March 2018 I've drastically downsized my life recently and wanted to share some insight and a few important tips should you find yourself in the same

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March 2018

I've drastically downsized my life recently and wanted to share some insight and a few important tips should you find yourself in the same situation. Read "Just in Case" to find out more.


We've all had to make a move at some point in our life, so we're asking you to share your Moving Experiences. Please take a moment and scroll down to participate in this month's Survey. The results will be shared with you next month.

Too much

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Just in Case

By the time this newsletter reaches your inbox, I will be in my new home. After 19 years in an 8-room, 1400 square foot house (small by many standards), I have moved to a 3-room 600 square foot apartment (small by any standards!).

The sale of the house was officially confirmed on February 9th with a closing date of February 28th. My lawyer advised that I move out a couple of days early to allow time for house cleaning and time for the new owners to have a walk around the day before closing. That left just 16 days to be totally prepared for this life-altering transition. Yikes! Experiencing this process from both sides now has made me appreciate my clients' moving and downsizing experiences even more. So much so, that I have prepared a few suggestions to consider for your next move, especially if you’re downsizing:

1. Start editing and purging now, especially if you have limited time to spend on this task and a large home. It took me a year to go through every closet, cupboard, and the shed to evaluate what I would take with me if I was ever going to move.

2. Watch out for these three very dangerous words as you edit and purge, “JUST IN CASE”. The Minimalists have a great suggestion if you struggle with this scenario. If you can replace the item in 20 minutes for less than $20, you can let it go. 99% of the time you will never purchase it again. As I was going through things, I discovered I could keep pretty much everything if I allowed “JUST IN CASE” to be the rule.

3. Take a close look around at everything you own from furniture to artwork, to pots, pans and linens, and think about whether you love it enough to move it to your new home. In many cases you will be paying movers by the hour to take the stuff out of your old house and into your new one. Is it really worth moving the stuff you don't love?

4. Ask yourself, "If I had a lot less stuff, how small could my new home be?" How much space do you actually “need” if you take most of the stuff you have accumulated out of the picture? If you spent a lot less money on a new home, could you use that money to enjoy more experiences that you will remember later in life? I am willing to bet that you won’t remember most of the stuff you had, but you will remember the time you spent doing what you love.

5. Once you have chosen your new home, re-evaluate everything you kept in the first round of editing. I hope your mission for your new home is to have only what you use and truly enjoy around you, and ensure that absolutely everything has a place. I have had clients move and drag boxes and bins of stuff with them only to pile it in the basement or in a storage locker and have it sit there, taking up space and cluttering up your life. Don’t do it!

6. Trying to make the furniture you own fit into your new space just doesn't work. This is something I often have to negotiate with my clients, and I found myself struggling with the same thing. Draw a floor plan of your new home and place all the furniture you think you want to keep on it. For me, that was an eye-opening experience. I tried everything to make my dresser and nightstands fit into the tiny bedroom. After all, they were expensive and I like them. After a couple of days into that exercise, it suddenly occurred to me that it was only furniture and that I could buy some new pieces. Dah!

7. If you want to buy a few new things and your budget is an issue, make a list of everything you can sell. Then try to only spend on new items what you earned selling your older pieces. That will force you to buy very few new things and to let go of lots of old things. I found 14 pieces of furniture and other stuff I can sell. I plan to buy only 6 new pieces.

If you start this process now rather than later, you can enjoy your beautifully decluttered home before you even think about moving to a new one. Why not let go of all that stuff now, “just in case” you don’t need it in the future.

Have you made any drastic life changes recently? Connect with me on FaceBook to let me know how it went.

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March's Survey

Click on the image at the left to participate in this month's survey on your moving experiences. We'll report the results next month.


February's survey determined that the main reason people no longer love their homes is because it is full of TOO MUCH STUFF!


Here is what one of Jane's clients had to say:

You got me started - helped several times along the way - and while I may still not be done with you, I have to say a sincere thank you for equipping me for this clean out especially at a time when I felt sure to smother under the combination of grief and ALL THAT STUFF! ...I've taken that to heart in other aspects of my life too so again thank you! ~ DM - Decluttering/Organizing for a Move


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