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I'm sure you've been wondering all week.... yes I had a great time in Melbourne - not even hail, freezing winds and generally miserable weather could stop me enjoying myself. But now it's back to reality and catching up on missed days.

This week I'm really excited to publish the first in a new Guest Blog Post series - So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice. And this one is a little different from our other posts. So Many Other Things is a project by photojournalist Michael Weinhardt that I came across online a few weeks ago. I was captivated by his honest, sweet, sometimes sad and sometimes joyful images in his photographic essay taken over several months at Brudine Veterinary Hospital in Canberra.

It's not so easy to briefly explain the how's and why's behind Michael's project, suffice to say he has quite an emotional connection to the veterinary industry. He's fully aware of the emotional and financial challenges that exist and felt the best way he could help was by simply showing what working in a veterinary practice looks and feels like.

I think his project works and, therefore should be shared, on many levels. If you work in veterinary practice, it can be validating to effectively see yourself; for students - both vet & vet nurse - it can be a dose of future reality; and for your clients and the wider population? Well, I'm pretty sure most have no idea what you go through everyday in your work and this project can help to show them.

So, I really hope you all enjoy this new series as much as I did and share it far and wide. One last thing I think you should know - Michael has completed this whole project 'pro bono' as he wants to help better prepare young people for the realities of working in veterinary practice. I think his words to me in an email (which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing!) sums up his views: "...I think this project is also an homage to those people who study hard, work their asses off, get paid comparatively poorly and cop abuse about how much money they are supposed to be making. It's definitely a noble profession with wonderful people."

Our aim is to help you - save time, connect & discover!

Enjoy your reading :)

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So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice - Part 1

Holding a mirror to the veterinary industry to show the realities you work with every day.

I came across photojournalist, Michael Weinhardt's 'So Many Other Things' project a couple of weeks ago. I was drawn to the honesty in his photos taken during the months he spent photographing events at Brundine Veterinary Hospital, and I knew I really wanted to publish and share them with the Vetanswers community. This is Part 1....


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I just love this.... Seth's Blog

One by one 2



What do you want from your leader?

Key attributes people want from their leaders

By Murray Smith, LinkedIn Pulse

"The characteristics of leaders are changing"

Key attributes people would like out of their leaders:

▪ Respect
▪ Trust
▪ Kindness
▪ Clarity
▪ Decisiveness

What else would you add to the list?


Love Your Pet Love Your Vet Video #9: Suicide & related vulnerabilities

In this 3:26 minute video, Dr Scott Campbell and Dr Gerardo Poli discuss the challenging topics of suicide and vulnerabilities within the veterinary profession.

"..the conversation shouldn't stop there, that's what really scares me. It has to be then, right what do you do when you're potentially talking to someone you're worried about or you have those feelings yourself? How do you recognise them and deal with them and find help? That's the bigger conversation and that's the harder one to have as no one wants to admit vulnerability, but everyone has vulnerable moments"
- Dr Scott Campbell

"..reaching out when you feel you're at that tipping point is really important and if you see a colleague who is showing signs of stress just asking "are you ok?" I think if we could all do that for ourselves and for our colleagues, it would make a big difference."
- Dr Gerardo Poli

These are great videos to share with your clients and wider community...


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