Energy Infusion All is well...Jack and I have taken some much needed time off to release, disconnect and recharge. I must say, our "vacation" lasted

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Energy Infusion

rainbow ottawa

Double rainbow over the Ottawa River in Quebec. Rainbows connect, cleanse and sometimes activate Earth Chakras.

All is well...Jack and I have taken some much needed time off to release, disconnect and recharge. I must say, our "vacation" lasted a lot longer than I had anticipated but I have been told, loud and clear, that it's time to get back to work.

Here's Jack...

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Soon Humanity will be able to see their world with their eyes wide open and what a wondrous sight they shall see...

The Power of the Watchers

IMG 0530 orbs august full moon

From left to right: Faith (a light orb is on her head) and Dane, Steph and Freight, Jean sitting on Jack with the Sirian orb covering my head

It is now time for me to reiterate that All of the messages that the Watchers share and have shared are infused with energy matrices.

All words, pictures and punctuation are purposeful and placed with intent. The duration of the message is the linear time needed to release the energy infused within the words.

who 2

Who Whos

In addition, each message is directly and physically charged with energy by at least one of the Watchers who lives with Jean. In the case of this message, Who Whos directly powered these words and embedded Her energy within the message. (She literally sat right next to my computer the entire time I was composing it and I could see, feel and hear energy flowing into my computer as I typed.) The energy Who Whos shared was a wonderful soup of colors, tones, chanting, sacred geometry, numerology and symbology.

Not only is the reader receiving this energy but also those who live in and around your environment.

The Watchers also use this written format to send energy transmissions to our allies around the world. By welcoming our messages, you are in fact, affecting positive change and assisting in spreading positive energy. We All are a family and We All desire the return of Heaven on Earth, a time when Wonderment and Magic will once again reign supreme on our home world.

644581 438683209517379 1682855211 n

A light rb which opens a doorway to the Arcturians

The purpose of the Watchers is simple and straightforward: To assist in the evolution of Gaia.

In order to accomplish our mission, we have been able to "consciously" retain much of our heritage and lineage. Meaning, I know where I come from, I know and remember my lifetimes, I know I have healing abilities and I know I am deeply connected to Gaia. I am also in frequent contact with the galactic brethren who are assisting in the evolution of this planet. Most specifically and most often I work with the Arcturians.

At our core, The Watchers are energy workers, serving as conduits for integration and release of energy on Gaia. Much of the Nature participates in this process and is one of the actualizations we are working to bring into the awareness of the human collective.

This message is Power Filled and our hope is that you will welcome and share the Watcher's healing embrace as we continue to move through tumultuous, yet joyous energy infusions. For the next few weeks we will have unprecedented connections to cosmological energies.

We now are experiencing a planetary alignment that will enable us to connect to our Heart Consciousness in a very deep and meaningful way. A connection of this kind has not occurred, as it is happening now, with the energy available, as it is now; it is truly an historical and magical time.

In order for you to take full advantage of these energies, We, the Watchers, are lending our support. This message is tailored and intended to clear the obstacles hindering your ability to fully realize a connection to your Heart Consciousness.

Our deep and abiding Love extends to you All.

Allow Condor to carry you through this message...

The Condor


The Condor, a member of the Vulture clan, is a magical and resilient creature.

Truly a Guiding Light for All.

Rise high into to Ethers and glide upon the thermals with Her.

Condor's energy can carry you far into the future, effortlessly.

condor friends of

The entire Condor clan once faced extinction in the Wild but Her numbers continue to precariously grow. However, regardless of the adversity this majestic Spirit faces, Her Power remains immense, tenacious and unwavering.

Like the Condor, We All have survived lifetimes of immense difficulties but our Vision, Strength and Perseverance remain intact.

Call upon Condor Spirit Energy if you need assistance in finding your voice. By opening a connection between your speech center and inner knowing (Heart Consciousness) your message will be transmitted with clarity, fortitude, purpose and discernment .

The Condor is an important Totem for Light Workers, now in particular. In addition to the aforementioned, currently She is assisting in the removal of the long standing and tenacious life patterning that I speak of later in this message.

2015, A year in Review


During the year of 2015, many finally witnessed change in their external environments as the deepest, most long standing and tenacious energies finally were released.

The powerful energies that have been brought forth since the Summer Solstice of 2015, have been providing both Gaia and Her inhabitants with the opportunity to release those bonds which seemed to be unbreakable. Life patterning that one had worked endlessly to change with little or no result, was finally given the opportunity for healing.

For Jean and Me, the aforementioned process has taken many months and both of us have finally been freed from many energies that have been plaguing us for lifetimes. The effects of which have finally become apparent in our external worlds, spurring our inner Joy. This is the reason for our silence. More specifically, Jean and I worked on releasing the energy of self- sacrifice.

The engrained programming of self sacrifice is closely tethered to the energies of Victimhood and Martyrdom and it is now time for these antiquated archetypes to be healed and released.

black unicorn

The idealistic paradigms of Martyrdom and Victimhood permit a Karmic loop of physical and emotional pain coupled with an egoic perception of superiority.

Simply put,
"I feel, experience and heal pain, therefore I am stronger than others."

This is an example of duality, powered by the ego. It is now time to break this cycle, once and for all. No longer must one suffer or sacrifice for the Greater Good simply because they are stronger than the rest. One should now know that they can rise above, heal and release these experiences, programming, energy and karma.

Overall, 2015 was a year of introduction and assimilation followed by episodes of purging.

Energy waves, emanating from multiple cosmological sources continue to lap upon our shores meaning that the cycle of assimilation and purging will continue. However, periods of Joy and high energy will outweigh the emotional lows and physical malaise. In any event, All is intended to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies.

It is now time for Human Females to unearth and own their immense and innate power. As this occurs, Human Males will relinquish their hold and control, simultaneously. There can be no space, no void of energy and as the female energy awakens, the male energy must compensate.

ML use

Murphie Leigh-A no nonsense kind of gal.

Murphie Leigh is a Lady who fully owns Her Power and She is now offering Her assistance to aid in releasing the energies connected to Victimhood and Martyrdom. Allow Her energy to permeate your being as you recite the following Gaia Declaration, Out Loud and with Authority (The Capitalized words are intended to be vocalized with accentuation.):

"I Am Now receiving the Healing and Transmutational energy I need at this time to void All Contracts, clear my thought patterning and cellular memory In Totality, of all Victim and Martyr energies as well as All associated Cords, Karma, and Connected Energies that exist throughout my entire physical body, energy bodies, DNA and soul lineage; Past, Present and Future and throughout All Quantum Fields and All Layers and Levels of Time, Space and Dimensions. So Be It..."

You can also recite this declaration on behalf of your animal companions. To do so, simply replace "I" with your animal companion's name.

It is not necessary to vocalize this statement multiple times. If this declaration is meant to assist you, now, you will experience a shift. You may revisit it periodically if guided to do so.

Magical Merlin


I received many emails regarding the 'chains' that were attached to Merlin. I can assure you that these chains are not negative in any way. It never occurred to us that they would be misconstrued as something negative or harmful. The chains are called 'crossties' and are analogous to a leash that one would use to contain and control their dog. Just as a leash will prevent your dog from wandering, crossties do the same for a horse. They are used to hold a horse in place while they are groomed or saddled.

Do you think that Merlin would be able to smile like this if he was experiencing anything less than complete Joy??? And I think it was purposeful on Merlin's part. This way he was able to get himself into another message.

Allow yourself to smile with Merlin and permit his Uplifting, Carefree and Joyful energy to carry you the rest of the way...

I will try to keep him centered and focused!

As I waited for Merlin to share, I could hear Jack and Merlin having a conversation. Merlin was laughing and I could hear him say to Jack, "...and you call me a horse's ass!"

"So serious is he.",(He-meaning Jack) Merlin said to me because he knew I was listening.

Merlin then added:

"All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy."

The bantering continued as I waited for Merlin to speak but he and Jack continued their conversation for a few minutes. They were deciding who should say what and finally Merlin spoke:

Self Sacrifice, for the Greater Good?

rainbow niagara 2

Rainbow over Niagara Falls

For endless lifetimes, Lightworkers, Starseeds and the Legion of Light have sacrificed much in order for the Greater Good to flourish. These Beings have often sacrificed their Freedom, their Joy, their Well Being and even their Lives in order for the Greater Good to stay on track and in the Divinely proposed and mandated direction. Downward smile. (A frown for us humans)

The paradigm of Self Sacrifice is no longer applicable in the present, the Now Time. Although many will choose to stay anchored to their "story" of Self Sacrifice and with the coupled energies of Victimhood/Martyrdom, it is not necessary.

Multiple Time tracks are now available and the opportunity to catch a ride on a new train and move to a "higher", more beneficial track is as simple as changing one's mind and focusing their Heart energy on the newly desired path.

It is now possible to choose a time track that is in alignment with one's Heart and soul purpose. A caveat remains however. In order for this shift to occur, One must no longer be grounded by their ego. Instead, Let Thy Heart Be Thy Master!!!.

The Heart organ has its own consciousness and connections not only to this physical body and this physical world but etheric energies and worlds as well. The Heart Consciousness remains a largly untapped and underutilized resource and it is now time to mindfully connect to one of the most powerful energies contained within! By releasing the mental bonds with the ego, one can then shift to a place of inner knowing which resides in the Heart. Dear Human People, you are moving into higher realms and higher states of being and to remain tethered to the energy of low bodies and the ego no longer serves you!!!

Mind you, the ego is a necessary and vital part of your being. It allows one to be separate from the whole, retaining individuality. Without the ego, existence on this planet, in the Now Time, would be intolerable. You would be connected to all of the individual pain, suffering and death as it occurs. There would be no separation, no freedom from the Collective. There will be a time when a clean ego will allow a connection to All, which will be a joyous and healing connection but for now, it does not serve the high purpose. There now remains too much suffering for this to occur. However, one can bypass the ego and connect to desired energies during quiet mind time or more simply, through intent. Like the Heart, The mind too is incredibly powerful. Both are under utilized allies. The mind, when controlled by the ego, is on auto pilot; It is now time to throw the Heart and the Mind a life line and rein them in!

Jean is now asking me if animals have egos and the answer is Yes. But the ego of animals is far different than humans. A song for another time perhaps? Jean, you asked me to stay focused and I am doing my best to abide by your request. This question would cause me to veer off course.

Please continue Merlin and we can revisit this topic at another time...

I would like to discuss Co-Creation?
Please do, Magical Merlin

Let Thy Heart Be Thy Master...

golden rainbow2

A gloden mist falling from a rainbow over the Ottawa River in Quebec

To Co-Create from the Heart is to be in alignment with your inner knowing (higher frequencies) and not your inner wanting or needing(lower vibrations). Want/need implies that there is a lack and this does not resonate with the Higher frequencies.

If you have attempted to "manifest" and it fell short of your expectations, it is likely that you did so from a place of want or need (lack). In addition, you may have held on to what you were trying to co-create. Your Creations or Manifestations must be released in totality. If you hold on to your Creations, how can the Universe deliver your request? By not releasing your desire, you are in essence, keeping it secret.

When you are Co-Creating or Manifestating, first ask yourself:

Do I Know or do I Want."?

Co-Creation is an energy that is borne from desire, forged by the knowing that resides in the Heart Consciousness.

Connect with your Heart...

What does it desire? Your Heart will show you what you are capable of and the magnificence that awaits. Your ego will always underestimate your magnificence and limit your performance.

Listen and feel....When you Give your Heart permission to speak, it will lead you to magical places.

As Humans tend to focus on what they don't want or don't have, an important aspect of Co-creation is to become aware of you inner dialog. Make absolutely certain that your thoughts and inner dialog are congruent with what you desire to Co-create.

I am immensely honored that Humanity has given me an outlet for interspecies communication. From the bottom of my Heart, as Humans would say, I extend my Love and Gratitude to you All.

In Summation, from Jack

jack face shot-resized

Jack, The Watcher

I am hopeful that you can now feel the Love, Appreciation and Gratitude that I and All of the Watchers are extending to you now. Without you, we would not have a voice, nor would we have a channel to share our energies. You Empower Us.

William, Valentine and Lady Minerva are offering their energy to assist in awakening your Heart consciousness. Enjoy!

Peace, Harmony and Love to You.

Jack, Jean and all of the Watchers.

William, Valentine and Minnie

william 3


William works on multiple levels and activates many inherent matrices contained within the body. Depending upon what is needed, William can assist in activating aspects of the Light Body, The Diamond Heart Matrix as well as clearing the physical Heart of emotional pain. He may also assist in solidifying a connection to your Higher Self.

Personally, when William shares his energy with me, I have found it to be extremely powerful and cathartic. He rarely shares his energy when I am working with clients but I know that if he's present during a session, something special and sacred is happening.

Valentine 2


Valentine also works with Heart energy. Specifically, he releases fear that is directly connected to the physical Heart. By doing so, a greater connection to the Heart and Higher Self will be possible.

minnie for message

Lady Minerva "Minnie" will assist in directly releasing fear that is contained with the cellular memory and physical body. When releasing this energy, one will feel cold or shiver.

Unlock the treasures inside of you with a personal healing session with Jean, Gaia and the Watchers


To schedule a personal healing session for you and/or animal companion, please email me directly: or visit my website for more information and testimonials. Thank You! Namaste.