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Mare Cromwell

Gaia Priestess, Medicine Woman/Lightworker, Healer, Award-Winning Author and (former) Worm Herder


This is truly a LOVE Webinar, and so much more. There will be live downloads from Mother Gaia. Pélé may even come in to communicate, at the rate things are going. We will be learning about the weavings of planetary grids, energy, nature spirits, healing from the Western Mind Cultural Conditioning and more. You are welcome to join me! xoxoxo Mare



Would you like to better understand the sacred consciousness of our planet, in particular our new Mother Gaia (and the Holy Trinity that includes her)?

Would you like to transform your despair about our Earth into hope and empowered action?

Are you interested in helping to mid-wife the New World being born at this time?

In a rich, experiential online course, I guide you in a journey of spirit and joy to share wisdom and hands-on practical and spiritual approaches to “Loving our Planet” based on a professional background as a sustainability educator along with twenty-two years of studies with Native American medicine people and other spiritual teachers.

"I have really loved your webinar and feel so, so blessed to becoming ‘Open to Gaia's Sacredness’. Honestly, it blew my mind in a very good way. So very grateful for all the knowledge and energy that you have shared with us. Thank you for doing what you do!!" ~ JW, Melbourne, Australia

Within this course you will learn:
- Who Mother Gaia is as a powerful spiritual consciousness.
- The new Mother Gaia who is now here and her story.
- Her Quantum Divine Love for us.
- What is Mother Gaia’s Role as Planetary Caretaker.
- How to create a more Sacred Relationship with Mother Gaia by doing specific spiritual exercises and other practices.
- Some of the energetic shifts and upgrades going on around the planet as part of the Ascension (most are feeling this in a big way).

And more...

You can go to my website to learn more and register!


Artist Unknown

Wow. There is so much happening. And my capacity to tune in on the Spirit Planes around Mother Gaia is only getting more heightened.

With the serious volcanic events on the Big Island of Hawaii regarding Pélé/Kilauea, I have been tuning in to Pélé, and to my surprise have actually been able to start to communicate with her. (This is not as strong a rapport as with Mother Gaia, but Pélé has come forward to respond to my questions. This is rather humbling.)

Pélé wants everyone to know that she has a strong spirit team of some humans (gifted Lightworkers) and many in the spiritual realms including Mother Gaia and others who are helping her. There are energetics afoot on her and within her that are being cleared on the spirit planes so that her activities will be calmer than what the media is projecting in an overly hyped up way (as is their modus operandi).

Several days ago, there were pressures being directed at her from off planet that were intended to have the whole lower chunk of the Big Island break off and create a massive Tsunami that would have devastatingly hit the west coast of the USA, Canada and Mexico. These pressures and those who were directing them have been cleared and resolved. (Know that these things are being done all the time across the planet in very beautiful, graceful and persistent ways.)

Things are shifting every minute with Pélé and the energetics behind her activities.

Yes, it is time for her to release some energies in the form of lava and steam and possibly an eruption.

Yes, we are going through planetary energetic shifts and her activities are a reflection of what is going on across the planet and within the energy fields of every single human, tree, mountain, river, and animal too!

We are all experiencing new energies and shifts and are being asked to shed the older (emotional) energies. Pélé is a mirror for all of us, in truth. The key thing is to shed the energies as gently as possible, and not be violent about releasing them.

Pélé, and Mother Gaia, and all the beautiful, positive Spiritual Councils of multi-dimensional beings across our Sacred Earth, along with those Councils supporting from other spiritual realms off planet, are eager to see all humans continue to wake up and shed the darker patterns that have been so embedded in our cultural conditioning. Much clearing is being done on the spirit planes and now we need to step up and do our individual work.

In the meantime, Pélé is being carefully protected and monitored by these very gifted Lightworkers and many on the Spiritual Realms, so that her volcanic activities will not be as huge as they might have been.

And… sigh… Pélé does question the wisdom of so many who have chosen to build their homes on her flanks with their full knowing that she is an active and rather powerful volcano. Mother Gaia also questions their prudence too.

This goes for those who choose to live on barrier islands, in river floodplains, and all the places all over the world that are more vulnerable to extreme weather or geophysical events. There is a certain lack of wisdom on the part of these people that Pélé and Mother Gaia (and others in the spiritual realms) don’t understand— while they do have deep compassion for those who are forced to live in those areas because of political and population pressures.

AND Pélé and Mother Gaia want all to try to remember that in a geological sense of events, all HEALS.

Pélé’s flanks will regrow. Plant species will return to seed into the cracks of the lava, and the nutrient rich volcanic tuff will become remarkably good soil in time for biodiverse forests.


Mother Gaia would like our Hearts to Heal, and for all of us to come back HOME to her, now. It’s time for us to remember who we are as her Sacred, Sacred Children who are meant to be living in balance, harmony, grace and sustainably – with Joy in our Hearts for her and each other.

This is what the New World is about – the Ascension process. And this New World is coming in in such beautiful ways right now. It is so exciting!

Hugs, bigLove!

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Painting by Robby Donaghey

For some reason I don't fully understand, I'm being guided to include this essay from the last newsletter I put out earlier in May. (These are such wild and much needed times of change. I would venture to say these are GOOD times too!)

Mother Gaia asked me to do another live video #GaiaTeach on Sat, April 28th, on introducing her briefly and to share about the Quantum Divine Love and Bliss that is how we are being called to shift into now. It is now posted on YouTube HERE.

Yes, we do have a new Mother Gaia in place now. I have known for some time but was guided to only teach about her in small groups until now.

I will be teaching about her and some of the Earth Changes, plus how to be more sacredly connected with Mother in my upcoming webinar mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter -- starts in late May. There promises to be some powerful activations in this 4-week webinar, the way things are going with my work too. Fun!

Also, here is a report of some profound shifts from two weeks ago, ala Planetary Realms, in addition to the Full Moon and powerful astrological configurations then:

~ A major energetic grid of leylines all around the planet received a serious upgrade of Love and Harmonic Balancing energies on Sunday afternoon (EST), April 29th. Mother Gaia’s song has just shifted to a more beautiful tone. Honestly, Mother looks pregnant right now with this new world that is coming at this time.

~ The Nature Spirits have dramatically boosted their energetic grid too, with newly cleaned and polished crystals. (It is clear that there are a series of overlapping grids in a complex Sacred Geometric pattern across the planet – all getting heightened for the Ascension we are in the midst of now.) Oh, and yes … nature spirits do exist. Fairies do exist. Gnomes, elves and more exist. They are living in another set of dimensional spaces around us, mostly wild corners.

~ A Council of Divine Mother Beings who are in the cosmic spiritual realms have taken a special interest (along with their Sacred Union partners) in the Ascension here on Earth, and it seems, in the 1000 Goddesses Gathering and the Global Grid of Gatherings that Mother Gaia has asked me to organize again (Oct. 20th, 2018). (Do know that the only way I can share about this and know that it is true is because a gifted mentor of mine has been verifying this with me. All most humbling and quite the adventure.)


This is what an altar completely taken apart looks like!

Personally, with the support of this Council of Divine Mother Beings, I feel like the past few weeks have been an intensive rebirthing process, on top of all the other healings over the past few centuries. Just kidding. Past few years at least.

This rebirth has brought so much Joy and Fun forward for me which is fantastic, to say the least. I’ve come to realize that one does not “Wake Up” once in this spiritual journey. We “Wake Up” again and again, as we go deeper and release more, and experience the beautiful spiritual LOVE energies that we can all tap into. This latest shifting has heightened my sense of smell, taste, sensitivity to energy and more that I am still discovering. Not to mention my capacity to hear on the spirit realms too -- that is getting even more fun!

With this shift, it was clear I needed to take apart my main BIG altar to rebuild it as spiritually guided to fully support this rebirthing process to encourage these glorious new energies to manifest more in my space and life.

Altars are powerful places and can hold energies. And it is so wise to take them apart at times to clean all the stones (to bathe them in sacred water under the full moon especially) in times of intense change so a new altar configuration can better support our healing and releasing.

And for those sensitive to energy, completely taking your main altar apart can be a bit of an energetic adventure. It can feel like you are rewiring your internal electrical system, in a good way. This has been part of my process over the past few days too.

Shedding the old that no long serves, to welcome the new. All good and much needed. This is what the Ascension energies are about, most certainly.

I told a friend that my temple is being rebuilt. I love that concept even if there are no huge pillars outside my front door and temple guards – foo dogs even – at the entrance.

May we all come to see our homes as temples. May we all come to embrace the Quantum Divine Love and Bliss that is our inherent right as sacred beings born into the physical.

May we all come home to Mother Gaia to support this New World coming in now! She is calling us, calling us, and LOVES us so much.

Hugs, bigLove,

P.s. You are all most welcome to join me at one of my upcoming events (more info below too):

Sat, May 19th – 20th – KarmaFest in Hunt Valley, MD (vendor and speaker)

Weds, May 23rd – Weds, June 13th – Webinar: “Introducing the New Mother Gaia, Plus~ To Mid-Wife the New World”

~ More over the late spring and summer.

Plus 1000 Goddesses Gathering and Global Grid – Oct 20th, 2018, Washington, D.C., and Globally

The Great Mother Love Retreat– Nov 1st – 4th (Near Frederick, Maryland)

All of my events are always posted HERE.



Photo by Harold Blum

For Mid-Atlantic and Roanoke region folks -- I LOVE leading this workshop and have led it in Europe and here in the USA on various coasts.

And... well... the nature spirits Love that I lead it since it helps them out greatly too, plus your gardens grow so much better when you connect in with the fields of sacred energy in and around your home, yard, gardens, regional, planetary... It's all connected.

And... we are far, far more powerful than we realize, as beings of Love and Hope and Light, and Healing. You can start tapping into this via what the teachings shared in this wksp and start applying it in your gardens, to let it flow out from there to the world around you.

Plus, it's just plain fun and so relaxing to Garden. (And I would like to be doing more of it, but Mother Gaia has other plans for me, yep!)

To learn more about these two upcoming events, Click HERE.



I am leading one more public "Awakening Our Womb Wisdom" workshop for this season on June 10th in Lancaster, PA. Plus I am now opening up my space for private workshops for sister-circles who want to come join me for a Womb Wisdom Immersion and healing time. Contact me to learn more. xoxo


Painting by Andrew Trimmer

All women hold a powerful wise-woman center within their wombspaces.

But it lies dormant in most of us. Most of us have no concept of how powerful this center is. Come join in discussion, art, visualizations, meditation and more to help you awaken your sacred center so you may more fully step into your creative power and true voice. Our wombs are far more than an organ for birthing babies.

The Divine Feminine is surging forward in so many ways globally. Join us to bring new awareness and healing focus to activate your Womb Wisdom and Divine Feminine Self once again! The workshop will shift into a potluck and Sacred Fire ceremony in the evening to enhance the healing support.

Note: This workshop is for women of any age. It is also open to feminine-identified people.

"I attended Mare Cromwell's Womb Wisdom workshop and WOW! She is passionate about women's work and extremely knowledgeable. Elements from one of the meditations stuck with me for weeks after the workshop. Not only did I leave with new insights but I had the opportunity to meet new like-minded ladies in my community! I look forward to learning more from Mare & attending more of her events in the future." ~ R.N.

"The Womb Wisdom workshop was an incredible experience for myself and my 12 year old daughter. We got to commune with each other and with Mother (and other wonderful beings) too. Mare is a powerful and loving conduit that brings forward wisdom and knowledge in a very loving way. We learned so much and loved the ceremony! I feel lighter, stronger and more aligned within my wombspace. My daughter and I are looking forward to doing this again. Along with other events that Mare offers!" ~L.S.

“What a lovely healing experience! Thank you so much for holding the space with and for us all, Mare. Na-womb-ste!” – JG

You will want to join this workshop if you:
• have or have had health issues in your wombspace region,
• have been sexually assaulted,
• grew up in the Western Culture, and/or,
• were born feminine or are someone who identifies as a woman.

The event will include:
• An Introduction to Womb Wisdom
• Energetically clearing our Wombspaces
• Art, Meditation, possibly Dance
• Honoring Our Beautiful Bellies and Bodies
• Tapping Deeper into our Wise Centers.
• Sacred Silliness
• Sisterhood Support
• Connecting into the Divine Feminine

About Mare:
Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Priestess, and Medicine Woman/Lightworker/Healer and author. She has devoted her life to the Great Mother and midwifing the New World coming in now. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number….”. Mare has studied with Native American elders for 21 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers. She sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. Mare lives in western Maryland and is a former worm herder. She absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!

“In the past, I have experienced workshop facilitators who focused attention on outside guidance wisdom and knowledge. Throughout Mare Cromwell's "Awakening Our Womb Wisdom" workshop, her intuitively guided activities sent us on a journey inward. I left the workshop having developed a deeper level of trust in my own knowing than I've had my whole adult life. I am forever grateful to Mare.” ~C.D.

3.22. VFG. Mare 3

The Albino Long-Eared Owl who communicated to us through the very gifted animal communicator Marieke Akgül, during one of the webcasts.

“This series was PHENOMENAL and the meditations were so powerful!” ~ A.P.

What do you think the dolphins might have to share during these chaotic times on our Sacred Planet?
Or the whales, or trees or owls?
Or the bees. Or Elves and Sasquatch even!
Their intelligence and wisdom is far greater
than any of us were ever taught in school!

"‘Voices from Gaia’ was for me a turning point in my embrace of life … I learned so much and it validated an inner but silenced knowing I already had. The phrase that describes best my experience is "awakening." ~G.G.

The whole series is now available as a package to PURCHASE and download for $57.77 HERE.


​"Mare's webinars are chock FULL of juicy, exciting information, previously unknown to me, and each session was a gift. She's well-organized, yet leaves space for Mother and other loving spirits to speak or interject when they have something they want to add and encourages questions from her webinar participants. Do yourself a favor and make time to participate in one of her upcoming webinars, retreats, or workshops - or ALL the above!" C.P. Pennsylvania


“I am the greatest Mother figure … of compassion, gentleness and love exponential … my energy swirls in everything in the universe … I yearn for all of you to reach out to accept my love. Reconnect with me.” ~ Great Mother, The Great Mother Bible

A-FullAltar Pouch

Altars are a powerful way to invoke the Sacred into our lives. Mother guided me to offer these sacred altar “kits” to help others connect with her compassion and powerful healing energies more directly.

"I have found the Great Mother Altar Pouch to be very helpful in connecting me to the divine feminine energy of creation. Tuning into this energy has offered me much guidance, and helps me to come into balance with, and tune into my own feminine energy. The intention and energy Mare puts into these stones empowers them very much. The instructions on how to activate and use my altar worked for me. If you are desiring to come into balance with your own masculine and feminine energies, or simply to deepen your connection with spirit, then I would highly recommend you try one!" ~ MV

Each pouch contains a Venus of Willendorf stone goddess along with four companion stones. Directions how to create the altar and activate it are included also.

Before placed in the pouch, each Venus of Willendorf carved stone goddess was bathed in Sacred Waters collected from around the world along with Sea Salts to cleanse and purify her, and amplify her spiritual properties. Then she was activated with Great Mother Love that I’m humbled to be able to invoke.

The other four stones volunteered to come together as part of an altar also, and have been bathed in Sacred Waters, smudged and then blessed. Each altar contains one piece of Rose Quartz as this particular stone amplifies the compassionate healing heart energies of the Great Mother.

To learn more and order one, click HERE.


Photo by Gonda Postma

The 1000 Goddesses Gathering, an event that Gaia asked me to organize, will take place on October 20th, 2018 again. You are most invited to join us that day in personally or connect in globally, and to purchase a veils to help support the Gathering. These Sacred Silk Veils continue to be very popular!

We are selling Sacred Silk Veils hand dyed with waters from over 400 sacred sites around the world by our Love Team (organizing committee). People are loving the sacred energy within these veils. Some can even see and feel the energy!

To learn more and order your veil, go here.

And hope you can join us on Oct 20th!

Thank you!


"I found Mare in my journey to heal my legs, but unbeknownst to me she is also healing my soul. Insightful. Genuine. Beloved. Mare, you are beyond words. Thank you!" ~ M.S

"Mare Cromwell is a welcoming, healing presence in a difficult world. She follows her intuition when working with clients, allowing each healing to be fully individualized to each case. Her genuineness and loving kindness helped me to discuss traumatic events of the recent past, and let us release these emotional attachments together. I am thankful to work with her!" ~ ML

About my healing practice:
I have studied for twenty-two years with Native American elders and other spiritual guides. As a Medicine Woman/Lightworker/Healer deeply connected with Gaia/Earth Mother along with the Virgin Mary and Great Divine Mother and other ascended masters on my spiritual team, I tap into the profound wisdom and healing energies of the "Great Mother Team" to support my clients. I have also studied energy balancing, and introductory training in cranial sacral healing, and Rubenfeld Synergy Work, to weave subtle aspects of all these modalities into my healing practice. More than anything, I tap into the immense Love energy of the Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother in the healings and coachings I offer my clients. Sessions can be either long-distance or in person.

I do energetic cord-cuttings, heart chakra healings, can enhance your energy protection gifts, balance your energy body, soul retrievals, inner-child healing work, and coach clients in going deeper in their spiritual practice to honor the Great Mother and Great Father for the highest good for Divine Plan Alignment. I am also available for house and land clearings and blessings, curse clearings (with one of my mentors), along with spiritual coaching. I also lead Mother Blessingway ceremonies for pregnant mothers.

Some other testimonials:

Mare Cromwell's books carry information so crucial in these times. And her healing energies are amazing. ~ G.K.

I have experienced Reiki a number of times but what you do with your energy work is six times more powerful than any Reiki session I've ever had. ~ G.S.

My body has been suffering from many ailments including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Mare has not just taken the pain away, but also helped to get my whole self in balance. She has also given me long term strategies for pain management, which are better than any pain medication. The work that is done by Mare is powerful, sacred and filled with love. ~ L.L.

After my two sessions with Mare, I had no more pain in certain parts of my body. I often had stomach aches. Now I digest the food I eat better. I have to say that I have had sought spiritual healing and Mare really surprised me with her healing powers from Mother Earth. She is a special and powerful healer. I definitely plan to see her again and highly recommend her.

More information can be found at my website. Or contact Mare directly.


"For all who desire a deeper connection with the Earth, I highly recommend the writings, events and work of Mare Cromwell. As an experienced Earth healer myself for many years, working consciously with the planetary being and other Great Feminine Beings, I "have it on good authority" from Mother Gaia herself, that Mare is among those "called to bring many people into a deeper, more personal awareness and connection with Her Presence". In fact, SHE's counting on it!" ~ A gifted elder closely connected with Mother Gaia.


To find me at any of my upcoming events, go to my website listings here.

"Mare brings a compassionate balance of healership to her workshops. I love her ability to see my shadows and my light with unconditional love and encourage me on my healing journey. Rest assured she is a true Earth Walker very in tune with Earth's wisdom. I hope you will be blessed by her grace and compassion as I have! She is a true gift of humanity." ~ C.P.

Mare Cromwell is a gifted spokeswoman of Earth Mother and Nature Spirits. This is for real... believe me... I am completely convinced about her abilities and love for nature and care for our beautiful planet. ~ RB


Artist Unknown

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