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Hello ,

Greetings from Ancient Wisdom in Sheffield.
Welcome to 2019.. and it's all go here at AW as we try to catch up with orders that came over the Christmas period. We are working hard and hope to be up to speed by next week.

Yes I'm still here, although this is my last day at HQ.
Shortly I will be off to our Slovakia warehouse, where we continue to plan for a no deal Brexit, but whatever that means, and whatever happens we are pressing on with our EU warehouse venture in the pretty town of Trnova, close to Bratislava - not far from Austria.
Next week I will be reporting from there.. OMG.. it's going to be COLD... but I'm looking forward to catching up with Erica and all the team there and formulating our master plan for 2019.
After Slovakia I will be heading East, to Kuala Lumpur very briefly and then on to Hong Kong, then Sri Lanka (my first time there), then China - for Chinese New Year, then India, then Indonesia and phew.. back to China. Boy, the early part of the year is a major travel plan. And every Friday I will be reporting on where I am and what I'm doing.. I hope you are coming along for the ride (by following this newsletter). It's going to be fun and exciting, we will see what happens..

So....a lot could happen this year, what with Brexit and all, but one thing is for sure.. soon it will be the "Season of Love"..

Yes the "Season of Love" is HAPPENING! It's practically here and it's a very busy time of year at AW.. Kicking off with Valentines Day on the 14th February which lands on a Thursday.
After that is Mother's Day, always on a Sunday.. this year on the 31st March (in the UK). Just after Brexit Day..
Then Easter, all eggs and yellow candles.. Easter Sunday three weeks later on 21st April..
All the while the wedding season will be building steadily towards it's peak in June / July..

All this means that NOW is the time to get organised, lots of Spring products below. And we don't like to blow our own rose tinted trumpet, but the best place for "Season of Love" gifts is right here at Ancient Wisdom.
Soap Flowers are huge this year, we have lot's of new candles coming.. there is Pressed Flower Jewellery, Herbal Teapots are flying out already.. check out the deals below.
Cotton and Jute bags.. some cool designs as we get more.

Whatever HAPPENS.. everyone at Ancient Wisdom thank you for your kind support in 2018, and wish you all the best for 2019.

Take care..



Eco Jute Bags

Now that one use plastic bags are so evil, it's time to switch to eco-friendly Jute Bags. These big shopping bags are perfect for the supermarket shop, or general use. Soft cotton handles, zip for security, cotton lining with pockets, funky cool designs and all with the logo to underline the eco credentials.


Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags 100% Natural Cotton

Wholesale Cotton Bags with long and short handles to help you to replace the plastic bags that are harmful to our planet. An ideal "Bag for Life" you can offer your customers rather than a plastic bag. The printed designs include sea-life block print designs and the logo, which is an info website about how cotton is good for the earth and eco-friendly.


Craft Soap Flowers

NEW Craft Soap Flowers, some of the components that make up the hugely popular Soap Flower bouquets. Now the crafty and creative can design your own products.


Natural Cotton Wheat Bags

New Natural Cotton Wheat Bags, now sold empty for you and your customers needs. Take a llok on those luxurious wholesale Natural Cotton Wheat Bags. The cotton bags has natural rope handle and arty prints make a wonderful display to give that natural feel and quality.


Herbal Teapot Set

As herbal tea and all things related are seriously on trend, this range of Sets of Teapots are easy to display and a perfect gift for any tea lover.

Packed in a gift box, a teapot with a metal strainer in the lid and six matching cups.


48x Power Bracelet Display Box - 4 of each (48 Bracelets)

Power Bracelet Starter Pack you not only get 4 of each design in total 48 bracelets you also get a FREE display box to make them look even more attractive!


Pressed Flowers Jewellery

Amazingly Wholesale Real Pressed Flowers Jewellery is made with actual real flowers pressed in a piece of glass. As these are real flowers, not one piece is quite the same so everyone bought is unique to the customer!
A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature. Ideal for any gift shop but those in rural locations may find more affinity with this delightful natural jewellery range.


Petite Soap Flowers

This Petite range of Soap Flower Bouquets is a slimmed down version of the best selling Soap Flowers Baskets but at a lower price point, making them affordable wedding favour or impulse gift.


Classic Rope Handled Bags

New Designs In - Rope Handles are just the right length to fit comfortably over your shoulder or down by your side and the nautical, jungle leaves or awesome cats design is stylish and on trend.


NEW Designs Lamps & Candle Holders

Each Wholesale Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.


Soy Pot of Fragrance Candle

Back in Stock, grab these amazingly scented wholesale soy wax candle pots so your customers can enjoy the natural, smoother fragrance and long burning time.


New Year Sale

New Year Sale. Great deals you can pass on to your customers - or simply give your profit margins a bit of a boost. If money (or credit) is tight then your customers will be happy to BOGOF - double your sales without losing money or compromising on quality

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