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June - July 2018

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Recycling Event - Jun 9. FINAL REMINDER
Recycling Event REPORT
Reuse Event REPORT
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Recycling Event



Hard-2-Recycle Collection

returns to North Buncombe


Saturday, June 9th

10am - 2pm


Arvato Digital Services

108 Monticello Rd.



Partial List of accepted items:

Books, cardboard, electronics, computers, batteries, printer cartridges, metals, appliances (refrigerators if working), hardware, building supplies, cabinets, furniture, sporting goods, packing Styrofoam & peanuts, health & beauty product containers, plastic totes, animal sanctuary items, wire fencing materials

SEE FULL LIST WITH ALL DETAILS on flyer (link below).


NOTE: $10 FEE for TV’s & CRT monitors.

Please BAG Styrofoam (peanuts separately) unless very large

Review broad list of what is NOT ACCEPTED
noted at bottom of flyer.

Call appropriate vendor
if you have questions about particular items.


Organized by Asheville GreenWorks, 254-1776

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H2R Collection rotates next to

the East Buncombe area

on September 15, 10am - 2pm

Madden ACE Hardware lot in Swannanoa


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April 28 Drug Take-Back Collection

At the 8 designated sites across Buncombe County,

a TOTAL of

175 lbs of pills, 60 lbs of liquids,
5 lbs of inhalers, and 5 lbs of blisters packs were collected!


Great news for the health and safety of all!

Thanks to all who dropped off medications at this event!

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Heather Daniels, from the Partnership for Substance Free Youth of Buncombe County (event sponsor), at the Black Mountain CVS collection site



There are YEAR-ROUND medication collection sites.

For revised list of the five in Buncombe County, click this link:
Bunc Co Year-Round Medication Dropboxes (Jun 2018)

If you are aware of other pharmacies now participating in a medication dropbox program, please let us know!

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Recycling Event



A hearty THANKS to all those who brought their items to

Rainbow Recycling's 10th Annual


held on Saturday, May 19 at the Black Mountain Garden Show

2018 Flower Pot Colxn fr VID

Volunteers and recyclers working together!

Berta John sorting sq pots
Peggy sorting

John, Berta and Peggy busy at the ongoing task of sorting and stacking pots by size and shape. This work makes it easy for reusers to select the pots they want and is essential for the final task of loading the pallets as tightly as possible.

Kathryn and Jan packing up the truck. A cloudburst caught us midway in the process, but we persevered!


Thanks to ALL our volunteers!
* Peggy Newell
* Berta & John Henninger
* Jan Foster
* Linda, Bill, Luke from Black Mountain Beautification Committee


We also extend our appreciation to:

Libba Fairleigh & the Beautification Committee, Melisa Pressley (Library Director), Tom Sobanski (video editor)


2018 Flower Pot Collection VIDEO (0:49)
The cars kept rollin' in and we kept sorting and stacking pots!

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If you couldn't make it to our event, don't fret ...

you can recycle your plastic flower pots at all Lowe's stores!

Check with staff for designated rack/area.

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Reuse Event


BM Clothing Drive TITLE long blk bdr

Great outcome for a worthy effort!!

TY - Thumbs up on heart on hot pink orange

Approximate number of individuals (all ages) clothed by donations collected from the community

(This event was open to anyone in need, regardless of residency.)




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One Person's Trash .... Spring 2018
Tips about shredding your papers, "recycle right", spring cleaning, grasscycle, "The Nature Fix" (book review) and more!

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Please share this edition of RecycE with others!

COPY link: June-July 2018 RecycE

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Thank you for your conscious choice and efforts to

Reduce -- Reuse -- Recycle!

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Help us continue our work of promoting recycling and reuse and reducing waste through outreach and advocacy, special collection events and reuse efforts.

Every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated.

Send to:
Rainbow Recycling
P.O. Box 1583
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Contact us at info@rainbowrecycling.org if you are interested in volunteering ... there are various ways to pitch in and help!

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