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While you are still wading through work that's piled up over the recent holiday season, here in Israel we've been celebrating beautiful weather and a calm that comes with a quiet news cycle. Our allies are working out the details of recognizing Jerusalem as our capital. Supporters are busy showing those who would boycott Israel, that there's more work to be done on behalf of women's rights and children's safety in surrounding Middle East countries. Israel's economy is flourishing. All in a regular day's work.

Last night shook that routine, with the shocking cold-blooded terrorist shooting of a Jewish man, leaving six children orphaned and his wife a widow. An entire community grieves him and is astounded once again by the horrific hatred that creates palestinian arab terrorists. I give you one of many strong posts that appeared in social media since, and share the following stories with you. This is our way of paying tribute to Raziel's memory - this is today's work.

Tomorrow, we turn to more, and I appeal to you to use all the tools in your box to do two things:
One, vocally support Israel's right to build homes for Jews on its legally owned land. Denying Jews permits to build is not only a denial of personal rights but one that smacks of apartheid against those who are Jewish.
And two, keep up the pressure to stop US funds from helping the Palestinian Authority pay terrorists to murder Jews. Simple as that. Together we can achieve both goals and honor the memory of Rabbi Shevach and all those who lost their innocent lives to terrorism here in Israel.

Rabbi Razeil Shevach

In His Memory - Raziel Shevach / Sivan Rahav Meir:

Rabbi Raziel Shevach, father of six, was murdered last night in a terrorist shooting attack, and from every story we hear about him, we learn how great is the loss. Here are a few examples that show us the vast empty hole that was formed last night in our world, by lowly murderers.

Meir Layush, who volunteered with Raziel in the Kav LaChayim organization (a non-profit organization for sick children) said:
"Raziel Shevach. What a name (in Hebrew: Raziel = secret of G-d, Shevach = praise). Praise the Secret of G-d. You had two curly Payos and a smile that stretched from Metula to Eilat, and this is not said as a cliche'. You had a heart that accepted and loved religious and secular people, the young children in the NPO and their madrichim (counselors). You were great at imitating people, you were funny, a person full of joy, a Tzaddik, but not someone who reproaches others. You were a person of Chessed (loving kindness), in all parts of your being".

The Medic, Ehud Amiton, writes about Raziel, with whom he volunteered in MADA (Israel's national emergency medical service):
"Once I saw how Raziel lifted up an injured person out of a trench all by himself, only because he arrived earlier than the rest of us to the scene and was already in the mud, so he wanted to prevent us from getting dirty, and (he said) 'Of course! I manage this on my own and do not need any help'. He did not let us get closer to the injured person in the mud, until he came hurriedly up with the him, all the while it was pouring rain. Every thing you did, Raziel, was for the sanctity of life, and it was those who sanctify death that killed you."

Doron Melzer of Lod says:
"The Summer of 5765 (2005), Kav LaChayim, a camp for sick children in the days when Gush Katif was being destroyed. Raziel, who was a resident of the Gush, is one of the most beloved, if not THE most beloved, of the madrichim (counselors). We thought a lot about it back then, and decided that the camp should take place despite the troubles of the Gush. The camp is made of about 1000 people who do a lot of fun and Chessed for sick children. Raziel was a star: He laughed, ran, played music, jumped, had fun, was always smiling at everybody, made everybody laugh and had a contagious smile. But all of this was done during the day, only until the kids went to sleep. But at night, Raziel used to sit with a Book of Psalms, would read and cry, cry and read, while feeling the pain and sorrow of his brethren in Gush Katif. And the next day - again he was happy with the camp kids, laughing, running, jumping, smiling, until night".

Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered by palestinian arab terrorists near his home last night. His six children orphaned and wife widowed. In the name of pure hate for Jews living in our homeland.

Your part is to raise voices to stop US taxes supporting terror through the Palestinian Authority's payment-program awarding terrorism, as delineated below. The Palestinian Authority paid terrorists nearly $350 million in 2017. This must stop.

With best wishes from the whole team at
the Yes! Israel Project
Jaffe Strategies Ltd.

PA terrorist salaries

Trump kicks the Palestinian habit

"It was probably a coincidence that US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley hailed the Iranian anti-regime protesters and threatened to end US financial support for UNRWA – the UN Palestinian refugee agency – and the Palestinian Authority more generally in the same briefing. But they are integrally linked.

It is no coincidence that Hamas is escalating its rocket attacks on Israel as the Iranian regime confronts the most significant domestic challenge it has ever faced."


A sad situation in Amsterdam. While anti-Jewish violence grows in the city, the police arrested a Dutch Jew for protesting against anti-Israel activists.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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