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Hey Guys!

Continuing this FREE lesson series on Unique Chord Voicings.

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Remember, I'm using the term "unique" in a technical sense: it refers to a chord voicing that is only available in a single position on the neck, usually because of the use of open strings in that particular voicing. It is not movable to any other place on the neck. If a particular shape is moved around to different positions it becomes a different type of chord because the relationships of the open strings to the other notes has changed.

The distinction between what I'm calling, "unique" and typical 1st position chords - after all, 1st position chords are "unique" in the sense that they have open strings and are not movable - is this; "unique" voicings, as I am using the term, are more unusual sounding, they have an exotic quality that stems from close intervals in the middle of the chord. When played alone these intervals are very dissonant but when placed in the context of the chord they become beautiful. Many times the dissonant interval is an inverted 9th, which puts the 9th and the 3rd of the chord a 2nd or a minor 2nd apart.

I seriously considered breaking up this lesson into 2 different installments because there's just a lot here:

Explanatory text, 35 fretboard diagrams and a 17-minute demonstration video.

I've been trying to decrease the length of the videos - statistics show that 3 to 7 minutes is optimum. Obviously I failed here! So...if you're really interested in this material you'll just have to stick with it!

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I've actually prepared the next two lessons in this series beforehand so that I can concentrate on finishing up the next PDF of my book, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar - Unit 4: 7th Chords. I have 3 more videos to shoot and edit and then will put a launch together.

If you have Unit 3: Triads then this upcoming lesson series on 7th chords is the next step for you to take! Site members will get first dibs on it at a drastically discounted price - as always!

If you have any questions or issues with this latest lesson (or anything else) don't hesitate to contact me - I am always available to site members.


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