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boysPodium race2

2014 Podium | Race #2 | Photo Courtesy: Dave Reich


Pre-Season Planning

▪ 2015 Season Goals
▪ Leaders' Summit
▪ Try-it-Out Sessions
▪ Summer Camps
▪ January Spotlight
▪ Board Member Search
▪ 2015 Preliminary Race Dates


The start line is getting closer...and for more students in Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin High School Cycling League Core Staff and Board are ready to share some preliminary plans for the 2015 season.

We had a strong start in 2014 and we need your help to keep the momentum going.

Be sure to follow the WI League on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

MSgirls line race3

MS Girls Friends and Competitors | Race #3 Nordic Mountain


Spring Leaders' Summit
▪ 2014 Attendees - 55
▪ 2015 GOAL - 75

Number of Teams
▪ 2014 Teams - 16
▪ 2015 GOAL - 25

Number of Athletes
▪ 2014 Athletes - 155
▪ 2015 GOAL - 250

Number of Coaches
▪ 2014 Coaches - 64
▪ 2015 GOAL - 90

Summer Camps
▪ 2014 Summer Camps - 1
▪ 2015 GOAL - 4

Try-it-Out Sessions
▪ 2014 Try-It-Out Sessions - 0
▪ 2015 GOAL - 8

How do we reach these goals?
Together, we can make it happen. Below are the pieces of the Spring/Summer Plan to reach these goals.

leaders summit

WI League Spring Leaders' Summit 2014


Register today!
Leaders Summit - Sat. April 18 and Sun. April 19, 2015.

Bonus! All Leaders' Summit Attendees receive a discount on
team registration!

We encourage all coaches from last year to attend the 2015 Leaders Summit, as well as those looking to direct, coach,or become involved in any way.

No prerequisites or coaching experience is required! Just a passion to get kids on bikes!

Coaches and directors who have experienced working with teams first hand will share their experience, strength, and hope with the new group which is a priceless contribution to a newcomer's experience.

Also, the hours at the summit will go toward the certification process.
Cost: $100 for both days. $75 for 1 day
9:00am - 5:00pm
Breakfast and Lunch Included
Location: Trek Headquarters in Waterloo WI (We may be riding snowbikes)

Attending a NICA Leaders’ Summit is a requirement for obtaining a NICA Coaches License at the level of Head Coach or Assistant Coach.

emily prac1



Just what it says, these are primarily for student athletes that would like to give mountain biking a try and meet members and coaches of your local team. These sessions generally run on a weekday evening from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

We are working with existing coaches and team directors to plan a Try-it-Out-Session in their region. These sessions would also be an ideal event for communities/schools looking to start a team as well.

We also have a fleet of a dozen bikes donated from The Trek Stores, Erik's, and Wheel and Sprocket that are available for riders who do not own a bike. This is a huge tool in growing or forming your team!

Please let Kathy Mock know ASAP when you would like to have your region's Try-It-Out Session. Please send Kathy Mock an email at Send Email.


Wausau United Ride | 2014 | Photo Credit: Wausau Facebook



The Wisconsin League would like to assist in hosting at least 4 (1-Day Camps) throughout the state. Ideally, we'd like to offer them in various parts of the state so that all student/athletes have an opportunity to participate in at least one camp.

Right now we are looking at the following venues although we are open to look at other locations.

▪ Hayward
▪ Wausau
▪ Waukesha - August 15
▪ Cascade - July 23

They will be open to all existing student/athletes as well as those that are thinking about joining a team. Participants should be 11-18 years old. Cost will be around $50 for the day. Lunch will be served. The WI League will provide coaches for the camp and insurance.

We have not set up registration as of yet for these camps.

If you would like to host or assist with one of these events in any of the listed locations or in your region....please send Kathy Mock an email at Send Email


Rick and Tanya Dwyer - January Spotlight


Volunteer Spotlight

During the off-season (Dec. – April), teams and/or volunteers will be chosen each month to share their 2014 highlights and 2015 goals.

Read On to learn more about our January Volunteer Spotlight - on Rick and Tanya Dwyer!

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Come on - these kids need your help!


If you have read this entire newsletter....chances are you are REALLY interested in the success of the Wisconsin League and you would be a great candidate for the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin High School Cycling League. We have a few remaining slots.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please send Kathy Mock a short note explaining why you would be a great candidate.

Please keep in mind the minimum length of the commitment is 3/5 years. We will base our decision on things we feel are important for the positions that are open.

The time commitment for these positions is just a couple hours per month. We'll make sure it is super fun and rewarding! Don't forget......IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!!!!!

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please email Kathy!

If you have any other questions, ideas, or concerns, please contact Kathy Mock directly.

Thanks for all that you do!

2014 SPHS MTB Team

Sun Prairie Composite Team


Below are the preliminary race dates for 2015. Please be aware these dates are subject to change.

Race #1 - Sun. Aug 30
Race #2 - Sun. Sept 13
Race #3 - Sun. Sept 20
Race #4 - Sun. Oct 4
Race #5 - Sun. Oct 18

Venues for next year will be the same, plus we are looking at a possible Border-Battle with MN.

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