Welcome to our newsletter. Each month, we will provide articles or stories for women focused on healthy living, with information and tips on how to do

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Welcome to our newsletter. Each month, we will provide articles or stories for women focused on healthy living, with information and tips on how to do just that. Please share this newsletter with the women in your life – friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier when we do it together.

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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Do you suffer from skin irritation and rashes caused by under breast sweat?

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads are disposable pads for relief of under breast sweat and breast rashes designed to be worn with or without a bra. They are ideal for medium to larger breasted women with a B cup or larger.

Persper-eez is not only perfect for hot days but any day you want to be dry and confident. Whether your heading out to exercise, putting on formal wear, getting ready to make that business presentation, are a pregnant woman experiencing breast growth, or you care for a senior with under breast sweat problems, Persper-eez is right for you!

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Here's Another Way to Wear Persper-eez

We’ve heard from a couple of women that they are attaching the pads directly to their bra, laying the bra down on a flat surface and attaching the pads on the bottom edge of the bra, then putting it on. Let us know if you’ve tried it too. info@persper-eez.com.

The Holiday Mindset - Preparing for Battle

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Rachael Ray

The holidays are fast approaching. Decor adorns every store, gift ideas line the store shelves, pre-sale sales have already started. And the one thing uppermost on every woman’s mind? How to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight. Thank goodness there are a number of options available as we prepare for the onslaught of appetizers, holiday beverages, and multi-course meals.

There’s the crash diet option for the next few weeks, where we hope to lose a few pounds prior to the holiday gain. Not a great idea considering the energy needed to prepare for the holidays.

There’s the “I resolve to eat sparingly at each event” option. Works great until you actually arrive at the event.

And of course there’s the “No holiday beverages for me” option. Which lasts until the hostess encourages you to try her latest wine find.

So how do we stay healthy while enjoying concentrated time with friends and family? Is it even possible? The answer is a resounding “Yes, it is!” Here are some tips to help you prepare to face down those holiday tables while still enjoying yourself, so you can enter the new year with your health (mental and physical) intact.

*Bring your own healthy offering. That way you’ll know there’s at least one good-for-you item in which you can indulge.

*Peruse the offerings first, then pick up a plate. It’s easy to move down the line taking “just a little” of each item. By knowing what’s available first, you can decide which items are worth savoring and which you can skip.

*Step away from the buffet table. Once you’ve made your choices, move as far from the table as possible, to avoid mindless munching.

*Enjoy every fun-infused morsel! It’s not a race to see how much you can consume. Enjoy what you’re eating, especially those holiday-only flavors. Don’t eat and talk, whenever possible. Focus on your food and then focus on the conversation.

*Don’t leave the house hungry. Whether you’re going shopping at the mall or off to another party, be sure to fill up before heading out. Drink lots of water. Eat something filling – yogurt and fruit, an English muffin with peanut butter, salad with chicken. Lean protein gives you energy and a full tummy keeps you from eating whatever’s handy.

*Be choosy about what you drink. While we often look forward to beverages that only appear during the holidays, making thoughtful selections will keep the calories down (and behavior under control!). Decide what and how much you’ll drink, then carry a water bottle or glass of water. The water will keep you hydrated, and sipping something will help you avoid having “just one more.”

*Done eating? Have a sugar-free mint. Mint is refreshing, and a piece of hard candy will keep you from eating more just because it’s there.

*Leave the table, or help clear it. If the visiting continues around the table, you won’t be tempted to nibble on whatever’s still in front of you.

*Maintain your regular routine. Exercise (add a few extra minutes to offset the additional eating). Get 8 hours of sleep. Drink plenty of water. Sticking to your daily routine helps keep your body regulated, your digestive system on track, and reminds you that there’s normal life outside the holiday craziness.

Being healthy is a choice. Enjoying the holidays is also a choice. If you face the holiday table with a battle plan in mind, you’ll find that you enjoy the special treats more and kick yourself less. The holiday season only comes around once a year. Choose to eat well, have fun, and laugh at Uncle Roger’s jokes one more time. Then you can look forward to jumping into 2017 healthy and happy.

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Diane Dandron
Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

Our contributing writer is Stacy Monson. She contributes to local and national publications on a variety of topics from healthy living to Alzheimer's Disease. She is also a published author of fiction. The first two books of her current series have won a variety of awards. The third book will release in early 2017. Get your copies today at Amazon.

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