend the Criminal Code to prohibit a medical practitioner from performing a sex selective abortion.
Surveys show that 84% of Canadians are opposed to gendercide. In spite of this, many MPs are currently planning on voting against the bill.

You have today, tomorrow and Wednesday morning to contact MPs before they vote on Wednesday afternoon.

Please act now and share this important announcement.

Phone your MP

Email your MP

TALKING POINTS: Click here for talking points:

More info:

Debate in Parliament: Click here to watch MP Cathay Wagantall's remarks in Parliament last week:

On Wednesday, June 2nd at approximately 3:00 PM (ET), the Second Reading vote will be held on the bill.

Please note that this date is tentative and subject to change.


In addition to calling and emailing please consider fasting for this bill's success between now and the vote on Wednesday.

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Interview with MP Wagantall

Please click here, or on the play just above right, to watch THIS week's show with MP Wagantall explaining the bill.


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