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From the Founder & Executive Director

A Decade of Service at SEI
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy

This Fall marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI). I wanted to thank everyone who touched SEI in one way or another, including the hundreds of dedicated NU students and the many people we’ve met and worked side-by-side with on addressing poverty through entrepreneurship, from Africa to the Caribbean to neighboring Roxbury.
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luvuyo rani

Luvuyo Rani on the left

News & Spotlight

Student Spotlight: How One Student is Making an Impact, Cayman Macdonald
By Ritu Bhargava

"I took Professor Shaughnessy’s 2206 class in Fall 2014 and liked the idea of the South Africa Dialogue. Within 3 days of being on the Dialogue in July 2015, I decided I had to come back! So I set up a co-op for January 2016 with TSiBA, the in-country partner institution for the Dialogue. Last fall I started working on a microfinance project and worked with TSiBA students on it. Then I went on co-op in January at TSiBA and while I was on co-op, in my free time I worked on launching the microfinance program."
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Travel Spotlight: Divine Chocolate
By Monique Buckner

It all started with an idea from leading farmers on the Ghana Cocoa Board. Nana Frimpong Abrebrese in particular, saw the opportunity in setting up farmers in a company to sell their own cocoa to the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC). The CMC is state-owned and is the single exporter of Ghana cocoa. Together these farmers formed the co-op Kuapa Kokoo, which means good cocoa growers. Their mission is to empower farmers in their efforts to gain a dignified livelihood, to increase women's participation in all of Kuapa's activities, and to cultivate cocoa through an environmentally friendly method.
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Co-op Spotlight: Be Kind
By Brooke O'Connell

All of us who eventually become interested in social enterprise have different paths to getting here, but we ultimately share the passion of doing good work for others. Ellen McNeill’s path would eventually lead her to social enterprise, but at the beginning she didn’t even known what it was.
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Student Reflection: Meeting Luvuyo Rani
By Georgia Horton

Mr. Rani established his first internet cafe in the notorious township of Khayelitsha in 2006. Just like a true social entrepreneur, he saw holes in the business world surrounding computer knowledge and access, and sought to fill them. His goal was to connect individuals electronically and provide them with computer skills to better prepare them for employment.
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The End of the CGI: Looking Back and Moving Forward
By Maria Bermudez Pizano

With the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s election to president of the United States, the Clinton Foundation is in the midst of a restructuring of their operations, but perhaps the most shocking part of it is the end of the CGI and CGI U by the end of the year.
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Social Enterprises Getting Responsible Tourism Right
By Kayla O’Neill

Travel is a means through which we can explore the issues and need areas of places throughout the world. Making up nine percent of the world’s economy, tourism is a huge economic boom for places like Nepal, Costa Rica, and South Africa. But with the mountain climbers, rainforest adventurers, and safari seekers, there are well-documented issues like pollution, “poverty tourism,” self-advantageous “voluntourism” programs, and overconsumption of local resources. Keep these enterprises in mind as you plan or dream about global co-op travel, spring break trip, or post-grad adventures.
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lecture series

Upcoming Events

SEI Lecture Series
Monday, October 24th, 6-7p, Cargill Hall 097
Join us in welcoming speaker George Overholser, CEO of Third Sector Capital Partners and founding member of Capital One!

Monday, November 7th, 6p, Kariotis Hall 208
Join us on Monday night to discuss upcoming events, like volunteering days and fundraising through our December Masquerade Ball.
Sign up to join the meeting here.

Dance 4 Me
Sunday, October 30th, 7-9:30p, Blackman Auditorium
Dance For Me, Northeastern's annual Charity Dance competition is back! Join UTSAV, RSA, VSA, Barkada, KASA, NASO and PDPsi for a dance-filled night of entertainment and watch to see which groups are crowned Best Competing Team and Best Student Group. Find the event on Facebook here.

Buy your tickets on MyNEU for only $8! All proceeds go to Room to Read. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please email to assist at the event.

Impact Investing & Social Finance Weekly Speaker Series
Recurring Tuesdays, 6:45-8:45p, Dodge Hall 070
Join Professor Sara Minard's class for the open portion of their class, featuring weekly speakers! You must be seated no later than 6:45 PM in order to join.

one acre fund


US Spring 2017 Co-op Opportunities
One Acre Fund - A non-profit organization that supplies smallholder farmers in East Africa with financing and training to reduce hunger and poverty.
Position located in New York.

Third Sector Capital Partners - A nonprofit firm that collaborates with government, funders, and providers to address social needs through Pay For Success and SIF.
Position located in Boston.

Bridge International Academies - Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest education innovation company serving the 700 million families who live on less than $2 USD per day. Their mission is to provide every child with the chance to have a high-quality primary education regardless of their family’s income – in a nutshell, “Knowledge for all.”
Position located in Cambridge.

iCater – Pine Street Inn - iCater is a Boston based, award-winning social enterprise catering company. All proceeds support the Food Services Training Program of the Pine Street Inn.
Position located in Boston.

Interise - Interise stimulates economic revitalization in lower income communities. They provide a diverse group of small business owners with entrepreneurial education, new networks, and access to markets.
Position located in Boston.

International Spring 2017 Co-op Opportunities
TSiBA - A nonprofit university that provides full scholarships to students in townships to get a degree in business and pay it forward in their communities.
Position located in South Africa.

Etafeni - A community resource centre with a variety of programs aimed at supporting people affected or infected by HIV and AIDS.
Position located in South Africa.

Eco Fuels Kenya - Committed to creating an environmentally-clean liquid fuel oil and value-added organic by-products from indigenous natural resources on a sustainable, profitable basis. Also, provides income generation for subsistence farmers and the rural poor.
Position located in Kenya.

Study Hall Education Foundation - Aims to provide good quality education to all children in India with a special focus on underserved parts of the population, like girls, children from low socioeconomic backgrounds in rural and urban regions, children with special needs, and adults deprived of an education due to their difficult economic and social circumstance.
Position located in India.

Awamaki - A nonprofit that helps Andean women start and run their own businesses to reduce poverty and increase women’s access to income.
Position located in Peru.

Related co-ops include:
City Awake
New Profit
Root Cause
Social Innovation Forum
NU Social Impact Lab

Find all of these co-op opportunities on MyNEU Cool.

Colin Applegate

Alumni Corner

When Positive Impact Starts in the Family
By Ritika Kumbharkar

Colin started his social entrepreneurship journey early on in his life. His parents were behind his inspiration to create impact in other’s lives. He called his parents the two most generous people he has ever met. In fact, his father became a social entrepreneur before the term “social entrepreneur” was coined; he is a real estate lawyer focused on increasing access to affordable housing for low-income families in the US. Additionally, his mother opened up their own house to foster children coming from low-income families. Colin’s family housed 15 children aged 2 weeks old to 12 years old for a duration of 2 weeks to 6 months.
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