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COVID Restrictions have been lifted in South Africa


Even if the COVID is not yet gone, the recent numbers have encouraged the government to lift the last restrictions that were put in place in March 2020.

Face masks are no longer needed and you can enter the country without any test or vaccination proof.

To celebrate, we decided to offer you a special 25% discount for any volunteer booking from the 23rd of July to the 3rd of September 2022!

Come and join the team of volunteers now!

Our Results for this First Half of the Year

Group Picture

The beginning of the year was a bit tough, we had no volunteers so no children, but from late February on, we have been working hard to educate local children about the environment.

So far, we are very proud to have welcomed 136 students from Lepono, Maatla, and Maahlamele schools.

At the beginning of the children’s stay at DAKTARI, they each fill in a general survey that works as a level indicator. The questions are based on crucial points of their education that they may or may not have learnt in school or in life, as of yet. It is also used as a progression sheet throughout their week, as they are asked to fill out the same questions at the end of their stay. DAKTARI also uses this survey as an indicator as to what might need to be improved on their program.

The project has so far remarked an extensive progression in all subjects, between the beginning and end of the week.

 Survey score 2022 - Copy of Graph page-0001

Survey Outcome 2022

Would you like to be part of this success?

Support us in our next campaign!

July Bonus Day is coming


On July 20th, our fundraising platform, Global Giving, will be holding an event called July Bonus Day.

This event will help large donors ($100 and more) to have their donations matched to make a bigger impact.

If you would like to participate or have more details, please contact office@daktaribushschool.org.

DAKTARI has started on NFTs


Example of our NFTs

For one month, we have been in contact with Maxitio.io, an NFT (Non Fungible Token) marketplace for Non-Profit Organisation. Maxity helps projects like DAKTARI to sell NFTs to raise more funds.

This new trend of NFTs is still uncertain but it seems to work for now. We have been selling pictures of our animals and life at the camp to people in the cryptocurrency world.
Thank you to those who bought one!

If you would like to know more, please visit our website. or purchase directly on Maxity

A Soccer Tournament was organised

IMG 1177

We have heard the sad news that Vincent, one of the children we had at DAKTARI and who was joining the Eco-Club, passed away a few weeks ago. At only 15 years old.

In order to commemorate him and to raise some money for his family, DAKTARI organised a soccer tournament on the 18th of June. We welcomed over 100 people from the local communities around some epic soccer games.

Fundraising Position is soon Available

Join DAKTARI for an internship or volunteer experience of 9-12 months!

We are looking for a dynamic intern/volunteer to assist DAKTARI with applying for grants and reporting our success.
Skills requested:
Fluent English - Ability to motivate - Organisational and time management - Good verbal and written communication

If you are interested in this exceptional work experience, contact Michèle at info@daktaribushschool.org

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