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November 2017


Hello and Welcome Back,

Thanksgiving 2

We are approaching the finale of another great year here at Tier One and we find ourselves with plenty to be thankful for. Some of our team members agreed to share with you what they are most thankful for in their careers. Scroll down to see what they had to say! As always, first here are our featured candidates and positions. Thanks for reading.


Featured Candidates

Outstanding China-based Plant General Manager

This Chinese national candidate has a proven record of success in delivering profits to his USA based company. Out of 14 sites globally, his plant has gone from number 12 to number 1 in EBIT (under his leadership). He has drastically improved safety and quality in the plant and this facility has become the global show piece. He has accomplished this while growing the facility from $33 Million USD to $160 Million in 11 years' time. This candidate has 19 years of experience working for 2 Western companies in three different industries. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Mexico-based Financial Controller

Are you looking for a multi-site controller or country finance director? Look no further – this candidate is currently responsible for all finance and accounting functions for three facilities in Mexico for this US-based Automotive supplier. He manages a team, not only responsible for financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and cost accounting, but also reporting and treasury functions within Mexico. He also has experience in the consumer products industry (white goods). Very strong leadership skills and very experienced in reporting back to the USA. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Featured Positions

Financial Controller - Southern Ontario, Canada

Our client company delivers high quality diecast parts for some of the worlds most advanced automobiles and serves every OEM. We are seeking a controller to lead the finance team of our client's largest, well-run, multi-site operation. The perfect candidate will have a strong cost accounting background, great leadership qualities, and experience in an automotive manufacturing environment. Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.102.

Manufacturing Program Manager - Michigan, USA

Our client is known as the number one producer of automotive components made from a specialty lightweight material and proprietary technology. The company has an outstanding global reputation for solving problems of cost and weight for vehicle content. We are seeking a Program Manager to oversee all manufacturing functions surrounding the supply of automotive parts to major customer, FCA. This position is a stepping stone and if the candidate proves successful, will become a plant manager to this facility. Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.101.

A Recruiter s Thanksgiving

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our subscribers who are celebrating. In honor of this festive time of year, our team members were asked what they feel most grateful for within the day-to-day operations of being a recruiter. Here is what they had to share:

Jacklyn Bezaire 5

“Before I started my time with Tier One I had always been curious about the different types of careers that were out there. We all know about the common careers like accounting, teaching, engineering, etc., but what about the ones that you never really hear about?

I am thankful for my time with Tier One because I have had the opportunity to feed my curiosity and learn about those uncommon careers that you don’t find on job boards and not only that, but I have actually had the opportunity to help others learn about them as well.

My job is pretty great because I have the chance to help someone progress in their career, while also learning about what it takes to get to those higher level roles. I am thankful for the relationships I have developed and for the experiences that have been shared with me, but mostly I am thankful for getting to make a positive impact on someone’s life!”

Jacklyn Bezaire 1

"What I am most grateful for in my career are all the subtle reminders that every person we interact with each day is a unique individual with a distinct personality and set of interests. I research qualified candidates for the positions we fill and I am always thrilled when I come across glimpses into a person's real life and true self - whether it is a candidate sharing that they are an avid wild mushroom hunter during their leisure time (yes, I have actually come across this), or cracking a joke on their professional profile. These tiny glimpses serve as a constant reminder that we are working with real, dynamic human beings and not just resumes."

Jacklyn Bezaire 2

What I am most thankful for in my career is the level of trust that our clients and candidates afford us to make an impact in their businesses and professional careers. It's so rewarding when you are able to impact a company's growth and an individual's career and life by bringing the right people together. It's truly great when you hear from candidates that you have placed some time ago and they come to you for help finding talent for their new teams based on the experience and trust they have in you.

Jacklyn Bezaire 3

"I am most thankful to the dedicated Tier One Executive Search team members, who work tirelessly to make our firm successful. I am also thankful for our loyal client companies, who entrust us with critical projects around the globe."


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