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Early July 2019 || issue #80
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Riley Dowd: Embrace the Program

[We asked Riley if he had any advice for athletes about to start this summer's Brazcamp. He did. His advice applies equally to xc runners, soccer players, and all other sports.]

The main advice I’d offer to high school and college runners at the GTD summer program is simply to fully embrace the program.

GTD offers an atmosphere and coaching that is tough to find over the summer.

For a cross country runner, the base made in summer training is crucial for a successful season. After 8 years of camp, I can confidently say that GTD makes you more prepared for the cross country season than most other runners. Camp gets you to run the miles you need, the stretching you don’t want to do but you know you should, and the core work you wouldn’t do on your own.

On top of the training, and arguably even more important, the mentorship you gain from Coach Braz, Coach Pete, and all of the staff goes beyond running, as does the friendships you gain from spending summer mornings training together with other runners who have similar goals.

Anyone who has the opportunity to go to camp is already putting themselves at an advantage, and then fully embracing it once you’re there will continue to put you at an advantage.

While spending summer mornings running doesn’t always sound that exciting, the experience, training, and friendship you take away from camp are irreplaceable. With my summer mornings now limited, as I’m writing this from a cubicle, I don’t regret a moment I spent at camp and would do it all over again if I could!

[Riley and Tia Patterson are new GTD Phds.
During their entire high school and college careers they trained in Coach Braz's summer programs, and in either his scholastic or personal coaching program.
Riley graduated from Peabody High School and Stonehill College. He currently looks over the wall of a cubicle and has thoughts of running again.

Tia graduated from Lynnfield High School and Boston College, begins graduate school at Boston University in August, and continues to run.]

IMG 7840

Tia and Riley resting after core at their last GTD summer, August 10, 2018.


July 8 -- August 18

Registration remains open. Register online or at the field -- Peabody HS track.

Cross-Country details and registration.

All-Sports details and registration.


Conditioning for Younger Athletes

The goal of many athletes in the GTD Edge xc and all-sports program is to win races and games, and advance to league, state, and national competition.

For others, especially middle and elementary school athletes, the goal is to begin conditioning their bodies and minds for races and games in years to come. And to begin forming a base for a healthy life.
We welcome all.


Personal Coaching

Coach Braz provides personal coaching for runners at all levels who want to improve their performance or want a guided maintenance program.

Registration Form

The program is designed for runners who have a specific racing goal, or a series of races to prepare for, or want to build or maintain their running fitness.

Program details
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