I love Spring In this month's newsletter Decluttering Big Girl Pants Mind Calm and Creating a Magical Relationship with Money Talks and Workshop


I love Spring

In this month's newsletter

Big Girl Pants
Mind Calm and Creating a Magical Relationship with Money
Talks and Workshops
P.S. I need your help

1st Wedding Anniversary

This may be why Spring makes me feel happy and content. It's been a good year, challenging and fun with highs and lows and we are looking forward to many more good years!

Decluttering: Can you do it?

I have recently decluttered my wardrobe and gave items to Naomi House Charity Here's a link to my fairly non PC blog Decluttering - Can you Do It?
Tip: Stop hanging on to that which does not serve :-)

When I was a child I remember my mother Spring Cleaning: the washing down of paintwork, skirting boards, that kind of thing. Times change but simple traditions are programmed into our psyche; some of us hanker back to these simple times: that is why we may struggle nowadays with the pressure we plonk on ourselves or indeed have had dumped on us by others.

Big Girl Pants

I have been recognising many things recently.
I am eager to take my business to the next level; but that conflicts with how the Hell am I going to do it! Read more

Top Tip:
Put yourself first. You really do deserve. Then loved ones and clients can benefit.

Mind Calm and Creating a Magical Relationship with Money

My exciting and powerful new learning.
* Creating A Magical Relationship with Money
* Mind Calm
Read more

And in July Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose and I am very excited about it!

Tip: Thoughts!
You had thoughts 10 minutes ago. You are thinking now. You will think something else in 10 minutes time. Thoughts come and go. Allow your worries to float away in just the same way.

Talks and Workshops

I am giving three talks in June
1. How to manage and reduce stress around divorce and life challenges, using EFT and much more...June 9th at 10.30am Langstone Conservative Club
2. EFT to reduce stress, relationship stress, health concern: June 19th 3.30pm Chichester College Adult Education Week:
3. I have a table at The All Woman Show Portsmouth, Sunday 22 June. I hope to offer an EFT demo and/or a seminar sharing aspects of my work, and will offer Taster EFT sessions throughout the day.

Later this Spring Summer (tba)
I will be running workshops around
* EFT and Beliefs around Money
* Mind Calm
* EFT Workshop relating to Birth Reimprinting and Life Purpose.

Coming Soon! I'm considering running a Tapping Group one evening a month in Rowlands Castle should this be attractive to inquisitive persons.

If you are interested in any of my future workshops please let me know susan@hampshire-eft.co.uk

P.S. I need your help

I am looking for more Public Speaking opportunities.
Suggested Topics:
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
Mind Calm
EFT: Change your beliefs around money:whose belief is it anyway?
Divorce Stress: how to succeed in making good decisions
Survive and Thrive after Trauma ; my story and shared resources

If you know of any group or society who may be interested in this please let me know.

Have a lovely rest of May and good health for the summer to come.


My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.
My story plus informative and shared insights on how we deal with emotional trauma.

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