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May 2021 - Los Angeles, CA

About ACEI

Founded in 1994, ACEI is a full-service company providing complete and integrated services in-house in the areas of international education research, credential evaluation, and translation. And, through our Global Consulting Group®, we offer our expertise in the following specialties: Media and Branding, Global Pathways, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to interested institutions and organizations around the globe.


ACEI Global Consulting Group

The Global Consulting Group is a division of ACEI that provides international education expertise with focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consulting, Global Pathway Consulting (Program/Curriculum Review for Partnerships between overseas institutions), and Media and Brand Consulting. Click here to view video presentation.


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▪ June 10, 2021 - 10am PDT "Accreditation and Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" Presenter: Zina Rumleanscaia
June 10, 2021 - 10am PDT "Accreditation and Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" Presenter: Zina Rumleanscaia

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▪ June 23, 2021 - 10am PDT "Thinking of studying in the United States? Finding the right university for you." Presenter: Dmitry Satsuk
June 23, 2021 - 10am PDT "Thinking of studying in the United States? Finding the right university for you." Presenter: Dmitry Satsuk

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If you missed any of our previous webinars, links to recordings and PPT are available here.


Education News From Around the Globe



Government seeks to take over three public universities

The Armenian government is continuing its efforts to gain direct control of three of the country’s leading state universities two weeks after President Armen Sarkissian blocked a relevant bill pushed by it through the parliament. To read more, click here.



Egypt approves draft resolution to establish ‘Innovation University’

The Egyptian cabinet approved a draft resolution from the president to establish the ‘Innovation University’ which is to have a not-for-profit purpose with a private legal identity. Its headquarters will be in the city of the 10th of Ramadan. To read more, click here.



Report highlights strengths and weaknesses in science

The latest report assessing the state of scientific research in France in 2019 has revealed a nation that is still a “major European scientific power”, but one whose global importance is diminishing as research output grows worldwide. To read more, click here.



Underqualified politicians still stalling degree legislation

Legislation demanding a university degree from political leaders might see close to 50% of Kenya’s members of county assemblies (MCAs) and members of parliament (MPs) lose their seats in the upcoming 2022 general elections. To read more, click here.



Junta suspends thousands of academics, university staff

As many as 13,000 academics and staff at various universities in Myanmar have been suspended in recent weeks because of their involvement in the civil disobedience movement (CDM) against the military junta. To read more, click here.



Government attempts to ‘Islamize’ mainstream curriculum

Prime Minister Imran Khan's administration is preparing to implement a uniform education system in the country with a strong focus on an Islamized syllabus and teaching the Quran. To read more, click here.



'No going back': CHED adopts flexible learning as norm

Philippine universities and colleges will no longer return to traditional face-to-face classes as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) adopted a policy to continue flexible learning in the years to come. To read more, click here.



Rebellion continues against high fees for online tuition

More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, South Korea’s university students are fighting not only against the virus but also with their universities over tuition refunds. And that fight entered a new phase on 6 May, as the Seoul Central District Court held a first hearing on a class action suit filed in July by nearly 3,000 students. To read more, click here.



World Bank approves US$200 million to upgrade universities

The World Bank has approved a US$200 million loan to modernize education in Ukraine. Through a project called Ukraine Improving Higher Education for Results, the loan will finance the renovation of Ukrainian universities, including introducing high-tech equipment to improve distance learning and updating testing. To read more, click here.



Cambridge University – record number of BAME admissions

Figures show that the University of Cambridge accepted a record number of British students from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in 2020 and a record proportion of state school pupils. To read more, click here.



University of California will no longer consider SAT scores

The University of California won’t consider SAT and ACT scores that are submitted with admission and scholarship applications under a settlement of a student lawsuit that was announced Friday. To read more, click here.



For your viewing pleasure, we have selected the following for you:


Starting at Zero: Reimagining Education in America explores the power of investing in high-quality early childhood education so that all children and families have the opportunity to attain the American Dream. For more information, click here.


Another Round is a film from Denmark with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead. Do not be deterred by the alcohol consumption of the four high school teachers in this film who do so to see how it affects their social and professional lives. This feature film helps take the audience into the Danish school system and the trials and tribulations of the students preparing for graduation in hopes of qualifying for university admission. For more information, click here.


ACEI Additional Services


ACEI’s Global Consulting Group provide institutions and organizations looking at expanding their international student recruitment with customized solutions to help overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment. For more information visit:


ACEI offers a comprehensive range of professional services that include: international credential evaluations; translations; consulting; and training. For more information on ACEI, please visit or contact: Tel: 1-310-275-3530; Email:

ACEI was founded and incorporated in 1994 in the State of California and is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE).


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