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Dear Reader,

Thank you for embracing FEARLESS, making it a #1 Hot New Release this past April. If you haven't had the chance to snag this second book in the Age of Conquest series, it and the first book, MERCILESS, are now available to read FREE in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.

For those awaiting the FEARLESS audiobook, I've completed its proofing and just received the corrected audio files. One more proof, and its off to Audible for approval. If all "sounds" good, it should release between the end of May and the beginning of June. At over 13-1/2 hours and narrated by the wonderfully talented Mary Sarah Agliotta, I believe it will be worth the wait.

Wishing you a beautiful, blessed weekend ~ Tamara



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Sir Guarin D’Argent knew the danger of allowing a woman to turn him from his purpose, and yet he answered her cry across a bloody battlefield. Now he finds himself the lady’s captive among vengeful Saxons, weeks becoming months while his liege, Duke William of Normandy, subdues his new English subjects. Biding his time, Guarin plots an escape dependent on captivating his captor, a formidable quest with one more a warrior than a lady. But when his compassion is roused by the suffering of her people under Norman rule, the question of escape is jeopardized by the answer to who, exactly, is captivated—and in a conquered country, what hope there is for enemies beyond a kiss.


Her husband and young son slain by invaders, Lady Hawisa lives only for protecting her people. And revenge. While outwardly bending the knee to the usurper, she amasses rebels to send the conquerors back across the sea, along with the silver-haired warrior she never intended to take captive. Now that Guarin D’Argent has cause to wreak vengeance of his own and knows his captor is a Wulfrith, she dare not release him—just as she dare not succumb to his efforts to turn her from her purpose. But all changes when she is betrayed by one of her own. Will the struggle between the English resistance and the Normans find the two on opposite sides of the battlefield? Or might the Lord have other plans for them?

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The cover evolution of FEARLESS, the second book in the AGE OF CONQUEST series, is here! Later this year, I'll share cover evolutions of STEALING ADDA, PERFECTING KATE, SPLITTING HARRIET, and FAKING GRACE.

Depositphotos 35432375 original

PART I: Since Guarin D’Argent is the hero of FEARLESS and his brother, Dougray, will be the hero of the third book, enter stage right their cousin of the fourth book. This model meets every requirement of Maël D’Argent—attractive, brooding, half his face in shadow (if you’ve read MERCILESS, you know why). Now let’s flip him so the shadow is on the right side and get him in medieval garb.

mael1 2

PART II: Now that we have Sir Maël medieval-ed up—hooded cloak, armor, and weapons—he needs the distinctive silvered black hair of the D’Argents. As for his fancy plate armor and sword—not period appropriate, but we’ll address that once he’s on the cover with Guarin and Dougray. Oh, and what do you think about this cover’s background having a different tint from MERCILESS?

Mock Up 1 11.13.18 2

PART III: Love Maël’s silvered dark hair, but not the ax. Let’s replace it with a period-appropriate sword, take off the fancy plate armor, and go chain mail all the way. And we’re going to need a glimpse of the scar on his brow that disappears into the shadow. Regarding Guarin, can you touch up the upper limb of his bow? It’s rough. And I’d like to see him larger and Dougray and Maël smaller for depth. As for the darker background, I’m waffling.

proof1-2 2

PART IV: Maël’s all-chain mail armor is great, as well as that bit of sword. However, the position of his left hand is odd, and I’d like to see his hood/mantle in green. As for the scar on his brow, make it more prominent. Great job cleaning up Guarin’s bow, and the sizing of the heroes is excellent. Regarding the background, it’s too dark, so return to the tint of MERCILESS and that should be a wrap.

fearless ebook

PART V: Odd position of Maël’s left hand—resolved! Green hood/mantle—wonderful! Scar prominence—perfect! Background tint—excellent! That’s a wrap. Cover is finalized!



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