Current Oncology and MEDLINE: 2017 is our goal! Current Oncology has made great strides over the years to increase the quality, success and sustainab


Current Oncology and MEDLINE: 2017 is our goal!

Current Oncology has made great strides over the years to increase the quality, success and sustainability of the journal. With the help of our dedicated team of Editors we have increased the journal’s readership and continue to attract and publish high quality articles. In order to attract more authors and expand the international reach of the journal, our goal is to have the journal indexed in MEDLINE, the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) premier bibliographic database. MEDLINE provides international access to the world’s biomedical journal literature and contains more than 20 million references to journal articles from approximately 5,600 scholarly journals worldwide, and is used by researchers, healthcare practitioners and students from all over the world.

In 2013, we submitted an application to the NLM for indexing of Current Oncology in the MEDLINE Database. NLM’s Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (LSTRC) completed their review in June 2014. We are proud to announce that the journal received a score of 3.0, which is a significant improvement from our previous scores of 1.5 in 2006 and 1.8 in 2008. A score of 3.75 is required to be recommended for inclusion in MEDLINE. It is encouraging to see such significant improvement, and it is a great accomplishment for the journal, and our team of Editors and contributors.

Multimed Inc. received a summary of LSTRC’s Journal Review, which included the rating score and reviewer’s comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the journal. Based on the comments from the committee, Current Oncology will be implementing improvements to the journal over the next several months. We will keep our contributors and readership updated on these improvements. In 2017, the journal will reapply, and we are confident that Current Oncology will be recommended for inclusion in MEDLINE.

Thank you to our team of Editors and Section Editors, Reviewers and Authors for your valuable contribution to the journal. We look forward to working with you as the journal continues to strengthen and grow.


Multimed Inc.
Publisher of Current Oncology

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Upcoming in Current Oncology

The future table of contents for Current Oncology, Volume 21, Number 6 (December 2014) is now available. For the most up-to-date listing of scheduled papers, please visit the following link:

Breast Cancer Supplement – coming in 2014!

Current Oncology is publishing a supplement dedicated to breast cancer later this year. This supplement will cover many of the issues that physicians face on a daily basis when dealing with this disease. Dr. Maureen Trudeau (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) is the Guest Editor, and is inviting some of the most respected Canadian authorities in this cancer to tackle the myriad of important topics that will make up this supplement.

The supplement will include Cancer Care Ontario’s most recent guidelines for the adjuvant treatment of early breast cancer including a consensus, list of recommendations and reviews on adjuvant hormones, chemotherapy and trastuzumab. Reviews of treatment for metastatic disease will also be covered.

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Dr. Richard van der Jagt
Editor of our Hematology Section
(since June 2013)

Dr. Richard van der Jagt is a haematologist at the Ottawa Hospital with a cross appointment to the Clinical Epidemiology Unit at the Ottawa Hospital. He completed his undergraduate majors in clinical pharmacology and physiology at University of Toronto, following which he worked on a Masters of Neurosciences at McGill and McMaster University. He then completed his MD and Internal Medicine training at McMaster. During this time he did his course work for a Master’s in clinical epidemiology. He then completed his hematology training in Toronto, followed by a Bone marrow transplant fellowship in Seattle (funded by a McEachern Fellowship of the Canadian Cancer Society). His supervisors there were Rainer Storb, Fred Appelbaum and Irv Bernstein. There, Dr. van der Jagt developed a mouse leukemia model and studied characteristics of targeted antibodies. He also proposed and wrote the initial protocol comparing tacrolimus to cyclosporine in a randomized trial. He subsequently founded and chaired the Canadian Leukemia Studies Group, a collaboration of 22 centers in the US and Canada, completing a study of 503 patients in a large CIHR funded study. His current interests are lymphoma and myeloma and application of genomics from bench to bedside.

He has been section editor for hematology since June 2013, and welcomes manuscripts to this section.


Lilly Oncology on Canvas, Expressions of A Cancer Journey

Some see paint. Others see hope. What do you see? It’s been 10 years since Lilly Oncology created the Lilly Oncology On Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition to help those affected by cancer cope with the emotional side of the disease, as well as to educate those who view the exhibition about the cancer experience. To date, more than 4,100 patients, family members, friends, caregivers and healthcare providers in the United States and Puerto Rico have shared their cancer experiences in art and narrative. But there are many still waiting to be told.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the competition this year, Lilly Oncology launched the Hope Murals Project, bringing 10 inspirational pieces of art to 10 cities, in the form of 10 murals. Marking the official launch of The Hope Murals Project, oncology professionals came together at ASCO to create the mural using a “paint-by-number” process, making the mural a permanent tribute to and show of support for those touched by cancer. Five murals have been completed as of the end of September, with the additional five coming soon.

Information on the Hope Murals Project, additional anniversary activities, previous years’ entries, details on the 2014 Lilly Oncology On Canvas competition, official rules and regulations and a downloadable entry form — may be found on This year also marks the first year of Lilly Oncology on Canvas Canada. The competition deadline has passed, so stay tuned in early 2015 for the winner’s announcement. For more on Lilly Oncology on Canvas Canada visit

Current Oncology is Seeking Reviewers

Current Oncology is always seeking qualified and dedicated reviewers to assist with the manuscript review process. As a reviewer you will be asked to read and critique articles. Reviewers play an integral part in ensuring that the high standards of Current Oncology are met and that the articles published are of interest to the oncology community. Please take a moment to register on our website.


Have you had the chance to view these Current Oncology “Most-Read” articles?

Most Read Articles in PubMed Central (July 2014)

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls
Pereira J.
Curr Oncol. 2011 Apr;18(2):e38-45

Prophylaxis and management of acute radiation-induced skin reactions: a systematic review of the literature
Salvo N, Barnes E, van Draanen J, Stacey E, Mitera G, Breen D, Giotis A, Czarnota G, Pang J, De Angelis C.
Curr Oncol. 2010 Aug;17(4):94-112

Natural health products that inhibit angiogenesis: a potential source for investigational new agents to treat cancer-Part 1
Sagar SM, Yance D, Wong RK
Curr Oncol. 2006 Feb;13(1):14-26

Most Read Recently* Published Articles at

Recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a clinical dilemma and challenge
Xu T, Tang J, Gu M, Liu L, Wei W, Yang H
Curr Oncol. 2013 Oct;20(5):e406-19. doi: 10.3747/co.20.1456

Patients' perceptions of gene expression profiling in breast cancer treatment decisions
Bombard Y, Rozmovits L, Trudeau ME, Leighl NB, Deal K, Marshall DA
Curr Oncol. 2014 Apr;21(2):e203-11. doi: 10.3747/co.21.1524

A Canadian perspective on the safe administration of bendamustine and the prevention and management of adverse events
Koolwine J, Crosbie T, Gazzé G, Turner R, Wiernikowski J, Assaily W
Curr Oncol. 2014 Feb;21(1):35-42. doi: 10.3747/co.21.1855

*Published within past 12 months

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Dear Colleagues,

With 2014 drawing to a close, I find myself eagerly looking forward to 2015 with our short term and long term goals in mind. The CKN Oncofertility Referral Network (OFRN) was launched in January, has produced 10 e-newsletters and has been visited by more than 1500 viewers in the oncology community to date. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The project has been presented in national and international conferences by our Editor Dr Hananel Holzer, who has received excellent feedback for this exciting and long overdue project. As part of our commitment to oncofertility in Canada, I will be sitting on the board of the Ontario Regional Action Partnership (Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology) Oncofertility Working Group to encourage the use of the network within the cancer community. The bottom line is this: the OFRN is fulfilling the need that existed for many years to connect oncology patients and fertility specialists across Canada. Oncologists are referencing our educational materials and referring their patients and their families to our library of current patient resources. With that being said, we are always looking to collaborate with other organizations to further increase the rate of referrals being made through our system.

In the coming months, I'm looking forward to sharing with you a number of improvements and updates we hope to implement to the CKN OFRN in 2015, so please stay tuned!

No one should suffer the loss of their ability to have a family, especially when the technology exists to prevent it. Please use our system and spread the word about oncofertility options in Canada.

Yours sincerely,
Lorne Cooper

Founder Current Oncology; Cancer Knowledge Network
Founder/CEO Multimed Inc.
Email Lorne


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