January brings the snow... 'January brings the snow makes our feet and fingers glow' As a primary teacher I used to have fun with this nursery rhym


January brings the snow...

'January brings the snow
makes our feet and fingers glow'
As a primary teacher I used to have fun with this nursery rhyme. But at the moment I'm just wondering if the worst of the rain is over.
How are you all dealing with January?
For me it's not a particularly happy month, with memories of my parent's deaths being fairly powerful and intrusive.
Sometimes though you just have to get on with it.

Meta Health

I am reading Sam Thorpe's book Meta Messages from your Body
Having trained at Introductory level in Meta Health I know its value when working with clients displaying physical signs of stress.
It's fascinating: how our emotional health relates very specifically to our physical health.
By resolving emotional trauma (little and large) our physical health can improve.

POWER programme

POWER to grow

My POWER programme

The Silver level of my POWER programme is now available:
I am running a Pilot Study. I'm looking for 3 more volunteers to have the opportunity for private self discovery and soul searching. I'm only looking for minimum feedback. I will not ask for your answers or discoveries.
This is a new venture and I am very excited about development in all aspects of this work.
* work privately and at your own pace
* experience no judgement nor feelings of criticism
* avoid costs of working 1-1
For early adopters you can work through the programme for a quarter of the full price.
I believe we exert more effort in something if we pay for it; hence I ask for a contribution cost of £37.
(a 1-1 session is almost double the cost of this offer)

The programme is comprehensive and aimed at

1. Pre/Post Divorce
2. Relationship breakdown
3. Individuals questioning their best way forward

To find out more please check out the pages on the website and forward this newsletter to someone who may benefit.
Should this be of interest: mail to susan@hampshire-eft.co.uk

Our Brittany house and pet sit

'A chat with a man in Quiberon' blog
We expected to be away for about four weeks but the owner was diagnosed with Shingles and returned early. However we really enjoyed the experience! The house; the railway station refurbished, was most comfortable and the pets were delightful. The cellar flooded twice so we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day doing some decanting. But the change was just what I wanted and 'Le bar-tabac' just over the bridge at the foot of the long garden was very nice thank you.

Useful considerations!

We'll soon be thinking about Spring Cleaning our houses, won't we?!
Have you thought about Spring Cleaning your mind?

De-cluttering is beneficial.
Emotional de-cluttering is transformational.
We can be guilty of hanging onto trash that truly does not serve.
Think ahead. Name 5 things you wish to clear from your psyche; stuff which just annoys the Hell out of you.

If you need any professional help, please email.

May 2014 be a bumper year for you


My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.
Information and sharing insights on how we deal with emotional trauma.

Please share this newsletter with friends.
Here is the contact form on my website or call me on 02392 410090 Mobile: 07917 680967.

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