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Sometimes things are just "off"

It's the time of year when malls are crowded, to-do lists are rampant and uploaded digital photos are never facing the correct direction. Such is the case with my above shot, which made me laugh out loud and proved my point! I cannot figure out how to "rotate it" (and I'm pretty tech savvy) so crank your head to the left to view the lovely centerpiece I created with random favorite holiday things. The "crookwardness" (as my Grandma used to call it) in the upload of this sleigh full of fun looks more like a Santa wreck. As with many rush jobs, so be it: time to move on! (Hey, was THAT the moral of this TwinkleGram?)

When you're on the "GO!" (speaking of "off"...)

During one of our recent local theater (like the show, you know) adventures, I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD during the last ten minutes. (I shall try to remember NOT to buy and consume a large drink again.) But I held it like a pro. YAY for old bladders!

When the theater let out and the lights came up enough for me to not kill myself on the steps, I raced down the long hall to the bathroom...where I came to a screeching halt at the end of the long ladies' line.

Oh, man! Hurry UP people!

When it was finally my turn, I barely got my coat pulled up, my pants unbuttoned and unzipped before dropping to the toilet with a huge sigh of relief. I could hear my firey red-headed grandmother (yes, the same crookwardness one) saying, "I peed like a racehorse!" which was one of her favorite expressions for emergencies such as this. I grew up around a racetrack. Indeed that is a true comparison.

And so I went. And went. And WENT! Even though I'd had a large drink I started wondering, Where's it all coming from?!

I heard another stall door open, then hand washing and those LOUD hand dryers that scream at you through the walls.

And still, I went some more! And kept going! (Will I NEVER be gone?!)

And then Truth struck me: during the loud hand dryer blaring, someone(s) else(s) had entered a nearby stall(s) and started going. Um ... no, it wasn't ME still going, it was them. For how long? GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While washing my hands and steadying myself to withstand the dryer blast I kept thinking, Where am I in my life that I misjudge who's "going" when I am one of the suspects?

I felt sure there was a hidden moral to this story, one that would become clear as I wrote my way to this point... ... ... as so often happens with TwinkleGrams: Something happens; I don't know what the lesson is; I sense TwinkleGram so I start writing and then the "point/lesson/etc" emerges ...

... ... ...

But ya know, sometimes things just don't go the way we imagine. Or Or plan. Or hear. Or no longer go at all! There is no Real Moral. The picture ends up cattywampus. The correction isn't easy. The clock keeps ticking. The lines are long. The bladder IS empty. Or full. Or whatever. At which point we have a decision to make: we're either going to get stuck in the trauma/drama/frustration of the moment or just let it go and move on.

And speaking of "let it go," years ago, when I took my grandgirlies to see FROZEN, I'd just purchased and downloaded an app recommended by a relative called RunPee. The app listed every movie and gave you the best time to hit the bathroom. It even explained what you'd miss while you were gone. (It also tells you whether to stay for the credits or not, for extra film clips.) I told the girls about it and explained to them, "When (someone) says (something), it's time to go." And so she said it, the girls sprang to attention, jumped up, took off their 3-D glasses, tossed them to me and started to scurry. I quietly and quickly said, "Do you HAVE to go?" The answer over the shoulder was "No, "but the app said." And away they went before I could explain, It. Was. An Option. One pair of glasses was never found so I lent mine and watched blurred lines the rest of the movie.

Nope, some things don't go the way we plan. Instructions and the obvious sometimes just aren't. "Let it go" and move on. You are in charge of your Christmas Spirit. Keep it glowing by NOT letting stupid Whatevers accumulate.

Peace and grins,

I have shut down my CharStar Store

Thank you to those who shopped via my private sales' events through the years. My books are still available through book stores (SHOP INDIE!) and online.


Dearest Dorothy #7 update and Other DD news

I cannot believe how often I've said I'm writing #7 again, and then ... move, erupted appendix, knee replacement, grave family illness (please pray for our daughter-in-law Jackie) ... But please know my heart is still circling the square. Hopefully 2019 is REALLY THE YEAR!

There was a time all Dearest Dorothy ebooks were $2.99. The first two in the series are no longer priced that way (out of my control), but the remaining four still are. So dig in! They're also all still available in trade paperback.

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Made long ago with my sons. There are many faces on the tree made by the three of us. Focus on the FILLS MY HEART stuff this year. This is something that certainly makes me smile. xo

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